Wednesday, August 24, 2005

After a Fire, You Become Rich

חדשות חב"ד

After a Fire, You Become Rich

Inside Sanur Yeshiva - More pics in full article.
Following the horrible destruction and devastation of thriving Jewish settlements in Gush Katif and N. Shomron, we can only publicize a letter of the Tzemach Tzedek, printed in Derech Mitzvosecha:

To our dear friends... I hereby comfort them with somethingcopied from the writings of my grandfather (the Alter Rebbe), something he wrote to a member of Anash:
I heard from the holy ones, a common expression, that after a fire one becomes rich.  Being that the order of descent of the holy attributes is Chesed, Din and Rachamim, and we are now after Din, the attribute of Rachamim (mercy) is now aroused, which is even greater than the initial Chesed.  It is known that Rachamim is the attribute of Yakov and it is without limitations and runs through from one end to the other."  This is his golden language.  Therefore, he directed that person to strengthen himself and rebuild his home in its place.  We can apply his holy words to your situation, that each person should encourage his friends to rebuild their homes in the same place, as it is known that the merit of the many is greater than the merit of the individual, to arouse great mercy, to support them and lift their horn.  Therefore, be strong, and help one another, and Hashem who gives us strength will bless you with everything good ! in whatever you will do."

To the residents of Gush Katif:  You are heroes!  Be strong and continue to build, until we merit the immediate revelation of Moshiach.  You have a tremendous blessing in your hands now and the future of our nation rests in  your hands.

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