Sunday, August 14, 2005

Chabad Delegation Visits Shefaram

חדשות חב"ד

Chabad Delegation Visits Shefaram

Delegation in conversation with a resident
Yesterday, a delegation of Chabad Chassidim arrived in the Arab village of Shefaram to share the Rebbe's message on the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach.  The visit was arranged by the Noachide Druze Mr. Nazia Abdallah, a strong anti-disengagement activist, whose son Timor recently served 35 days in military detention for refusing to participate in expelling Jews from their homes.  The delegation was headed by R. Yeshaya Hertzel, Rav of Natzeret Illit, and R. Boaz Kelly, head of the 7 for 70 organization, dedicated to teaching the 7 Noachide laws to the nations of the world.

The visit began in the office of mayor Arsan Yassin, who received the delegation with great respect and spoke of the honor the group was giving his city by visiting.  The mayor of Shefaram was one of the first Arab community leaders to sign on a declaration calling on Arab residents to observe the seven Noachide laws, which were given by G-d to Moses at Mount Sinai on behalf of all the nations.  The observance of these mitzvos by all nations of the world will bring true peace and justice to the Universe. The text of the declaration  hangs in an honored spot in the mayor's office. 
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R. Hertzel clearly explained the Seven Noachide Laws, particularly the prohibitions against murder and theft.  Regarding the prohibition of theft, the Rebbe MH"M said:  "It is better for the nations of the world not to have any control over Israel."  In other words, if they take control of parts of Israel, they are stealing the land from the Jews and are thus in violation of one of the Seven Noachide Laws.

The mayor accompanied the delegation to pay a visit to the mourners, where R. Hertzel and R. Kelly spoke to all assembled about the seven Noachide Laws and the prophecy of the Rebbe MH"M that the redemption is at hand. 

The delegation was accompanied by police who ensured its safety.  Overall, the visitors were received cordially and with great respect by both the townspeople and the mourners.  There is no doubt that the visit contributed considerably to calming tensions in the village and preventing further violence.
Police escort
Nazid Abdallah meets the delegation at the entrance to Shefaram
R. Hertzel speaks to Shefaram residents

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