Friday, September 30, 2005

What Will Kvutza Eat? Aishel Has Solution

חדשות חב"ד

What Will Kvutza Eat? Aishel Has Solution

Giant Sukkah in Oholei Torah parking lot exclusive:  Recently, due to financial difficulties in the office of the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in 770, it has happened that there was insufficient food for the bachurim learning in 770.  Therefore there were concerns about how the bachurim would be provided for over the course of Tishrei.  Aishel, the Crown Heights Hachnasas Orchim organization, has announced that it it taking upon itself the undertaking to provide food for the 770 bachurim over the course of the entire Tishrei.  This is in exchange for their use of the 1414 dining room to feed the Tishrei guests.

Aishel also wants to clarify that this year, Oholei Torah will continue to provide access to its parking lot to use as a giant sukkah for the thousands of guests.

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