Sunday, October 16, 2005

A7news: Arab Terror in Gush Etzion: 2 Dead, 4 Wounded

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Supreme Court Accused of Racism and Anti-Semitism
The Supreme Court rejected a demand by the city of Beitar Illit to end lunch discrimination against some hareidi schools. The Court's policy was once termed by Yossi Sarid "anti-Semitism."

 1. Supreme Court Accused of Racism and Anti-Semitism
 2. Terror Group Aligned with PA Vows to Liberate the Galilee
 3. Kassam Rocket on Sharon's Farm, and Other Terror Shorts
 4. Poll: Israelis Oppose Unilateral Pullouts; PM Aide Wants More
 5. IDF General Not Deterred by Kotel Stones
 6. Bush Tells PA: 'Don't Worry, I'll Sway Israel'
 7. Fatah Gang Behind Kidnap of U.S, British Journalists
 8. Spanish Police Find Hideout of Nazi ´Dr. Death´
 9. For First Time Since the Holocaust, Krakow Gets Rabbi
 10. From the City of Lights to the City of Gold

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Sunday, October 16, 2005
13 Tishrei 5766

* PRELIMINARY REPORT:  Two Killed in Gush Etzion Terror Attack

Two Israelis were killed and five more are reported wounded in a terrorist shooting south of Jerusalem. Arab terrorists arrived at the Gush Etzion Junction, at the turnoff to Alon Shvut, shortly after 4 PM, and shot towards two cars. The terrorists then sped off towards the south, as the wounded were treated on the site and then taken by ambulances to hospitals in Jerusalem. 

Visit for continuous updates on this breaking story.

1. Supreme Court Accused of Racism and Anti-Semitism
By Hillel Fendel

The Supreme Court rejected a demand by the city of Beitar Illit to end lunch discrimination against some hareidi schools. The Court's policy was once termed by Yossi Sarid "anti-Semitism."

The High Court ruled today that the new Hot Lunch law need not be applied to schools that do not teach the accepted national curriculum.

Deputy Welfare Minister Avraham Ravitz (United Torah Judaism) was among those who was infuriated by the ruling. He said that Israel's legal system is being led along a path of "racism that has no place among cultured nations. This ruling strengthens our struggle against the Supreme Court, which occasionally bends over backwards to isolate observant Jews, turning them into citizens with unequal rights."

The fast-growing city of Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem and just west of Gush Etzion, has no public schools, but boasts schools of several hareidi-religious streams. Among them are Hinukh Aztmai (Agudat Yisrael's Indpendent Education network), Ma'Yan HaHinukh HaTorani (Wellspring of Torah Education of the Shas Party), and smaller, less recognized ones.

The city recently brought a law suit demanding that the Hot Lunch law be applied to all the educational systems in the city that feature a long school day, and not only those that are semi-official.

Deputy Chief Justice Mishael Heshin turned the city down cold. "If the parents of these children choose not to send them to the public educational systems," he wrote, "but rather to education that is provided in non-public institutions, let them not come with complaints about not receiving a hot lunch."

The new hot lunch law is being tried out, as of this year, in 34 localities throughout the country. Children in these towns and cities now spend five 8-hour days in school each week, instead of six 5-7 hour days. In return, and for a subsidized price to parents of several hundred shekels a year, children are treated to a daily hot lunch in school. The exact price varies, depending on the socio-economic status of the town and the parents.

The ruling leaves more than 2/3 of the town's children without coverage under the Hot Lunch law. Close to 2,600 of Beitar's pupils study in the three recognized streams - public-religious, Hinukh Atzmai and Ma'Yan - while another 5,400 study in other schools.

The Court's decision was attacked, surprisingly, by MK Yuli Tamir of the left-wing Labor Party. "It is not reasonable for the State of Israel to recognize the educational systems, on the one hand, but at the same time to withhold hot lunch from the children," Tamir said. "Children don't have to starve merely because of decisions made by their parents or by politicians."

Beitar Mayor Yitzchak Ze'ev Pindrus, who became Israel's youngest mayor when he was elected four years ago at the age of 30, said he was promised that the law would be applied in all 32 of the city's schools. "There is no connection between the contents of the curriculum and the very need of a child for lunch," he said. "There is no justification in discriminating between students on the background of a child's family, philosophy, and curriculum."

Even Yossi Sarid has been quoted in the past as saying that such a decision would be "anti-Semitic." Beitar officials quoted the former Education Minister, a leader of the left-wing Meretz Party, as having said at a joint Education-Finance Committee session in the Knesset,
"I have no obsession with hareidim, and certainly not against the children of hareidim. An Education Minister must be color blind; children are children. It is inconceivable that in one place all the children should eat, while children of hareidim who are not to blame for anything, who have not yet even voted, and who were merely born into a hareidi family... What is this?! Even in anti-Semitic countries they don't make distinctions of this sort. This is anti-Semitic; we must not differentiate among children!"

Other reactions:
MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism): "As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, a hareidi child can remain hungry throughout the day... Chief Justice Aharon Barak repeatedly says that the hareidim should support the Supreme Court because it is the protector of the minorities and the weak - and now comes along [this ruling] and proves that [that this is not true]."

MK Roman Bronfman (Meretz) praised the ruling, saying it "puts and end to the hareidim's attempts to milk the State. The right to have a hot lunch is only for those who fulfill the obligation of studying the [agreed-upon] educational curriculum like everyone else."

MK Eli Yishai, leader of the Shas Party: "This ruling creates an anti-Jewish apartheid. The Supreme Court has turned the hareidi pupils into Class B students. The Court continues to create unnecessary splits in the Jewish Nation, approving discrimination on the basis of religious belief."

MK Effie Eitam (Religious Zionist Renewal) said that the decision will lead to a "disengagement" of the judicial system from hundreds of thousands of religious and hareidi Jews who will no longer have trust in the system. "The ruling will also strike a great blow at dozens of religious-Zionist institutions that wish to maintain their independence in terms of content and values," Eitam said.

The city of Beitar Illit has already appointed a legal team to review the decision, and plans to submit an appeal for another hearing in an expanded forum of High Court justices.

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2. Terror Group Aligned with PA Vows to Liberate the Galilee
By Scott Shiloh

A terrorist group aligned with the Palestinian Authority, the Al Aksa Brigades has vowed to continue the armed struggle against Israel until it liberates “Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Galilee."

The declaration was made in response to an interview given by IDF Chief-of-Staff, Lt.Gen. Dan Halutz, to a French newspaper. Halutz told the paper that the IDF was no longer targeting members of that terror group because it had joined up with the PA’s armed forces and was no longer involved in attacks against Israel.

Calling the Galilee, “occupied territory,” a spokesman for the Brigades said the organization would continue the armed struggle to liberate it.

The Galilee district, located in Israel’s north, has an Arab majority. Not unlike Judea and Samaria, it is dotted with dozens of Arab villages and densely populated cities, many located adjacent to small Jewish communities. It was the focal point for riots and violent disturbances against the Israeli government when the Oslo War broke out in September, 2001.

The PA has repeatedly called for Israel to evacuate Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and Jerusalem, in order to establish a Palestinian state in these areas, but generally makes no reference to regions, such as the Galilee, that make up Israel’s pre-1967 boundaries.

Under the Oslo accords, the Palestine Liberation Organization recognized Israel’s pre-1967 borders, except for Jerusalem. The PLO and Fatah, its largest faction, rule territories ceded by Israel under the Oslo accords via the Palestinian Authority.

The PA apparently has accepted the Al Aksa Brigades into its armed forces despite that fact that it does not recognize Israel’s right to exist in its pre-1967 borders.

Terrorist groups that often stand in opposition to the PA, declare their intent to “liberate” all of Israel and annihilate the Jewish state.

The Al Aksa Brigades has accused Israel and the United States of plotting to dismantle the group. They also claim that senior officials of the PA are collaborating with the U.S. and Israel on this issue.

The Brigades has announced its intention to run candidates for the Palestinian legislature in elections scheduled for January 2006.

The Al Aksa Brigades were established shortly after the onset of the Oslo War in September 2000 in response to Ariel Sharon’s tour of the Temple Mount as Israel’s opposition leader. The group takes its name from the Al Aksa mosque located on the Mount, and effectively functions as the Fatah’s military wing.

A year and a half after the outbreak of the war (February 2002), Israel declared the group to be a terrorist organization. The United States and the European Community subsequently followed.

The Brigades recently signed a “Pact of Honor” with other terrorist groups operating out of the Palestinian Authority. The pact sets forth the relations between the various groups and their stand regarding the war against the Jewish state.

The pact states in its first paragraph that the “Zionist occupation of Palestinian lands is ongoing” and that the armed struggle “will continue as a legitimate, natural response.”

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3. Kassam Rocket on Sharon's Farm, and Other Terror Shorts
By Hillel Fendel

A Kassam rocket was found near PM Sharon's farm... Soldier dies of terrorist-attack wounds suffered nine months ago... Terrorists arrested...

* Prime Minister Sharon's Shikmim Farm in the Negev was almost hit by a Kassam rocket three weeks ago. Security forces found the remains of the rocket about 250 meters south of the Sharon family residence yesterday morning. The assumption is that the rocket was fired three weeks ago during a massive Palestinian rocket attack on Sderot and environs, in which five people were injured. Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman says that security forces told him this was not the first time a rocket was fired towards Sharon's farm.

* Second Lt. Ariel Bodah, 21, of Tel Aviv, who suffered critical wounds in a terrorist shooting attack nine months ago, died of his wounds yesterday. The attack occurred in January of this year near Migdalim, between Shechem and the Jordan Valley. It claimed the life of Yoseph Atiyah, and two other soldiers were wounded. The four soldiers who were hit were dressed in civilian clothing, on their way to the pre-military Torah academy in nearby Maaleh Ephraim. They had graduated from it several months before and planned to spend a reunion Sabbath there. Bodah will be buried on Monday morning at 11 AM in the Kiryat Sha'ul Military Cemetery.

* IDF forces arrested several wanted terrorists over the night. One pair, including a terrorist who was involved in several shooting attacks, was taken south of Shechem in the Shomron. One of the arrested gunmen was carrying two magazines. The same IDF force also sighted and arrested a rifle-armed terrorist on a roof. Dozens of shooting attacks have taken place against Israeli targets in this area over the past several weeks.

* Police arrested two Israeli-Arab minors who were caught red-handed throwing rocks at cars on Highway 6 west of northern Shomron.

* It was released for publication that joint IDF-Shabak (General Security Service) activity last week in the Southern Hebron Hills areas led to the arrest of wanted Hamas terrorist Haitam Batat. Batat was a member of a terror cell involved in several attacks in which four Israelis were murdered. He was nearly arrested two weeks ago, but managed to escape, and was hiding out in an abandoned house in Dahariya, near Hevron. Four other Hamas terrorists were apprehended as well.

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4. Poll: Israelis Oppose Unilateral Pullouts; PM Aide Wants More
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

More than two-thirds of Israelis oppose further unilateral pullouts and expulsions of Jews without a final accord with the PA, according to a Maariv poll, but a Sharon aide said more are planned.

The Teleseker poll for the Israeli newspaper revealed that only 28 percent of those surveyed support dismantling more Jewish communities without an agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA) over the final status of a proposed new Arab state. More than half the respondents said they supported this summer's expulsion of Jews from the Gaza and northern Samaria regions, but 68 percent are against a repeat performance.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said several times that the recent expulsions were the first and last unilateral withdrawals but that more communities would be destroyed as part of a mutual pact with the PA.

However, the Middle East Newsline quoted Sharon aide Eival Giladi, "Only unilateral [withdrawal] can work in this era. Israel determines where, when and how it withdraws."

It also stated that the Defense Ministry is examining options for multi-stage withdrawals in 2007 which would force up to 100,000 Jews out of their homes in Judea and Samaria after the completion of the security fence, most of which follows the 1949 Armistice lines.

The government has not responded to the report.

Giladi said last month that Israel still would be in Gaza if it were negotiating with the PA and that continuing "with the old strategy like Oslo" would end up in failure.

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5. IDF General Not Deterred by Kotel Stones
By Hillel Fendel

IDF Maj.-Gen. Elazar Stern was attacked with stones when he visited the Western Wall on Friday evening - and was jeered when he visited again yesterday.

The yarmulke-wearing Stern heads the IDF Personnel Corps. When he arrived with his family to pray at the Western Wall on Friday evening, a large group of worshipers began calling him names, and some even threw rocks. He later said that his young daughter was afraid and began to cry, but that he himself was not afraid. The police escorted the Sterns away from the area, and detained one suspected attacker.

Gen. Stern has angered the the religious camp several times in the recent past. He caused a storm earlier this year when he announced his intention to dismantle the hesder yeshiva units and spread their soldiers out in larger battalions. Stern later threatened, without authority, that if two hesder yeshivot deans who encouraged their students to refuse disengagement-related orders do not resign, the army would call off their hesder arrangement.

The rock attack was widely condemned. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called Stern on Saturday night to sympathize with him, saying he views "this criminal act with great gravity." Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said, "Every attack against a soldier for activities that he carried out in the framework of his army service is delinquent behavior that we will never accept." IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz similarly condemned the attack on Stern.

MK Zevulun Orlev, head of the National Religious Party, said, "Differences of opinion cannot justify violence. This is not the path of religious-Zionism... especially not at the holiest place for Jews and on the Sabbath eve."

Gen. Stern arrived again at the Western Wall yesterday, where another group of worshipers yelled at him for his part in uprooting Jews. Speaking at length with Ynet afterwards, Stern said, "Whoever thinks he can determine who will arrive at the Kotel and pray is mistaken. Everyone may come there, and it is very sad that there are those who call themselves 'important rabbis' and are part of this wild behavior." He refused to talk with Arutz-7 on the matter, however.

Gen. Stern is not the only public figure to be targeted during a public appearance recently on the backdrop of his support for the disengagement plan. Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, currently the Acting Finance Minister and a strong promoter of Sharon's expulsion plan, was jeered on Yom Kippur night at Jerusalem's Great Synagogue after he was honored with opening the Holy Ark and publicly greeted. One worshiper called out, "He is a criminal! He destroyed synagogues [in Gush Katif]! He destroyed yeshivas and Talmudei Torah!" Other worshipers silenced the heckler.

Rabbi Elyakim Levanon of Elon Moreh told Arutz-7 that the verbal attack on Olmert was not advisable, "for as we saw, it did not achieve the desired result; the heckler was silenced, while Olmert remained." Rabbi Levanon has said that it "is not forbidden, but it is certainly unpleasant" to pray together with people who took part in the disengagement.

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6. Bush Tells PA: 'Don't Worry, I'll Sway Israel'
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

U.S. President George W. Bush summoned PA officials to his office this past week and reassured them he will "sway" Israel to open up the Gaza area and not expand Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria.

The New York-based Bloomberg News reported that President Bush summoned Palestinian Authority (PA) officials to a 30-minute unscheduled meeting following complaints conveyed by Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes. She told the president that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey regard his support for a new Arab state in Israel as an empty slogan.

When the PA delegation complained to President Bush that expanding Jewish communities, such as the city of Ma'aleh Adumim, might make a new Arab state unacceptable, he eased their fears and said, "Don't worry. I have some political sway with Israel and will use it if need be."

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is in Jordan and on a tour to Egypt, Vatican, France and Spain before flying to Washington to meet President Bush on Thursday, and the White House meeting was aimed to ease PA worries. Israel has maintained that no further concessions can be granted to the PA until it takes measures to stop incitement and disarm terrorists.

One example of the PA's "revolving door" policy of arresting and releasing terrorists was described in the New York Times on Friday. It reported that Prime Minister Sharon asked Abbas at the Sharm el-Sheikh summit in February to inform Israeli authorities of the address of Arab terrorist Hasan al-Madhoun, a former member of the PA security forces who helped organize the suicide bombing at Ashdod in March 2004.

Abbas promised he would arrest the terrorist within 48 hours. After the time expired, the Prime Minister raised the issue with the American government, and the PA arrested al-Madhoun and then released him the following day. Later, the same terrorist was behind the attempted suicide bombing of a Be'er Sheva hospital by a woman.

Prime Minister Sharon and Abbas canceled a planned meeting this past week after aides told Abbas that Israel would refuse to commit itself to PA demands for the release of jailed Arab terrorists and IDF withdrawals from more cities. "It was only Washington that wanted the meeting," the Timesreported.

At the impromptu White House meeting with PA officials, President Bush assured them that he would pressure Israel to open up the Gaza region, according to the Post.

Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres met with PA negotiator Saeb Erakat on Friday on re-opening the Rafiah border between Gaza and Egypt. "I believe that in a short time we can come to an agreement," Peres said. He added Israel might remove its opposition to third party supervision of the crossing, leaving Israel without direct surveillance. However, Erakat rejected Israeli demands that cameras be mounted at the terminal.

The crossing was closed several days before Israel pulled out its troops from the area early last month, but Arab terrorists quickly re-opened it. Egypt officially has been manning the crossing, but Foreign Ministry officials said arms smuggling continues daily.

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7. Fatah Gang Behind Kidnap of U.S, British Journalists
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Rampant anarchy in the PA has spread to gangs of the ruling Fatah party, one of which was behind this week's broad daylight kidnapping of a British and American journalist.

Armed gunmen abducted a Knight Ridder reporter and British photographer in Gaza on Wednesday and released them a few hours later. The kidnappers were members of the armed Black Panther breakaway faction of the ruling Fatah party of the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to the All News Headlines news site.

PA police chief Ala Hosni described the kidnappers as a "gang" representing the powerful al-Najjar family clan in Khan Yunis, Gaza. They were demanding jobs and promotions.

A Khan Yunis civilian was kidnapped on Thursday and held for a $140,000 ransom.

PA legislative official General Mahmoud Labadi admitted, "We really have a problem. We have uncontrolled elements, whether on the Fatah side or the Hamas side. I think those elements who were financed and supported before by President Arafat, and those supported by finances from abroad, by international Islamic [groups]. I think they pose a problem to the government. It is difficult to control them and disarm them."

The PA and Egypt continue to allow the flow of arms across the Rafiah border, according to Middle East Newsline. "It's no longer a massive flow," an Israeli official said. "But it's a steady flow and much greater than what it used to be during our presence along the border." Ammunition and weapon parts are smuggled almost nightly, sources said.

The anarchy once was blamed on Hamas terrorists, but PA reports this past week revealed that Fatah armed gangs, part of the ruling faction, are behind most of the kidnappings and vigilante violence. The PA also admitted that half those killed in fighting this year were attacked by rival terrorists and not by the IDF.

Gaza City's Al-Azhar University shut down on Wednesday after 20 armed Fatah party men beat the school's president and aides.

Anarchy in Samaria resulted in the death this past week of at least one Arab terrorist in a battle between rival Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade gangs near Jenin, south of Afula. The dead terrorist had been wanted by Israeli security forces.

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8. Spanish Police Find Hideout of Nazi ´Dr. Death´
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Spanish police said Saturday they have found the hideout of Nazi criminal Abreit Heim, dubbed "Dr. Death," and that he may still be in the country, the German paper Der Spiegel reported.

The 91-year-old Heim's hideout is in the northeastern area of Spain. "All we know is that he may have been in the area of Palafrugell recently," according to Spanish police spokesperson Joan Lopez.

He has eluded police and Nazi hunters for 43 years. He has amassed $2 million in bank accounts which have helped him to live in various places, especially Germany, Argentina, Denmark, Brazil and Spain. Der Spiegel reported that investigators suspect a relative of Heim transferred $363,000 to an acquaintance in Spain, and Heim has been using that money to live there.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, named after the famed Nazi Hunter who recently died and was buried in Israel, said it has evidence that Heim's money is in a Berlin bank.

He officially was charged by Germany in 1962 with using lethal injections to kill a large number of Jews in Nazi concentration camps. He was termed "Dr. Death" for his experiments on Jews incarcerated in the Buchenwald and Mauthausen concentration camps.

Although he never finished medical training, he operated on inmates without anesthesia to find out how much time it would take them to die after receiving poisonous injections of drugs and gasoline. Nazi camp survivors said he would hold a stopwatch while patients suffered before succumbing to the lethal injections.

Spanish police emphasized that they do not know where he is now, but the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported that police soon would arrest him. German authorities have offered a $159,000 reward for his arrest and the Wiesenthal Center has offered $12,200.

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9. For First Time Since the Holocaust, Krakow Gets Rabbi
Six decades after the bulk of Krakow Jewry was murdered by the Nazis, the city's first full-time rabbi is set to take up his post Monday, October 17, on the eve of the Jewish festival of Sukkot.
At the request of Polish Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich, and in partnership with the local Jewish community, Rabbi Avraham Flaks [pictured above], 38, is being dispatched to Krakow by the Jerusalem-based Shavei Israel organization, which reaches out and assists "lost Jews" seeking to return to the Jewish people.

Rabbi Flaks will serve as chief rabbi of Krakow's Jews and as an official emissary of Shavei Israel, with his efforts focused on strengthening the Jewish community and on outreach to the unaffiliated.

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10. From the City of Lights to the City of Gold
When Meyer Dadouche and family came on aliyah recently, he fulfilled his dream as well as that of his parents. They had considered aliyah from Morocco many years previously, but without success.
“I was lucky to be born in Morocco,” states Meyer. “I received a traditional Jewish education with an emphasis on speaking Hebrew. Although I still have more to learn, it is definitely an advantage.”

Like his eight siblings, Meyer, 36, left Morocco at the age of 18 to pursue his studies in Paris. He learned accounting and taught the subject for ten years in a Paris university in addition to working for an accounting firm. He met his wife Yael while both were visiting Israel. Yael, from Lyons, studied law and worked for a commerce bank.

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