Saturday, October 08, 2005

Georgetown Children Visit 770 and Museum

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Georgetown Children Visit 770 and Museum

Group Picture outside 770
For a full year, temimim Chaim Shalom Segal and Aryeh Leib Kaplan have been teaching the children of Georgetown in the Sunday School run by Chabad.  On Sunday before Rosh Hashana, the temimim decided to give the children a special experience in honor of the new year, with a visit to 770 and the Tzivos Hashem Jewish Children's Museum.  The 4-hour trip ended with the children reciting the 12 pesukim outside the Rebbe's room and beseeching that Hashem send Moshiach immediately.

R. Are'le Sheinberg, Shliach in Georgetown, reports that the response of the parents was overwhelming and there are many requests to continue the Sunday School next year.  The parents warmly thanked the dedicated teachers and counselors for everything they did for the children. 

Gallery of pictures of the trip in full article. (By Shmulik G.)

Model Kosher store in Tzivos Hashem museum

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