Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A7news: Jewish Activities to Begin on Mt. Zion

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Israel, PA Reach Rafah Crossing Agreement
U.S. State Sec'y Rice extended her visit in Israel to exert extra pressure on Israel to drop its demands regarding the opening of the Rafah crossing - and the agreement was reached this morning.
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 1. Israel, PA Reach Rafah Crossing Agreement
 2. Jewish Activities Planned for Mt. Zion
 3. Rabbis in Plea to Unite Religious Zionist Groups into One Party
 4. The Disintegration of N´vei Dekalim
 5. New IDF Campaign: Arresting Soldiers Who Didn't Expel
 6. PA Intensifies Search for Arafat’s Billions
 7. Manhigut Yehudit Hails Peretz Victory as Proof of Method
 8. Likud MK Caught Red-Handed
 9. A7 Radio: All You Wanted to Know About Rebbetzin Jungreis...

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Editor: Hillel Fendel
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
13 Cheshvan 5766


1. Israel, PA Reach Rafah Crossing Agreement
By Hillel Fendel

U.S. State Sec'y Rice extended her visit in Israel to exert extra pressure on Israel to drop its demands regarding the opening of the Rafah crossing - and the agreement was reached this morning.

Rice met with Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz this morning, and the two closed the final details of the deal. The crossing is now scheduled to be opened by Nov. 25.

Israel had been demanding to receive, in real-time or near that, video images of the goings-on at the crossing between Gaza and Egypt. This, in order to monitor those who enter and exit Gaza - including what is expected to be a significant number of terrorist elements.

Under the agreed terms, the video images will be tranferred to a control center manned by Israeli, PA, and European personnel. The control center will be at one of the other Gaza crossings.

Israel is concerned both about those who enter Gaza with terrorist intentions and/or weapons, and those who leave Gaza with the intention of entering Israel via the Sinai and carrying out attacks. Six weeks ago, a terrorist cell was discovered in the Negev, having entered via Sinai on its way to Jenin.

Rice postponed a state visit to Korea for the purpose of remaining in Israel and ensuring the finalizing of the agreement. Operating under the "if not now, then when?" principle, she was concerned that the political instability in Israel might hold up an agreement indefinitely.

The agreement also stipulates a bus passage for Arabs between Gaza and Judea.

The Quartert was hoping to include in the deal an agreement on the other Gaza crossings, as well as the removal of 125 checkpoints throughout Judea and Samaria.

Yesterday afternoon (Monday), Rice alluded to the pressures she was exerting when she said, "With a little more creative effort, we will be very close to the agreement, which is almost ready."

Commentator Danny Reshef, writing for the NFC website, said that Israel's insistence on monitoring the crossing is unnecessary and even harmful:

"It is doubtful whether anyone in Israel really believes that the smuggling tunnels under Rafah have ceased operating... [or that] the Egyptian Border Patrol is immune to bribery... [or that the terrorists in the Sinai] really changes the Palestinian terror capabilities in Gaza, which are already replete with bomb 'engineers,' rockets, etc. ... We decided to leave Gaza and leave the Palestinians on their own - and we must adhere to this decision despite the many dangers... Israel's national interest is to totally disengage from the lives of the Palestinians in Gaza... This national interest we are subjugating to some Shabak [GSS] cameras that, even as these lines are being written, the Palestinian terrorists have found 1,000 ways to make almost obsolete."

A senior IDF intelligence officer told Ynet, however, that Israel's insistence on proper security precautions into Gaza is "substantial and important." The Rafah Crossing is becoming a dangerous place, he said, adding that IDF Intelligence has evaluations regarding terrorist elements that would take advantage of the unsupervised crossing. He said that these groups could significantly increase the terrorist capabilities currently in Gaza.

"With all due respect to the Egyptians and Palestinians," the officer said, "we have to rely only on ourselves. Even if some European will be there to supervise, he won't jump on Muhammad and arrest him as he crosses there. He won't even recognize the Muhammad..."

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2. Jewish Activities Planned for Mt. Zion
By Hillel Fendel

President Moshe Katzav's meeting with Pope Benedict VI this Thursday will mark the first visit of an Israeli leader to the Vatican. Despite presidential denials, Mt. Zion is still in danger.

The visit was preceded by strenuous denials by Katzav's office of Catholic newspaper reports that Katzav was planning to agree to transfer sovereignty of property on Mt. Zion - the building housing King David's gravesite - in exchange for an old synagogue in Toledo, Spain.

The rumors have not died down, however. It is known that the Catholic Church has long requested a form of sovereignty over the Last Supper room and the path leading to it.

In addition, a man named David Bartholdy has been making plans to build a multi-million dollar Catholic complex on Mt. Zion - displacing a long-time tenant, the Diaspora Yeshiva, in the process. He has lobbied many governmental offices on behalf of the project, which he calls the "Celestial Psalms Track" and which he is confident can earn $5 million a year.

"Some 500,000 foreign tourists visited in Jerusalem in the top intifada year (2001)," Bartholdy wrote to the Tourism Ministry this past July. "If each one of them feels the obligation to visit the 'Last Supper Room' and pays a $10 entrance fee, the income will reach a minimum of $5 million..."

In a letter to Yeshiva Dean Rabbi Mordechai Goldstein this past Oct. 28, Bartholdy alternates between complimenting the rabbi, making him generous offers, and threatening him. The letter states,
"On the eve of a new beginning between us, I wish to take this opportunity to offer you first an olive branch, hoping sincerely for good neighborly relations when I will soon be in the property. My solution, to commit to building your long-dreamt-of yeshiva... and to cover all your debts to the Administration, should answer your most urgent needs... In the past year or more I have learned to admire your strong resolution and convictions, and as you yourself have witnessed, I too am a man of determination, something I humbly attribute in no small part to your inspiration.

"Yet, times have changed since the gay sixties, seventies and eighties, and circumstances too. Jerusalem can no longer tolerate a 'black hole' on Mount Zion. Fighting me, under these new circumstances, may prove one battle too many, to my grave regret. I urge you with all my heart not to choose that path... I am ready to allay your fears and prepared to take different financial sanctions upon myself accordingly. I urge you to let your wise lawyers hit me in my pockets where it most hurts and which is the sensible path to follow now."

Bartholdy's letter to the Tourism Ministry also emphasizes some of the above points: "I am determined, and my pockets are deep."

In response, Bartholdy was informed by the Tourism Ministry's Legal Counsel that it would in fact be possible to respond favorably to his request to exempt such a project from a public tender.

However, he received bad news from the Parks Authority, one of the governmental bodies overseeing the Mt. Zion area. "I was not convinced that the proposed direction is the correct one," Jerusalem Region Director Evyatar Cohen wrote him. Cohen added that it was incontrovertibly clear to him that such an important site as Mt. Zion should not be handed over to private hands.

Rabbi Goldstein is not sitting on his hands, however, in light of the threat to turn the area into a Catholic complex. He met with city officials this week, who said they are planning to map out the entire area anew. "The immediate threat has passed," he said, "but we can't count Bartholdy out so fast. He's been working on this project for two years... The new mapping will hopefully ensure, even if a new government arises and even if the Catholic Church comes back with more demands, that all the different bodies here - such as the Greek Orthodox and others - know their exact places and their rights."

Rabbi Goldstein also said that the Reishit Yerushalayim organization in the Old City has now taken upon itself to increase tourism to the site, "in order to arouse it a little." Reishit was informed that its plan to establish a Visitors Center on Mt. Zion was favorably received at the Tourism Ministry, and that the plan is now under review by the Ministry's professional staff.

In addition, Rabbi Goldstein has met with rabbis in the Old City of Jerusalem, and initial plans have been made to hold a monthly Rosh Chodesh gathering, renovate the yeshiva's exterior, and more.

Diaspora Yeshiva Director Rabbi Shabtai Herman recently explained to Arutz-7 that if the Catholic Church receives control of the area, just a few hundred yards from the Temple Mount and adjacent to the Old City walls, it will turn it into "the international center for Catholics all around the world, and if the pope just gives the word, Christians will be flocking over here en masse."

To promote Jewish interest in the area, Voices Magazine is planning a "King David" tour of Mt. Zion and environs for this Sunday. Beginning at the Haas Promenade at 9 AM, the tour will include visits to the City of David, Mt. of Olives, the new Maaleh HaZeitim neighborhood, and King David's burial site on Mt. Zion. The cost: 50 shekels. For more information, send email toizzy@actcom.co.il.

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3. Rabbis in Plea to Unite Religious Zionist Groups into One Party
By Scott Shiloh

Rabbis affiliated with religious Zionism are calling for all religious Zionists to unite into one political party that will run a unified list in the country’s upcoming general election.

In an unprecedented move, reflecting an unusually high degree of unanimity, the Rabbis, ranging from Rav [Rabbi] Aharon Lichtenstein (head of Yeshivat Har Etzion in Alon Shvut) on the left, to Rav Dov Lior on the right, have issued a joint statement, calling for political cooperation “in order to ensure the Jewish character of the state and of the future government.”

Rabbi Lichtenstein is one of the backers of Meimad, a religious Zionist party that ran in the last elections on a list with the Labor party. Meimad generally favors withdrawing from parts of the Land of Israel in order to attain peace.

In contrast, Rabbi Lior was an ardent opponent of the government’s disengagement plan from Gaza and northern Samaria, and held that a soldier must refuse to obey orders if called on to implement the plan. Rav Lior heads the Council of Yesha [Judea and Samaria] Rabbis.

The joint statement opens with words recalling the destruction of Jewish communities in Gush Katif and northern Samaria, saying it should be used as a “lever to unify the ranks, despite differences of opinion on various matters.”

The statement cites the “tremendous responsibility” of religious Zionists to ensure faithfulness to Torah and Zion in the State of Israel. As a result, the Rabbis “call on all the political forces among the religious Zionist parties, and in other groups, to immediately unite and work as one joint political body.”

The Rabbis state, however, that such unity does not come to negate the uniqueness of each separate party or group.

Among the prime issues ripe for cooperation among religious Zionists are “the education of our sons and daughters in Torah institutions, and the education of all Jewish children in the values of Judaism,” and preservation of the Sabbath.

Also noted were “issues of morality and social justice,” fighting poverty, providing religious services, settling in all parts of the land of Israel, and dealing with national constitutional issues, a matter that generally refers to the precarious relationship between the state and Torah authority.

Other Rabbis who signed the declaration include Rav Zalman Melamed, head of Yeshivat Beit El and a supporter of the Tekuma party; Rav Shlomo Aviner, co-Rabbi of Beit El; Rav Chaim Druckman, associated with the National Religious Party; and Rav Shlomo Riskin, Rabbi of Efrat.

The Rabbis’ declaration is expected to catalyze negotiations between the National Union (which includes Tekuma) and the National Religious Party to field a joint list in the next general election.

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4. The Disintegration of N´vei Dekalim
By Hillel Fendel

Another 130 pre-fab housing units are in the process of being readied in the temporary housing site of Nitzan, and families from N'vei Dekalim are beginning to move in.

A lottery for the pre-fab houses - euphemistically called "caravillas" by the government - was held earlier this month, and the finishing touches on the structures are being added these very days. Some families have received keys, and will be moving in within the coming days. The families have been told that this is merely a temporary solution, for two years, until their permanent solutions are ready.

Dozens of expelled N'vei Dekalim families still remain in five Jerusalem hotels, including only seven in the Ceasar Hotel. One of these latter, that of Moshe and Tami and their nine children, is apparently headed for Nitzan as well, as soon as a pre-fab house that fits them is ready.

"The Disengagement Authority finally realized that a family with nine children should not have to live in 60 or even 90 square meters," Moshe said. "As it is, we have been living in this hotel for almost three months in only three rooms - including one room for our four daughters aged 16-22. You can imagine what it's like..."

Moshe says that no one has even promised him when his pre-fab will be ready, "but we know it won't be for another 2-3 months, until after the other, smaller ones are completed." His pre-fab is one of eight that have been promised to large families from N'vei Dekalim.

But what most bothers Moshe is that his hometown of N'vei Dekalim - the "capital" and largest community in Gush Katif, with over 500 families - has simply disintegrated. "We have many families in Nitzan, but others are going to Ein Tzurim - where the works have just recently begun - and others are in Yad Binyamin, and others have gone off on their own. There doesn't seem to be any hope that we will all ever get back together."

Nitzan is only a default option for Moshe. "Many people there don't have work, and I don't expect to find any either," he said. "What will I do, sit around at home all day? But for my family, it's very important to be together with their friends and have a support group. So, given the lack of other options, it looks like that's what we’ll be doing - and I hope I'll find something [a job]..."

In addition to unemployment, other major problems mentioned by Nitzan residents include the lack of an official rabbi, Torah classes, and spiritual communal life, as well as the lack of cohesive group identity among the hodge-podge of residents from many different types of Gush Katif communities - though about half of them are from N'vei Dekalim.

In addition, parents in Nitzan called a school strike yesterday, complaining of poor educational conditions. The families say there are no special-ed teachers or school psychologists, the classrooms are in poor condition, the equipment is outdated, bus travel to the schools is not organized, and the number of students in each class is too high. In addition, dozens of children are awaiting the opening of a day-care center, and this prevents their parents from going to work. The Education Ministry rebuffed some of the parents' claims; Ministry Director Ronit Tirosh arrived at the site yesterday to meet with the striking expellees.

Moshe said that the Jewish Agency had offered to renovate a building in the Ein Karem neighborhood of Jerusalem for the ex-N'vei Dekalimites - but only if at least 35 families would agree to join up. "There was some interest," Moshe said, "and I certainly would have liked that option - but in the end, people just began to get scared that they would be left with nothing, and so they chose other options."

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5. New IDF Campaign: Arresting Soldiers Who Didn't Expel
The IDF arrested, over the past two days, close to 10 reserves soldiers who didn't show up for disengagement duty.Among them: one who asked not to have to expel his family - and received permission.

Aviyah Greenblatt, 28, father of three and a Golani Brigade fighter, was arrested at 10 PM last night in his home - though he had never before been informed that he was wanted by the military police. His father Mordechai, who was expelled from his home in N'vei Dekalim three months ago and now resides in the Jerusalem Gold Hotel, said that contrary to a report in Maariv, he is not "infuriated, but rather proud that he was arrested on something like this." He told Arutz-7,

"My son told his commanders well before the disengagement process that he had lived in N'vei Dekalim since he was a boy, and that he wished to be with his family. His parents were about to be thrown out of their home, and it was natural for him to want to be with us. His commanders - the deputy regiment commander and the battalion commander - accepted this with understanding and told him not to worry."

Greenblatt has no criticism of his son's commanders, for he feels that the orders came from higher up: "It's not that they [the commanders] went back on their word, because we've heard that there were several others who were arrested like this over the past couple of days. It looks more like there's a new army policy to arrest soldiers who didn't show up."

An aide to MK Uri Ariel (pictured) said he knows of close to ten other similar cases over the past few days. MK Ariel raised the issue in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee today, and called upon the army to release the soldiers immediately. He said that some of the arrested soldiers had received explicit permission from their commanders not to show up for duty during the expulsion.

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6. PA Intensifies Search for Arafat’s Billions
By Scott Shiloh

A year after Arafat’s death, the PA has intensified its search for hundreds of millions of dollars that disappeared in his wake. Now the PA is asking Israel’s help to find the lost loot.

The PA’s appointee for financial matters, Salam Fayid, has asked Israeli intelligence to help search for Arafat’s secret investments, estimated at upwards of one billion dollars. The PA wants the money to help set up a state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Most of the efforts to find the money are focusing on locating a web of complex investments spread around the world by Arafat’s financial advisor and personal confidante, Mohammed Rashid. Rashid has so far been unwilling to volunteer detailed information regarding those investments.

A number of investments were purportedly made in various tourist sites in Africa, with others in communications and other international high-tech companies. Rashid, considered an expert at moving and hiding money, so far has not left any significant leads.

Arafat’s wife, Suha, who currently lives in Tunisia, is also apparently a party to the money’s disappearance. Suha’s expense account in Paris has led investigators to open a file into suspicions of her involvement in laundering money in Swiss bank accounts, according to Israeli newspaper Yediot Acharonot.

Five years ago, at the onset of the Oslo War, Suha and her daughter moved to Paris, where she received a stipend from Arafat that ballooned to a quarter-million euros per month.

Suha began investing in international companies through the help of financial advisors like Rashid, who made it difficult to follow the money. Suha did not attend Arafat’s funeral last year, out of fear the PA was after her money.

An intelligence source has said that it is possible that the location of Arafat’s millions may never be known.

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7. Manhigut Yehudit Hails Peretz Victory as Proof of Method
By Ezra HaLevi

Moshe Feiglin and the Manhigut Yehudit faction within the Likud see the surprise victory of Amir Peretz in the Labor primaries as proof that their strategy to take over the Likud works.

"Three and a half months ago, Amir Peretz had only 4% in the polls. Today he is the head of one of the two leading parties in Israel," Feiglin told Israel National Radio's Eli Stutz & Yishai Fleisher "We have to understand that what the polls show today has no connection to what is going to be three or four months from now."

Feiglin says that the members of his Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction are not the only ones taking note of the meaning of Peretz's victory. "Sharon came out publicly [Sunday] and said that what Peretz did in Labor is what Feiglin is trying to do in Likud. I think he is right…He is afraid it will happen in the Likud."

Though Feiglin is not sure he will win the coming Likud primaries – his candidacy is not even mentioned on most news reports on the matter – the Manhigut Yehudit faction leader is certain that Likud members will vote for him when they undergo the same realization that drove Laborites to vote against their old guard.

"What Manhigut and my candidacy represent is a real revolution," Feiglin said. "What Sharon represents is a continuation of Oslo, what Netanyahu represents is the continuation of Oslo. Even Uzi Landau – do you see him saying one word against the establishment, against the Supreme Court, against those who are really ruling the country? Even Uzi Landau is only saying that he will be able to get a better price for the Land of Israel – that is what he is saying and he is an honest man. So they are all representing the old secular Zionism direction – each one with his own character; Uzi Landau with his good character – but with the same direction. Manhigut Yehudit represents a revolution, a new direction."

Responding to growing calls for a united right-wing election bloc, Feiglin blessed the effort but insisted that it is a waste of time if not accompanied by efforts within the Likud Party. "Let's assume they all get another ten seats – what will be the difference? What will they achieve through that? What we really saw in the last three years was that the right-wing parties and the NRP are completely irrelevant. Sharon, with the Likud, can go with Shinui, or he can go with Labor, and can do whatever he wants. The real battle is in the Likud."

As proof of his claim, Feiglin says one must compare the effectiveness of the political struggles waged by the various parties prior to the Disengagement. "Which political force was the most effective at giving Sharon a hard time with implementing the Disengagement. Was it the NRP? The National Union? Or was it Manhigut Yehudit – which is not even in the Knesset. Who created the Likud referendum? Who created the internal Likud rebellion against Sharon without even being in the Knesset and without taking a single vote away from any of the right-wing parties? It is not because we were smarter or more outspoken – it is because we were in the right place."

Feiglin sees Peretz's election as a good sign. "The truth is that everything that shakes the political system in Israel and knocks the Sharon-Peres hegemony is good. Between these two guys, there weren't parties anymore. They made deals between them that completely eliminated the whole democratic system. It didn't matter who you voted for anymore – the whole democratic idea became completely irrelevant. Have you ever seen the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. cutting a deal following elections?"

Asked by Israel National Radio show host Eli Stutz what Peretz stands for, Feiglin was not very complimentary. "Amir Peretz stands for nothing," he said. "He will run to Rabin's grave and give them all the nice speeches. He just represents himself and sells the fact that he is Moroccan. He gets the votes of the Sephardim. In terms of ideology he represents nothing. He has brought more poverty to Israel and helped nobody. The revolution that Amir Peretz may in fact represent is the victory of a Jew over Israelis. In the battle between those who see themselves as Israelis-before-Jews and Jews-before-Israelis, Amir Peretz, within the Labor party, represents the Jews... I am willing to bet that Amir Peretz eats kosher food and that you may see candles lit somewhere in his house Friday nights. I don't know if he himself is aware of what I am saying right now, but this is exactly the point that Manhigut Yehudit is aiming for. If we are able to get the Jewish vote in the Likud party, we will win."

Fellow Manhigut Yehudit founder Moti Karpel also weighed in with an optimistic view of the Peretz victory, as well as a critique of those who still refuse to join the Likud to implement the faction’s planned takeover.

"Moshe Feiglin has been advocating it for five years, and newly elected Labor party chairman Amir Peretz did it in eleven months," Karpel wrote on Monday. "Peretz applied Manhigut Yehudit's strategy…He simply brought 20,000 supporters from the party he previously headed (One Nation), registered them as Labor members and sent them to vote in the Labor primaries. With 20,000 votes already in his pocket, Peretz garnished another 7,000 from other Labor party members, many of whom identify with his Labor-like policies, and triumphed."

Karpel went on to claim that many of Peretz's supporters have no affection for past Labor policies or its platform, acting only with the end-goal in mind of victory and improved salaries and working conditions. "If they had a problem with some of Labor's policies, they didn't let it bother them. They understood the simple reality. With their man at the helm, they will be in the perfect position to reform Labor's policies to suit their own interests."

Karpel, the author of many of the Manhigut factions strategy papers, concluded by lamenting the perfectionism he attributes to the national-religious public. "Feiglin's constituency is the belief-based public - people who want to see a Jewish state in the complete Land of Israel. And here is where the going gets tough. These are people who are looking for perfection - in the Land of Israel, in their Jewish faith and in all that they do. The Likud is far from perfect, and they don't want anything to do with it, even if they know that by joining, they could easily take over the Likud - many of whose members whole-heartedly support their ideas - and set their own agenda."

Karpel emphasized that the belief-based public is certainly willing to sacrifice for the Land of Israel, but remains hesitant to hold the card of a party that signifies corruption and the destruction of Jewish communities. "They are more than ready to do whatever it takes. They will encircle the fences of Kfar Maimon for days and nights if that is what needs to be done. For the sake of the Land of Israel, they will be willing to once again follow the Yesha Council on treks throughout the fields of the Negev. They will blow the shofar, shatter Heaven's gates with their prayers, fight, block roads, refuse orders, get arrested, love and hug their destroyers. But they won't do [the equivalent of] what Peretz's people did - sign up for the Likud."

Feiglin, responding to a caller who asked him how he could join such a traif (unkosher, unfit) party, said: "People would rather look for reasons for the expulsion under the rug instead of getting into the ballgame. This is where the decisions are made. Some would rather go to another rally, and another rally, and put on an orange ribbon and see other people who think just like them, rather than getting involved and making a real difference."

Click here to listen to the complete interview on Israel National Radio

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8. Likud MK Caught Red-Handed
By Hillel Fendel

Likud MK Yechiel Chazan was filmed leaving the Knesset storeroom with equipment in his hands. Accused of voting twice in a Knesset vote, Chazan said he took nothing.

The story was broken this morning by Army Radio's Amit Segal (son of Arutz-7 Radio's News Department founder Haggai Segal). Chazan and another Likud MK, Michael Gorolovsky, were both accused of voting in place of an absent party colleague MK in a Knesset vote in early 2003. Gorolovsky confessed, but said that he was not aware of the significance of his act at the time - only a few months after having become a Knesset Member. The Knesset distanced him from Knesset votes and debates for six months, but his Parliamentary immunity was never removed and he was not indicted.

MK Chazan, on the other hand, agreed at the time to have his parliamentary immunity removed, and his trial for conspiracy to commit a crime is currently underway.

Segal asked Chazan today if he had entered the Knesset storeroom and taken something from there. Chazan said he had asked permission to take the voting machines for the purposes of his trial, but that he was turned down. Asked if he had entered the room, Chazan said, "I didn't take anything."

Segal: "But the question is whether you were in the stockroom or not."
Chazan: "I'm telling you that I didn't take it, don't you understand what I'm saying?"
Segal: "I understand that, but the question is whether you were in the stockroom or not."
Chazan: "I'm telling you as clearly as possible that I didn't take it, I wasn't there, I don't know what you want."

However, to Chazan's consternation, a hidden Knesset camera caught him not only entering the storeroom, but also coming out with equipment in his hands. The Knesset Spokesperson said today that Chazan had gone to the stockroom accompanied by a Knesset guard, but remained there alone - and that afterwards four small voting machines were found missing. All four machines were from Chazan's row in the Knesset plenum.

Segal later reported that at approximately 11:15 this morning, some three hours after his conversation with him, Chazan presented the four voting machines to a Knesset officer.

Opposition leader Tommy Lapid (Shinui) said this morning that he would not consider joining the Likud government, partly because "every morning we wake up to hear a new item of corruption in the Likud."

MK Ran Cohen (Meretz) said in response, "The Likud is split between Sharon and the rebels, but it turns out that the corruption unites all of them." Chazan was one of the leaders of the group that opposed the disengagement.

As the above story was developing, the Tel Aviv Magisrates Court convicted another Likud MK, Omri Sharon - the Prime Minister's son - of violating campaign laws and perjury. As per a drawn out plea bargain agreement, Sharon confessed to the above crimes, and is expected to face a prison sentence.

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9. A7 Radio: All You Wanted to Know About Rebbetzin Jungreis...
A7 Radio's "The Tamar Yonah Show"
"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis - But Were Afraid To Ask"

They called her "The Jewish Zsa Zsa Gabor" - but this beautiful 'Daughter of Israel' stemming from a great rabbinic dynasty that traces its lineage back to King David is so much more. Born in Hungary, she was expelled from her home by the Nazis. She survived the death camps of Europe and then came to New York where she started a tidal wave of 'Tshuvah". Hear her story, ask your questions.

Listen Now -or- Download*

*To download audio files, right-click and choose 'Save Target As'

For more A7 Radio visit www.IsraelNationalRadio.com.

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 Australian $ 3.4505
 S. Africa Rand 0.6967

°C / °F
Tel Aviv
°C / °F
°C / °F
°C / °F
The Plains
°C / °F
°C / °F
°C / °F
Beer Sheva
°C / °F
Dead Sea
°C / °F
°C / °F

Judaica from Samaria
Unique, meaningful, and Zionist Judaica, handmade by craftsman in the heart of Samaria
Judaica Mall
For a superb selection of quality Passover gifts look no further!
Temple Model Kits
The Perfect Chanuka Gift!
Electronic Digital Pen
New digital electronic pen, uses regular paper and ink
Live Jewish Bracelets
Embrace who and what you are!

Israel Related
Genesis 2000
2005 is your time to visit Israel with Genesis 2000
Tel Aviv Meds
Buy medication direct from Israel and save
Lemkin Realty
Apartments in Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem and Ramat Beit Shemesh
Shavei Israel
The starting point for anyone with Jewish roots or ancestry yearning to return to the Jewish people.
Rotem Judaica
Unique Designs by Israeli Artists

Israel Charities
Beit Haggai
Orthodox foster homes for abused and neglected children. www.beithaggai.org
Help Feed Israel's Hungry
Struggling Families in Israel Need Your Help Now.
Sanhedria's Children's Home and Orphanage
Where our children feel at home
36,000 meals provided monthly to hungry Israeli children.
Ahavas Chesed Relief Fund
Help feed hungry Jewish children in Israel.

Jewish Books
Menashe Sopher
Visiting Israel? Call MENASHE SOPHER. We take care of all of your transport in Israel. Call 1-718-360-5083
Chanukah Sale
Israeli Leading Brands! AHAVA, Premier, Hazorfim, Naot, T-Shirts, Jewelry!


´Israeli Salad´ with Yoni Kempinski #110   Special Edition:
- Interview with Nobel Prize Laureate
- Professor Yisrael Robert Aumann of the Hebrew
  University, Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva´s

Live Political Analysis, Social Commentary,
Hourly News Reports, and much more.

Arutz Sheva´s
Fundamentally Freund

Michael Freund tackles Politics and Media
with hard-hitting commentary.

Arutz Sheva Real Estate Section
Get up-to-date on what´s going on in Real Estate in the Jewish world.

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