Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Arutz Sheva Presents: Lights from the Darkness!

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Lights from the Darkness
(Video & Music)
If you weren't there during those awful days this summer in Gush Katif you will not be able to understand the pain on one hand and the tremendous belief, prayer and singing during those days.

The wonderful people that were expelled from their homes taught us something new - in their darkest hour - they sang! In the disk - "Lights from the Darkness" we tried to collect the tears, the prayers and the strength of the people of Gush Katif.

The Disk includes a video of the last days and 12 songs which were sung in the Batei Knesset in Gush Katif. The singer, Mendy Garufi participates in some of the songs.

"Lights from the Darkness" was jointly produced by the "Netzarim Library" and Shai Agmon of the "Netzozot" band. Their profits are dedicated to the rebuilding of Netzarim.

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Music of the Days of Orange
This disk is a collection of the songs sung during the fight for Gush Katif. Special production by the activists for Gush Katif. The songs of hope and faith on this disks are sung by well known singers such as Aharon Razel, Ariel Zilber and Adi Ran. Included also are live recordings from Gush Katif. 11 songs.Only $18.99
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