Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A7news: IDF Deploys as Victims Laid to Rest

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The Five Lives Cut Short by Arab Terror in Netanya
One was guarding the mall. The others were doing their shopping. All were killed by an Arab bomber because they were Jews living in the land of Israel.
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 1. The Five Lives Cut Short by Arab Terror in Netanya
 2. Israel To Strike Back
 3. Construction of Gush Etzion Wall to Begin in Coming Days
 4. Southern Gush Etzion Residents Take Security Into Own Hands
 5. Unity Talks Between NRP and National Union Collapse
 6. Jonathan Pollard to Likud Members: Choose Feiglin
 7. Thousands Flock to Jerusalem for Traditional Festival of Sigd
 8. American and Israeli Terror Victims Console One Another
 9. PA Continues to Venerate Suicide Bombers
 10. Atlit - The Museum of Illegal Immigration

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Editor: Ezra HaLevi
Tuesday, December 06, 2005
5 Kislev 5766

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1. The Five Lives Cut Short by Arab Terror in Netanya
By Scott Shiloh

One was guarding the mall. The others were doing their shopping. All were killed by an Arab bomber because they were Jews living in the land of Israel.

The lives of five innocent people were cut short by an Arab suicide bomber on Monday at the entrance to the Sharon shopping mall in Netanya. Another fifty were wounded in the attack, some critically.

At 11:30 in the morning, a female police officer and passersby identified a man approaching the Sharon Mall in Netanya as a suicide bomber, and shouted out warnings.

The security guards stopped the man, pushing him up against the wall, and nearby police officers rushed to help. At that point, the bomber detonated the explosives he had in his bag.

The Islamic Jihad terror group took credit for the devastation.

These are the stories of the five Jewish men and women of valor who were murdered in this attack:

Haim Amram, 26, of Netanya

Haim Amram had worked as a security guard at the Sharon Mall for the past three years and was also on duty during the suicide bombing there four months ago. His cousin, Lior Golan, said Monday night that Haim loved his job, despite the low pay, and had worked as a security guard since completing his military service in the Israel Air Force. Before the Sharon Mall, he had worked in Ra'anana.

"He was an incredible person. Very quiet and humble, he wanted to study psychology. He wanted to save everyone, and that's how he was killed. There's no doubt this is a hero's death," Lior said.

Haim attended Sinai Elementary School in Netanya and then a yeshiva high school. He liked to work out at the Wingate Institute gym, and recently bought a motorcycle. He was hoping to study psychology after completing his matriculation exams for university.

During the past year, he had begun to live with his girlfriend. The two planned on marrying at the start of the summer and to travel abroad.

Haim Amram was buried in Netanya. He is survived by his parents, Esther and David, and three siblings - Vicky, Guy and Keren.

Alexandra Garmitzky, 65, of Netanya

Alexandra Garmitzky and her husband Vichislav had only one child. Dr. Andrei Garmitzky is a urologist at the Hillel Yafeh Medical Center in Hadera. As soon as he heard about the bombing at the Sharon Mall in Netanya, he telephoned his mother, knowing that she often went shopping there.

When he failed to reach her, he hurried to the emergency room at his hospital to look for her among the wounded. He identified her body at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir.

Alexandra and her husband immigrated to Israel eight years ago from Ukraine, where she worked as a bookkeeper. On Monday morning she went out on an errands to the local National Insurance Institute branch, and later stopped in to do some shopping at the Sharon Mall.

Alexandra Garmitzky will be buried in the cemetery at Kibbutz Bahan. She is survived by her husband Vichislav, and only son, Andrei, 41.

Daniel Golan, 45, of Nahariya

Daniel Golani was the owner of a chain of clothing stores called 35th Ave and was a well-known figure in Nahariya. He was in Netanya Monday to finalize a rental agreement for a store in Sharon mall. His friend of 25 years and business partner, David Barak, spoke with Golani minutes before the blast.

"He really happy and told me he had closed the rental deal. Apparently he accompanied a friend who was with him to the mall entrance and a few minutes later the blast occured," Barak said.

Dani Golani was originally from Netanya and settled in Nahariya 16 years ago. He was involved in local politics and was supposed to supervise several polling booths in his neighborhood on behalf of Ron Frumer's campaign headquarters in the upcoming municipal elections.

"Dani was a wonderful person," said Zion Lankri, a Nahariya local council member, who was friends with Golani for nearly 18 years. "It was hard to separate him from his smile. He loved to live, and loved his family. This was a person one could always trust and turn to during difficult times. He was a rock. He wasn't scared of anything."

David Rosen, also a member of the Nahariya local council, said that Golani would help the needy, and could always be trusted to come to the aide of those who needed it.

Daniel Golani will be buried in his home town of Netanya. He is survived by his wife Ronit, and their two daughters - Shir, 17, and Raz, 14.

Elia Rosen, 38, of Bat Hefer

Elia Rosen had gone with a friend to the Sharon Mall to shop for clothes. A psychologist by training, she was due to start a new job next week as a project manager at Comverse, a hi-tech firm.

Elia was born and raised in Ramat Aviv, and attended the Alliance High School there. She later received a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in education. Before her career change, she diagnosed learning disabilities in teenagers and young adults.

Eight years ago, the Rosen family had moved to moshav Bat Hefer. Her husband Gadi said she had never expressed any concerns about the security situation and felt completely comfortable living close to the seam line. She always thought traffic accidents posed a greater threat than the security situation.

Elia Rosen will be buried in the cemetery at Kibbutz Bahad. She is survived by her husband Gadi, 41, and their three children - sons Ro'i, 5, and Gal, 12, and a 10-year-old daughter, Noam.

Keinan Tsuami, 20, of Petah Tikva

Keinan Tsuami was killed several minutes after completing his shopping at the Sharon Mall, where he had gone with a childhood friend. They were already at the exit, when the friend realized he had forgotten something inside. Handing Keinan his jacket to hold, he went back indoors.

Keinan, who remained outside, was killed in the blast. When his friend managed to exit the mall later, he found only his own jacket lying on the ground.

The youngest in the family, Keinan attended Feinstein Junior High and graduated from the Ankori High School in Hod Hasharon. "There are no words to describe Keinan. He was a happy kid, a soulful child with a love of life," said a friend. His uncle, Moshe Tsuami, said that his nephew had postponed his enlistment into the IDF in order to help his father in the family carpentry shop.

Lilach, Keinan's girlfriend, is unable to believe what has happened: "We celebrated his birthday just a month ago, all the signs are sill in his room, the teddy bear is still in the room. We were together for a year, I don't really understand how he left me like this. I don't believe it, my poor Keinan. Everyone told him to be careful of motorcycles - and in the end, this is what happened."

Keinan Tsuami will be buried in the Segula Cemetery in Petah Tikva. He is survived by his parents, Shmuel and Mazal, and two older brothers, Lior and Ohad.

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2. Israel To Strike Back
By Ezra HaLevi

In response to Monday's deadly bombing at Netanya's HaSharon Mall, Israel's security establishment held two high-level meetings and decided on a prolonged counter-terror operation.

In preparation for the operation, the IDF will deploy troops in northern Samaria. The security establishment will also renew targeted killings of terror leaders. A general closure has been placed on Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, effective Tuesday night.

The IDF will also impose a curfew, effective Tuesday night, on Judea, Samaria and Gaza, banning Arabs from entering Israel's pre-1967 borders. The closure is far from complete, however, as the three Gaza crossings will remain fully operational - most probably due to commitments made to the US by Israel. Permits for 500 Christian worshippers to enter Jerusalem during the Christian holidays also remain valid.

In addition, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, after consulting with IDF and intelligence officials, said he would ask Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to allow the IDF to resume destroying the homes of suicide-bombers.

Five Jews were murdered and dozens wounded in Monday's attack when an Arab terrorist blew himself up just outside the entrance of the shopping mall at noon.

The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization took responsibility for the Netanya bombing. The same gang carried out a similar attack in the exact same place last July, in which 4 civilians were murdered and some 90 injured.

If the IDF is given authorization to destroy terrorists' homes, the first house would be that of Jenin-area resident Lutfi Amin Abu Salem, the terrorist who appears in the Islamic Jihad video released following Monday’s attack. His father and three brothers are among 14 wanted Islamic Jihad members arrested overnight.

The IDF used to routinely raze the homes of terrorists, a policy that caused some family members to turn in relatives planning attacks, but the army announced that it would stop doing so last February. The policy was originally enacted following the bombing at Hebrew University in 2002, in which seven were killed and seventy injured.

On Sunday, Mofaz approved the targeted killing of terrorists organizing the firing of Kassam rockets against Israeli towns. That decision followed attacks the same day, leading critics to suggest that Mofaz is talking tough in order to improve his position ahead of the December 19th Likud primaries.

Monday night, residents of Netanya gathered at the site of the attack to mourn and protest the security situation and what they perceive to be Prime Minister Sharon's rewarding of Arab terrorism. They expressed fury at the fact that the shopping center was targeted twice in recent months.

Baruch Gordon contributed to this article.

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3. Construction of Gush Etzion Wall to Begin in Coming Days
By Ezra HaLevi

As word of the impending construction of the Gush Etzion Partition Wall was leaked to local residents, activists have declared an end to negotiations and issued a call to action.

The director of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel’s Kfar Etzion Field School, Yaron Rosenthal, sent out an email to all of Gush Etzion’s local community lists Sunday night, frantically informing his fellow citizens that the moment of truth regarding the Partition Wall set to encircle the region is now on their doorsteps.

Work on the wall surrounding Gush Etzion is set to begin at the Abu Suda Forest, located between the community of Migdal Oz and the Gush Etzion Junction. The reason the Defense Ministry chose to begin there is that the land is demarcated as a nature preserve, and there is no concern that Arabs will be able to file appeals with the Supreme Court.

The fact that building will begin this week violates an agreement between Gush Etzion’s local municipalities and the Defense Ministry whereby construction would not be started until an agreement on the route is reached. Rosenthal said that the reason the ministry is so eager to begin construction is that it knows the current route will not hold up in the Supreme Court – which will ensure that the fence route shrink-wraps the communities of Gush Etzion. The Defense Ministry wants to be able to deflect blame for the latter route.

Rosenthal’s source also said that during a briefing held in the Ministry of Defense, considerable fear was raised of the possibility of opposition to the fence by the residents of the Gush.

“Our only option now is to lie under the tractors and show plainly to our fellow citizens that we are being imprisoned within a fence,” Rosenthal said. “At least the powers that be cannot take credit for a fence being built to include Gush Etzion and will thus lose points with the public.”

In the meantime, Rosenthal plans on filing a Supreme Court petition on behalf of the Kfar Etzion Field School against the building of the Partition Wall in the middle of a nature preserve. “As the director of the field school, it is most important to me that nature be preserved in the Land of Israel so that the public is able to hike in the preserve.”

To those in Gush Etzion who were hoping the construction of the eastern fence will lead to an increased assertion of Israeli sovereignty in the area, per Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s claim regarding “settlement blocs,” Rosenthal reports a pessimistic assessment passed on to him by the ministry source.

“The planning authorities in the Ministry of Defense have concluded their work along the Green Line, preparing the ground for a quick construction of a fence along the 1967 borders,” Rosenthal said. “So as not to arouse the residents of the Gush, it was decided to first implement the eastern fence (around the Gush) and, only after the elections, to build the fence on the Green Line.”

Rosenthal, in his emergency email, quoted the source directly: "The decision to build an additional fence on the Green Line has already been taken, with tens of thousands of shekels already invested in planning, and with instructions being not to disclose the actual building of the fence on the Green Line until after the elections."

Rosenthal told Arutz-7 that he is serious about his call for residents of all ages to come out and physically lie before the bulldozers. He says that the current fence route, let alone the one that will be dictated by the Supreme Court, “turns Gush Etzion into a ghetto, into Gush Katif 2 and turns the road to Jerusalem into the Kissufim Crossing.

Flyers have been printed up and posted around Gush Etzion in English and Hebrew, reading: “Your Home is in Danger! But it Can be Saved!” with details on cells of activists in each community prepared to struggle against the wall. Nadia Matar of Women in Green, an Efrat resident, spoke with Israel National Radio’s Yishai Fleisher and Alex Traiman Show, outlining the plan of action. Matar mentioned that one of the reasons she believes Gush Etzion will be the site of a determined struggle against the wall, as opposed to communities in the Shomron, is due to its high concentration of olim (immigrants). "The activists, in general, are those people who came on Aliyah - from France or Belgium or the US. The people who attend activit=st meetings are those who came on Aliyah - even decades ago - and who still have a fire in their heart."

Click here to listen to the interview

Though Matar is regularly heard calling the public to action, the call to "lay beneathe the tractors" issued by Rosenthal and the rest of the members of Kibbutz Kfar Etzion is aimed at waking up those who usually stay home and let the youth handle the protest activities. “It is very important that the television screens not show only youth with orange t-shirts demonstrating against the fence,” Rosenthal said. “When the time comes (it may be very soon) let's show up in large numbers to save the Gush from the suffocating fence.”

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4. Southern Gush Etzion Residents Take Security Into Own Hands
By Ezra HaLevi

Residents of the Gush Etzion community of Karmei Tzur, due to be left on the "other" side of Israel's Partition Wall, has decided to take the deteriorating security situation into their own hands.

Shlomo Ne'eman, a member of Karmei Tzur's municipality told Arutz-7 that residents have become fed up with the IDF's systematic ignoring of all their requests to deal with the Arabs who target vehicles driving on the Hevron-Jerusalem road with rocks and firebombs.

Residents say they refuse to abandon their homes, as they suspect the IDF response is intended to induce them to do. "But we are also no longer willing to be placed at the mercy of the Arab hooligans and watch as our children are targeted on their way to and from school each day," Ne'eman said.

Tuesday morning, at 7 AM, residents deployed along the main road, armed with their weapons used for guard-duty in their community. "We stood all morning near the neighboring Arab villages of Beit Umar and El Aroub and we guarded the road," Ne'eman described. "And we intend to continue guarding until the army comes to its senses and takes matters into its own hands."

Ne'eman said that the IDF was fully informed that the initiative was taking place and that the results of it were immediately apparent. "Today, as opposed to every other day recently, the children's school buses made it to their destinations without incident."

Karmei Tzur is about a half-hour from Jerusalem and is part of the Gush Etzion bloc of Jewish communities in Judea. Jews lived in Gush Etzion until they were expelled in 1948 by the Jordanian army. Many children of the expelled residents resettled there after the region was liberated in the 1967 Six Day War.

There is a move, particularly in Jewish towns in Samaria, to replace IDF forces with local volunteers in order to remove the media-backed perception that those living in Judea and Samaria force other Israelis to protect them. The move is also intended to have in place dedicated security forces unfettered by government policies and the chain of command.

Organizers of the initiative say that it is also aimed at thwarting suspected plans to allow the security situation to deteriorate for communities on the other side of the Partition Wall, thereby inducing them to willingly abandon their homes.

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5. Unity Talks Between NRP and National Union Collapse
By Ezra HaLevi

The National Religious Party announced Monday evening that negotiations with the National Union party had failed. Each party blames the other's intransigence for the collapse of talks.

According to NRP officials, National Union representatives torpedoed agreements between the two parties regarding equality on the party list and the agenda of a joint right-wing bloc. National Union officials claim that the NRP was extremely difficult to negotiate with due to party chairman Zevulun Orlev's demand that he head the joint party list.

Prior to the start of negotiations, Orlev declared publicly that the question of who will head the joint Knesset list would not present an obstacle to unity between the NRP and National Union. "I suggest that the head of the list be either the chairman of the NRP or the chairman of the National Union," Orlev stated. "To remove personal obstacles, I declare that the issue of who will head the list will not present an obstacle as far as I am concerned.”

Orlev told Arutz-7 Tuesday that he had reached a deal with National Union Chairman Binyamin Elon, but that it was not approved by National Union officials. Orlev said he hadproposed a shifting of priorities from Land of Israel and security issues to education, Jewish identity and social-welfare issues. He added that the rejection of the deal eliminated an "historic opportunity."

Prospective National Union MK and head of its Anglo division, Uri Bank, says he is optimistic that talks will resume. "It is crunch time and everybody knew there were going to be collapses. There is a poker game going on and the question is who is going to call whose bluff. I can't promise anything, but I would put money on the fact that there will be a joint list in the end. I don't think either side here has the recklessness on the national level to shirk that move that is so obviously needed after what happened this past summer."

Bank said Orlev's claims that the National Union rejected the NRP's outstretched hand were absurd. "For the leader of the NRP to come and say the National Union is the one that is not willing to go the extra mile for unity after six years of the National Union courting the NRP - literally begging them to join even since 1999 - is outlandish."

Bank said the negotiations were far less ideological in nature and are focused on the composition of the joint party list, including the top slot, the NRP's demand for 50% of the top ten, and the resulting knocking down of MK Aryeh Eldad.

The Forum for the Renewal of NRP Principles is also calling for both sides to show responsibility and return to negotiations on the matter. "In the event that there is not a unification of the two parties," a statement from Forum heads Tzachi Fenton and Avshalom Harazi read, "the heads of both parties will be remembered eternally as those who did not succeed in standing the Religious-Zionist public on its feet during the difficult days following the crisis and awful destruction [of the destruction of Gush Katif], and as those who led to the total fragmentation of the national-religious camp."

Hayil Party chairman Baruch Marzel said that he was not surprised by the inability of the two parties to find common ground. "We all want unity, but unity not as a tool to ensure jobs for every member of a party, but unity of ideology," Marzel said. "I am still calling upon [National Union MKs] Uri Ariel, Tzvi Hendel, Aryeh Eldad and others who are loyal to their ideology to unite - not in the name of Knesset seats but in the name of representing those who truly fought in Gush Katif to the Jewish People."

Marzel says he knows of thousands of "orange" voters who are not even planning to vote because they do not feel represented. He suggested that holding open primaries on the right would help form a list that people can actually identify with.

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6. Jonathan Pollard to Likud Members: Choose Feiglin
By Ezra HaLevi

In a letter sent by Jonathan Pollard to the 130,000 members of the Likud Party, the jailed American Jew urged supporters of his freedom to vote for Moshe Feiglin to head the party.

Pollard, a former Naval Intelligence officer jailed for passing classified information to Israel, is serving the 21st year of a life-sentence in a maximum-security federal prison in the United States.

The letter in support of the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) Likud faction's Feiglin reads:
"My wife Esther and I have known Moshe Feiglin for some time, and have found him to be honest, responsible and G-d fearing. We feel that Moshe is the right leader for the Likud and for this time in the Nation's history.

"This is a critical moment in the history of the Jewish Nation. We are bereft of leaders that understand that true Jewish leadership must be subserviant to the will of the Almighty. It is only by G-d's grace that we live in The Land. Until we have leaders who recognize this simple fact and act accordingly, we as a Nation will continue to be at the mercy of both our friends and our foes.

"We believe that Moshe Feiglin may be the only leader in Israel today who understands that power is a test, not a gift, and that it must be wielded judiciously. We believe that because of his faith in the G-d of Israel, Moshe is the only leader in the Likud today capable of withstanding the wiles of our enemies and the pressures from our friends to act contrary to our own national interests.

"A vote for Moshe is a vote to restore Israel's national honor and integrity of Israel. That is why Esther and I want to express our full support for Moshe, and to encourage all those who can vote in the Likud primaries to vote for Moshe Feiglin."

In recent weeks, two other Likud candidates have been harshly criticized for their inaction on behalf of Pollard.

Pollard activists interrupted a campaign address by Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom at a Tel Aviv hotel last week, demanding the government take serious action towards securing Pollard’s release.

Two weeks ago, as Pollard's wife Esther appeared on Ya'ir Lapid's Channel Two talk show, a recording of Pollard speaking from prison was played, in which he was heard sharply attacking Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz for the fact that the name Jonathan Pollard is not on the official Ministry of Defense list of captives. "Every Knesset Member that I've talked to about this has been shocked and disgusted when they realize what has been done," Pollard said, "and I blame Mofaz himself, personally, for this. Mofaz has knowingly abandoned a soldier in the field."

An agent whose name is on the list is entitled to rights and benefits as an Israeli agent, including the fact that the Israeli Government would be obligated to seek his immediate release. It would also enable Pollard to receive financial benefits, which he has in fact never received.

Pollard was arrested in 1985 and later convicted of passing classified information to a U.S. ally.

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7. Thousands Flock to Jerusalem for Traditional Festival of Sigd
By Debbie Berman

Last week several thousand Ethiopian Jews gathered in Jerusalem for a celebration of the traditional holiday of Sigd.

The holiday of Sigd was a fundamental element of the Jewish experience in Ethiopia. The holiday that falls on the 29th day of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, exactly 50 days after Yom Kippur (similar to the 50-day cycle of the days of the Omer preceding the giving of the Torah), is dedicated to fasting and prayer, evoking the connection to Jerusalem and the covenant between G-d and the Jewish people.

According to Avraham Negousi, Director of the Ethiopian immigrant organization, South Wing to Zion, the Sigd celebration helped the Jewish community in the faraway exile of Ethiopia maintain their yearning to return to Zion.

Click here to listen to the interview with Avraham Negousi

The source of the holiday is in the book of Nehemiah when the exiled Jews prayed“ toward Jerusalem. The Ethiopian Jews prayed together 'Next year in Jerusalem'. The holiday was about connecting to the receiving of the Torah and the promise that one day we will reach Jerusalem," recalled Negousi.

In Ethiopia, Jews, while still fasting, set out during the morning hours of the day on a march to the peak of a nearby mountaintop, led by their spiritual leaders, Kessim, and carrying the traditional torah scrolls. Continued prayer and worship accompanied the ascent to the mountaintop where selected readings from the Torah were read in the language of Gaaz and then translated into the vernacular Amharit. In the afternoon the participants would descend to local villages where the fast was broken with joyous meals amidst festive dancing celebrations.

Last week's Sigd festivities were held in Jerusalem, where thousands of Israeli Ethiopian Jews gathered from across the country at the Armon Hanatziv promenade overlooking the Temple Mount. In attendance at the event were government representatives, Ethiopian community leaders and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, who commended the Ethiopian Jews' dedication to upholding their traditions. "It is amazing that after the long journey you made from Ethiopia to Jerusalem, you did not leave behind this glorious tradition," said Immigrant Absorption Minister Tzipi Livni.

Although the nature of the celebrations has changed since their arrival in Israel, Ethiopian leaders continue to maintain the importance of the Sigd holiday. "Once we came here we decided to continue this holiday on top of East Talpiot, toward the western wall, praying and thanking G-d for fulfilling his promise, for realizing our dream and giving us the opportunity to be in Jerusalem and also to pray for those left behind in Ethiopia to come and join us," Negousi stated.

Our dream is to be in the state of Israel and Jerusalem. Today more than 100,000 “Ethiopian Jews are proud citizens of Israel, however the Aliyah of Ethiopian Jewry is not completed. There are still 20,000 Jews in Ethiopia waiting to come to Israel to rejoin their brothers, parents and families," Negousi said, adding, "The government has decided to bring them to Israel by the end of 2007, but there is a government quota of only 300 a month. An agreement has been made to double the number to 600, but sadly this has not yet been implemented."

Negousi denied claims that many of those awaiting immigration to Israel are not halachically Jewish. "Rav Shlomo Amar visited in Ethiopia and declared that they are Jews without a doubt and they must be brought to Israel. Every Jewish community has passed through a different historical process. The Ethiopian Jewish community also went through difficulties including persecution and drought," Negousi explained.

Ethiopian leaders, including Negousi, remain optimistic about the future of their people among their Israeli peers. "Most of my community comes from remote areas so it is not easy for them to integrate into modern society and urbanization, but our community is doing well, we are going in the right direction," stated Negousi.

For Negousi the contemporary Sigd festivities resonate with deep spiritual meaning and offer an opportunity to express his appreciation that the dream of his people of returning to Zion has been realized. "Our fathers and grandfathers told us that we will go to Jerusalem. As a child I remember being told that the Prophets say that all the Jews will be returned to the Land of Israel. We love Israel and we love Jerusalem. Once a year thousands come to Jerusalem to say thank you," said Negousi.

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8. American and Israeli Terror Victims Console One Another
By Israel National News Staff

Americans who lost loved ones in the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center are in Israel to meet with Israeli terror victims as part of a healing retreat organized by the Koby Mandell Foundation.

The retreat will take place at the Dead Sea, beginning on Thursday, December 8th, with participants of diverse religious groups attending through the co-sponsorship of The New York Jewish Healing Center, where they attend bereavement support groups.

“For many of these people, it will be the first time that they will interact with their Israeli peers and share in the post-terror trauma of grieving and returning to daily life. For those of us who have lost a family member to terror, the sharing and expression of feelings is an effective way to cope with the pain of our loss,” said Sherri Mandell, co-Founder of The Koby Mandell Foundation and Director of the Women’s Healing Retreats. The foundation is in memory of Mandell’s 13 year old son Koby who was murdered by Arab terrorists while hiking near his home in Tekoa in 2001.

The retreat will group therapy sessions led by professional psychologists, designed to help the participants explore and express their complex and difficult feelings associated with the traumatic loss of a family member. “It is hoped that as participants share their emotions with those who experienced a similar tragedy in a different country, the realization that both bereavement and terror are a global phenomenon will bring a healing connection to participants from both countries,” organizers say.

The Koby Mandell Framework for Bereavement Therapy employs a unique combination of recreation, community and group therapy to create a safe, healing and therapeutic environment where therapists and bereaved family members can join together to provide nurturing support.

The framework was presented at the UNESCO International Conference on Death and Bereavement and International Family Therapy Association's World Congress on “Families in a Time of Global Crises” by Ruth Anne Sadeh MSW, Director of The Koby Mandell Foundation's Mother's Healing Retreats.

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9. PA Continues to Venerate Suicide Bombers
By Ezra HaLevi

The Palestinian Authority continues to praise terrorists on its state-run media, despite English-language condemnations sent to journalists following terror attacks on Israeli civilians.

Following Monday's bombing outside a Netanya shopping mall, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, giving the reason for his condemnation as: "[It] causes great damage to our commitment to the peace process [sic]." [official PA web site, December 5,2005]

"On the surface, that Abbas condemned the terrorist attack might be welcomed by Western observers," an evaluation of the coverage by Palestinian Media Watch warned. "But it must be noted that PA political leaders have always been careful to specify that they're not condemning terrorism because it's wrong, but rather because it hurts Palestinian interests. In this case, Abbas's denunciation of the attack refers to the damage it caused the PA, not to the terror victims and their families."

The PMW report, authored by Director Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, cites several cases of institutionalized glorification of suicide bombers put forth by the PA.

One example is a huge billboard that was erected by the PA next to the Rafiach crossing between Gaza and Egypt last week. The billboard venerated Fatah terrorist Al-Moayed Bihokmillah Al-Agha, who carried out an attack at that very crossing, killing five Israelis in December 2004.

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The huge billboard was even shown on CNN's coverage of the crossing's opening last month. As commentators gushed over what the crossing, which is free of any Israeli supervision and means for the future of Palestinian statehood, the camera showed footage of the giant sign erected over the site, declaring the crossing's name to be in honor of the Shahid (martyr) Al-Agha, and referring to his attack with the dramatic name, "Volcanoes of Rage."

Al-Agha is also featured in a clip glorifying violence and terror, which can be viewed by clicking here.

"That the PA allowed such a sign to be erected at the site is a powerful message to Palestinians, emphasizing once again that terrorists are heroes," Marcus said.

Other examples of the PA's continued glorification of suicide bombers include the naming of summer camps for suicide terrorists, a soccer tournament named for the suicide bomber who murdered 31 at the Passover massacre in Netanya's Park Hotel, a girls' school near Hevron named by the PA Ministry of Education for a woman terrorist who murdered 37 and a poetry collection produced by the PA Ministry of Culture named in honor of the suicide bomber who killed 21 at a restaurant in Haifa.

"As long as the PA features exciting, terror-promoting videos on its websites, and names streets, schools, summer camps and tournaments after terrorists, its isolated condemnations of terror attacks - worded to placate Western leaders - will be long forgotten by Palestinians, while the infrastructures of hate and terror will last and reverberate," Marcus and Crook conclude. "This leaves lasting impressions on PA youth and creates a new generation of PA terrorists waiting for another target."

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10. Atlit - The Museum of Illegal Immigration
During most of their mandate in Israel, the British restricted Jewish immigration. Right after the Holocaust, during which more cart one-third of the Jewish population was destroyed,
As the numbers of ma'apilim increased, the British opened detention camps for those who sere caught. The largest of the detention camps was Atlit; less than twenty kilometers south of Haifa. The site was chosen because it on the Mediterranean and close to the main British naval base at Haifa, since the sea was was major route of the ha'apala. Over the past few years, the Atlit detention camp has been rebuilt and is being developed as a museum of the ha'apala.

To read the rest of this article, courtesy of Israel Nature & National Parks Protection Authority, see Arutz-7's Travel Page

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5 killed in Netanya terror attack

Why Netanya?
The PLO secretary-general Marwan Barghouti, now in prison for the first-degree murders of 13 people, calmly told MBC Saudi television why the PLO would justify an attack on Netanya: "This is an area that we have yet to liberate."
David Bedein
A Muslim in a Jewish Land
Part II

My first visit to Israel has not only consolidated my belief that Israel is vital for the stability of the region, but has also convinced me that the existence of Israel will one day convince the Muslims of the necessity of reformation in their theology, as well as their sociology.
Tashbih Sayyed
Vayetze: Laban and Modern Anti-Semitism
The fact that a Jew is blamed for an injustice done to him is not novel. Our Patriarch Jacob suffered the same ignoble treatment.
Rabbi Lazer Gurkow
The Clash Between Esau and Jacob - Then and Now
Isaac, before his death, ostensibly wished to bless Esau. He saw in him a man of action, busy with material affairs, the matters of this world; hence, Esau seemingly deserved both the birthright and the blessing. Only through Rebecca's guile and wisdom did the blessing pass to Jacob, the scholarly man who remained within the tents.
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Preventing, Treating Homosexuality
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