Friday, December 09, 2005

A7news: No Go Yet For National-Religious Unification

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Enemy Artillery Barrage Continues
Thursday night saw continued PA artillery attacks on the Negev. Israeli forces responded with artillery at empty fields in Gaza. Sgt. Nir Kahane, stabbed to death by an Arab, is to be buried Friday.
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 1. Enemy Artillery Barrage Continues
 2. No Go Yet for National-Religious Unification
 3. Iranian President Calls for Transfer: Israel to Europe
 4. PA Will Not Disarm Terrorists
 5. Islamists´ Power Growing in PA, Egypt
 6. John Batchelor Broadcasts Show With Israel National Radio
 7. On A7radio: Who Says You Can´t Make Aliyah With Teenagers?

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Editor: Hillel Fendel
Friday, December 09, 2005
8 Kislev 5766

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1. Enemy Artillery Barrage Continues
By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Thursday night saw continued PA artillery attacks on the Negev. Israeli forces responded with artillery at empty fields in Gaza. Sgt. Nir Kahane, stabbed to death by an Arab, is to be buried Friday.

In what has once again become a commonplace event over the past ten days, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza continued firing rockets at Israeli targets Thursday evening and night.

In addition, Border Guard Sgt. Nir Kahane, 20, of Kiryat Tivon, was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist Thursday afternoon at the Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem. "He could have chosen a non-combat position," his father said, "but he wanted to do something significant that would contribute." Nir, a middle child, is survived by his parents and two brothers. The funeral is set for Friday afternoon in Kiryat Tivon, near Haifa.

The 29-year-old murderer, from a village near Ramallah, is in custody. IDF Binyamin Brigade Commander Mickey Edelstein said that the attack was an exploitation of Israel's humanitarian gestures at Jerusalem checkpoints. The Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades took responsibility for the murder, which resulted in the closing of the checkpoint.

Several rockets and mortar shells were fired from Palestinian Authority (PA)-controlled Gaza at targets in the western Negev. No damage or injuries were reported, though a rocket earlier on Thursday narrowly missed farm workers in Moshav Yesha.

Despite repeated Israeli warnings of an "unprecedented response", IDF artillery fire was directed at empty fields in Gaza, in the area from which the rockets are launched.

Thursday evening's enemy barrage came shortly after the IDF fired a missile into a building in Beit Lahiya, in northern Gaza, killing at least two Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorists in the targeted killing. Arab sources reported that a third terrorist died of his wounds. The IDF said the terrorists, belonging to a branch of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas' ruling Fatah organization, were involved in rocket attacks and were planning another assault on Israel.

One of the terrorists killed in the IDF operation was Iyad Mahmad Abdullah Kadas, who was involved in planning dozens of terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings and shootings, in cooperation with the Popular Resistance Committee and Hamas. He served as the assistant to Hassan Mad'hun, a senior terrorist in the group who was killed in an IDF operation last month.

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2. No Go Yet for National-Religious Unification
By Hillel Fendel

MK Chanan Porat, a former NRP Knesset Member and a National Union founder, says the rabbis must become more actively involved in removing the disputes blocking a merger between the two parties.

Speaking with Arutz-7's Yigal Shok on Thursday, Porat - himself a rabbi and Torah scholar - said, "The argument over who will head the party is that which is currently holding up the unification. The claims that the issues revolve around 'difficulties in formulating the agenda,' and the Land of Israel's weight in the agenda, are merely spins for the media."

NRP sources have claimed that the National Union is placing too much emphasis on the struggle for the Land of Israel [Eretz Yisrael] for their taste, and that the NRP wishes to give more prominence to social and educational issues.

However, a talk with a close aide to NRP leader Zevulun Orlev [pictured above, right] Moshe Inbar, revealed that the personnel issue is the problem. For one complexity, the NRP originally had six MKs, while the current make-up of the National Union originally had four. The situation reversed itself when two NRP members joined the National Union. The NRP now demands equal representation in the list.

"We are coming with clean hands," Inbar told Arutz-7 today. "We say that there must be a survey carried out as to who - Benny [Elon of the National Union, pictured above left] or Zevulun [Orlev] - will bring more mandates to the joint list, and go according to its findings. Whoever is not #1, will receive the top ministerial portfolio if we join the government - hopefully the Education Ministry."

A-7: "Since Orlev wants the Education Ministry so badly, why doesn't he just agree straight out to be #2 and be the party's candidate for Education Minister?'

Inbar: "Because he wants what's best for the joint list. Perhaps if he heads the list, it would bring in more votes... We are coming with clean hands and without ultimatums; no one can say that our demands are not fair..."

A-7: "Certainly you demand surveys and equality, because you are coming to this partnership with less to offer. You have fewer MKs, and less support in the polls, and the perception that you were less opposed to the disengagement. The National Union is coming with demands because they have more to offer this partnership."

Inbar: "It depends how you look at it. The 2 MKs who joined the National Union received NRP votes, and certain sectors are very pleased with the way the NRP tried to stop the disengagement..."

Arutz-7 then spoke with Asi Talmon, a close aide to National Union MK Tzvi Hendel, who said the following:
"Look, it was clear all along that Benny Elon would head the list. We simply will not agree to a survey [to determine the #1 spot]; it will not be conclusive, it will include all sorts of voters from the left and right, and if it shows that three candidates get 10% each and Orlev gets 12%, then he'll say he should be the leader. But the fact is that many National Union voters simply will not vote for this joint list if Orlev heads it. He has spoken in favor of Avigdor Lieberman's plan [of trading parts of Arab-populated Israel for parts of Judea and Samaria], he wants to join a future government at almost any cost, he is associated with the uprooting of Jewish communities [because the NRP remained in the Sharon government until November 2004]. In addition, we ran a sharp campaign against him demanding that he leave the government. For all these reasons, he simply cannot lead our joint list, and the NRP knows this."

Rabbi Porat said that since a unification of the parties is so important, the rabbis must be more involved. He said he turned to the Chief Rabbis of Ramat Gan, Beit El and Kiryat Arba - Rabbis Yaakov Ariel, Zalman Melamed and Dov Lior - and asked them not to suffice with merely "calling" for a unification. "You must stand with your finger on the pulse," he said he told them, "and if the talks get stuck - not because of agenda problems but because of people - then, please, take the reins and respond to the request of the public and the MKs, and serve as arbitrators. The public will not forgive us if a merger does not result in light of the bitter national and social reality facing us."

Porat related to disputes over the agenda of the joint list. "Do they want the party platform not to state clearly that we totally negate the establishment of a Palestinian state, or the uprooting of Jewish communities? If they want to humiliate or hide or nullify the matter of Eretz Yisrael, we will not agree - and I don't think the NRP will agree either."

"Given the current reality," he said, "in which [Ariel Sharon's] Kadima [Forward] party is going backwards, and the Likud is in a daze, it is important that there be one party that speaks clearly about the importance of Eretz Yisrael... and our adherence to it."

"The worst thing is," Porat emphasized, "is that if the social and educational agenda is taken advantage of to reduce the value of Eretz Yisrael, the educational agenda is also reduced, because then it is simply being used. Teaching love of the Land is like teaching love of the Nation and the Torah; these are three things that are one."

In a related story, the 5th and 10th spots on the National Religious Party list will be reserved for a woman and Youth Wing member, respectively. MK Gila Finkelstein has announced that she will run again for the woman's spot, and Chaim Falk is all but guaranteed to receive the Youth spot.

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3. Iranian President Calls for Transfer: Israel to Europe
By Hillel Fendel

The latest to join the list of Holocaust deniers is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who said Thursday that Iran does not accept that "Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces."

Speaking in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Ahmadinejad said, "Some European countries insist on saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces, and they insist on it to the extent that if anyone proves something contrary to that, they condemn that person and throw them in jail."

"Although we don't accept this claim," Ahmadinejad said, "if we suppose it is true, our question for the Europeans is: Is the killing of innocent Jewish people by Hitler the reason for their support to the occupiers of Jerusalem?"

The Iranian president then suggested that the State of Israel be dismantled and rebuilt somewhere in Europe: "If the Europeans are honest they should give some of their provinces in Europe, like in Germany, Austria or other countries, to the Zionists, and the Zionists can establish their state in Europe. You offer part of Europe, and we will support it."

Israeli government spokesman Raanan Gissin was quoted as saying in response, "Just to remind Mr. Ahmadinejad, we've been here long before his ancestors were here. Therefore, we have a birthright to be here in the land of our forefathers and to live here."

Just two months ago, Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map."

The Nazis murdered some 6-7 million Jews during the Holocaust years, mainly between 1939 and 1945. Holocaust denial, which the Anti-Defamation League calls "one of the most notable anti-Semitic propaganda movements to develop over the past two decades," is a violation of laws governing racial defamation and hate crimes in some western European countries and Canada.

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan also rejected the two aspects of Ahmadinejad's remarks. A spokesman for Annan said he was "shocked" to hear that the Iranian leader "reportedly cast doubt on the truth of the Holocaust and suggested that the State of Israel should be moved from the Middle East to Europe." Annan quoted a UN General Assembly resolution of last month rejecting “any denial of the Holocaust as an historical event,” and urged all countries “to combat such denial, and to educate their populations about the well established historical facts of the Holocaust, in which one third of the Jewish people were murdered, along with countless members of other minorities.”

U.S. spokesmen tied Ahmadinejad's remarks to the ongoing international concern over Iranian nuclear dangers. State Department spokesman J. Adam Ereli said the comments were "appalling and reprehensible," adding, "They certainly don't inspire hope among any of us in the international community that the government in Iran is prepared to engage as a responsible member of the community."

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said, "It just further underscores our concerns about the regime in Iran. And it's all the more reason why it's so important that the regime does not have the ability to develop nuclear weapons."

The LA Times reported today, "Israel and the United States have cited Iran's hostility toward the Jewish state as a reason that it must be prevented from developing nuclear weapons." In fact, however, U.S. spokesmen frequently refer to Iranian threats against "its neighbors."

More to the point, however, is this week's news that Iran has increased the range of its missiles to 1,250 miles, putting parts of Europe within reach as well.

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4. PA Will Not Disarm Terrorists
By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Palestinian Authority official Nasser Al-Kidwa told an Arabic-language London newspaper, "There is no such thing as 'disarming', nor will there be."

Repeating the position expressed in many variations by PA officials in recent months, Al-Kidwa, responsible for the foreign relations of the PA, told Al-Hayat this week that the only step that would be taken is an "organization of arms" by agreement among all PA terrorist groups. The PA position on the matter would not change, Al-Kidwa declared, until "the Palestinian situation changes entirely."

In that regard, Al-Kidwa blamed Israel for the security situation in the PA, saying, "The Palestinians are still under Israeli occupation." The PA militias and police, he claimed, are in disarray and short of basic military supplies and training facilities due to Israeli policies.

In June of this year, Al-Kidwa told Reuters News Agency that the PA would not disarm "militants" until Israel totally withdraws to the pre-1967 borders. At the time, Al-Kidwa said his position "is based on international law and on a deep understanding of our responsibilities according to the Road Map, and I will not retract my words." PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, known as Abu Mazen, has never distanced himself from Al-Kidwa's remarks.

While the PA officially declares its desire to return to negotiations with Israel, the repeated statements by PA officials that they will not confront terrorists in their jurisdiction indicate a more pressing desire to collaborate with the Islamist groups. To that end, the PA has arranged for the Hamas terrorist organization to take part in upcoming parliamentary elections, has refrained from laying hands on Islamist terrorists (despite declarations to do so) and is granting monthly stipends to families of dead terrorists. In addition, public memorials and honors for terrorist leaders continue in the PA school system and in cultural venues.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has declared that the next step towards Road Map negotiations with the PA is the disarming of terrorist groups and the dismantling of the terror infrastructure. On Monday, White House spokesman Fredrick Jones similarly released a statement calling upon the PA to disarm terrorists and dismantle the terrorist infrastructure operating in the PA. Jones stated that the suicide bombing in Netanya was yet more proof of the need to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure to prevent future attacks.

In the Al-Hayat interview, Al-Kidwa also expressed support for permitting the PA candidacy of terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti, imprisoned for life in Israel on murder charges and for masterminding Fatah terrorist attacks. Barghouti received more than 90 percent support in recent Fatah primaries, held with an eye towards the planned January elections for the PA parliament. Al-Kidwa called upon the PA to exert more pressure on Israel to release Barghouti and all other imprisoned Arab terrorists.

More generally, Al-Kidwa, who is a nephew of the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat, supports the political participation of the younger generation of Fatah, many of whom are leaders in the terrorist Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades. The rise of a younger leadership, Al-Kidwa said, "is a natural thing, and the door must open before it, for there is plenty of room for the new generation to take up positions like any other political force."

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5. Islamists´ Power Growing in PA, Egypt
By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Islamic fundamentalists are gaining power and support in Egypt and in the Palestinian Authority, as evidenced by local voter opinion.

In a new poll conducted among Arabs of voting age in Palestinian Authority (PA)-controlled Gaza, the Islamist movement Hamas was shown to have 45.8 percent support, as opposed to just 36.1 percent for the ruling Fatah organization. PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) heads Fatah. The poll was conducted between November 29 and December 4 by Al-Mustaqbal Surveys and Studies Center.

PA legislative elections are slated for January 25, with Hamas taking part in the process - to the consternation of Israel. When asked if his organization would join a new government after the elections, Hamas spokesman Hassan Yussuf said this week, "If it serves the Palestinian interest, we will. All roads are open to us."

A second Islamic fundamentalist group, Islamic Jihad, has refused to take part in elections. Unlike Hamas, Islamic Jihad has no non-terrorist-oriented institutions.

As part of the Hamas campaign, the terrorist organization has chosen the "Mother of Martyrs" as a leading candidate for the January elections. The woman, Mariam Farhat, is considered a leader in the terrorist war launched by the PA five years ago.

The gun-toting, 56-year-old woman earned her nickname as a result of the deaths of three of her six sons during terrorist attacks or in Israeli counter-terrorist strikes. Her reputation as a leader was sealed when she reportedly advised her son Mohammed how to attack a Jewish community in 2002. Mohammed murdered five Israelis before being killed himself. Farhat's eldest son, Nidal, was killed in 2003 while preparing to attack Israelis, and a third son, Rawat, died earlier this year in an IDF air strike on his car, which was carrying rockets to be used in attacks on Jewish targets.

"The Jihadist project completes the political one and the political project cannot be completed without Jihad," Farhat told Reuters News Agency.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, independent candidates affiliated with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, officially banned in Egypt, have made impressive gains in parliamentary elections, which ended this week. The month-long, violent election process led to Muslim fundamentalists increasing their representation in the 454-member Egyptian National Assembly from 15 to 88 seats.

At least ten people died in the violence surrounding the polls, as police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at crowds protesting alleged voter fraud in districts heavily favoring Islamist candidates. Egypt surrendered to American pressure in opening up the election process to true opposition parties, but State Department officials said that violence used by the country's security forces aroused concern about Cairo's "commitment to democracy and freedom."

The Muslim Brotherhood and its graduates have inspired Islamic terrorist groups the world over, including in Al-Qaeda. Brotherhood members have been involved in attacks on tourists in Egypt, as well as in the assassination of President Anwar Sadat for his 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

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6.  John Batchelor Broadcasts Show With Israel National Radio
By Debbie Berman

Dynamic U.S. radio personality John Batchelor broadcast his shows this week from the Arutz Sheva IsraelNationalRadio studios and mobile broadcast unit.

See video of Batchelor on Gaza border below

Batchelor [pictured above] spoke about the current U.S. administration's foreign policy and the need to destroy the terrorist infrastructure in the Palestinian Authority.

Immediately following the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, Batchelor launched his radio talk show on WABC. He has since been providing commentary on a wide range of subjects including the war on terrorism, the presidency, and U.S and global economies. Batchelor travels the world, broadcasting his show live from many locations in the hotbed of terrorist activity. He has made several visits to Israel in this framework.

After his Wednesday night show, Batchelor joined Arutz-7's Yedidya Atlas for an interview on Batchelor said that Israel and the United States are lacking determination to destroy terrorism.

"Since August," he said, "I have seen a marked deterioration of the security conditions in Israel and the security operations of the United States of America in Iraq. I think the enemy is confident, aggressive and now believes that radical attacks produce results. They believe that the West, the U.S. and Europe [do not have] the stomach to oppress the attack, and that strengthens the enemy," Batchelor stated.

Batchelor said that his stance against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Disengagement has not changed since he broadcast live from Gush Katif this summer, just days before the withdrawal took place. "I am surprised that the understanding that it would fail wasn’t commonplace," he said. "It was clear from the moment the Sharon government announced a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, without conditions, that the Palestinian Authority and the people of the various terrorist organizations regarded this as a victory. They were rewarded for their years of murder by the grant of territory from a defeated Israel. They would now like to press that condition onto the West Bank."

"What’s happened since then is that Likud and Labor leadership have collapsed, and Israel’s leadership is now in crisis. In any event, Gaza is proof that non-negotiation and aggression are rewarded," said Batchelor.

According to Batchelor, U.S. President George Bush's support of Disengagement is not in line with his administration’s foreign policy position regarding the war against terrorism. "I don’t make national policy. I do look at the fact the President has not explained, because it cannot be explained, his non-policy in Gaza at the same time he is pressing for democracy in Iraq, with troops, with money and with allies. Why not bring the same democracy to Gaza, in the same fashion that it was brought it to the people of Iraq. That means coalition forces, troops on the ground and not just an arrest but a destruction of the Palestinian terror organization."

"As I understand it," the broadcaster continued, "George Bush and Dr. Condoleeza Rice believe that settlement with the Palestinians - whatever that means - will please their European allies. Those allies and the United Nations are critical as we go forward against Iran, North Korea and Syria. In their minds we'll find a settlement in Gaza, and that will please everyone in Europe and then they will join us in our common quest to end the tyranny in Teheran. It’s a fool's mission; you cannot separate these matters. The tyranny in Teheran certainly understands that to attack the U.S., what they need to do is kill five innocent Israeli citizens in Netanya and that’s their attack on the U.S. But apparently the U.S. doesn’t acknowledge that connection."

"Gaza is connected to Ramallah and Syria; certainly they are connected to the Syrian-backed gangs in Southern Lebanon. All of these things are in front of us, we can see them. Why the administration pretends not to is a mystery," Batchelor questioned.

Batchelor criticized the hypocritical stance of the PA which claims to fight terrorism, while many members of its government openly support terrorist activity. "The game that Arafat invented, which is 'I denounce terrorism, I denounce all terrorists' is tiresome. The PA has no power in the Gaza Strip; the only power it possibly may have is in Ramallah because of the money it gets from Europe. It’s a shakedown operation. They shake down Europe: 'You give us money and we'll continue not to negotiate with the Israelis.' That will prevent the Americans from their grand theory of progress against Iran," Batchelor explained.

"I think the PA is a failure. I don’t think we have to debate it anymore. I don’t see any point in us pretending there is something there. Abbas, Erekat and the rest of them -they’re old, they’re tired and they’re corrupt. If this were the U.S. they’d all be in jail," Batchelor stated.

Batchelor's broadcasts in Israel were coordinated and co-hosted by WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein.

For a great video report of Batchelor on Gaza border:
Click "play" below to view video - click here if video does not appear

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