Monday, December 26, 2005

Chanukah gifts for Israel's disadvantaged children

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Dear Friend,

Jewish children around the world can't wait for Chanukah and the new toys and gifts they will receive.

Unfortunately, for tens of thousands of children in Israel, there will be no presents this Chanukah. Their parents simply cannot afford the "luxury" of a new toy. While Middle Eastern violence makes the front-page headlines around the world, Israel's dramatic rising poverty levels go largely unnoticed. In the last year alone, 60,000 children fell below the poverty line.


Sunrise is giving these kids a reason to smile this Chanukah.

Sunrise collects donated toys from children in their schools. We purchase additional gifts with the help of contributions from people like you. The toys are then distributed to individual kids, as well as institutions like nurseries and absorption centers.

Last Chanukah, Sunrise brought smiles to 30,000 needy children. This year we must do more. You can make it happen. Please make your contribution today!

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