Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Heartfelt Plea From Yad Eliezer

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Yad Eliezer
Dear Friend,

Chanuka – Festival of Lights.. A time to be thankful that we are be able to live our lives with dignity and honor- free of persecution and coercion.

But for all too many of our brothers and sisters in Israel, who struggle every minute of the day to put food on their table, who don’t know from where their next meal is coming, the joy of Chanuka is often compromised.

Poverty is a reality in Israel. The recent ouster of the legendary Shimon Peres from the leadership of Israel’s second largest party, by a relatively unknown Amir Peretz, whose agenda called for nothing more than bringing social issues to the forefront of Israel’s priorities, is very telling.

At Yad Eliezer, we have been feeding the most desperately poor for more than two decades by providing basic food staples to over 8000 families, 50,000 people, on a monthly basis. By supplying food to the home, rather than having the indigent leave the setting of the home, we have succeeded in easing the plight of the neediest, while maintaining their dignity and honor.

Forty dollars provides a food basket of a month’s worth of staples: rice, flour, beans, oil, canned goods, detergent.

This Chanuka, as you light up your home with the warmth of the beautiful Chanuka candles, bring a ray of light to the lives of so many who ask for no more than to feed their families


Sori Tropper

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