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LESSONS IN TANYA: Sunday, December 11, 2005


Kislev 10, 5766 * December 11, 2005


Today's Lesson:

Kuntres Acharon
(Middle of Essay Four)

This is not so, however, with regard to the laws, in which a radiance of Wisdom illuminates them manifestly; [they do not conceal it.]

The garment of Asiyah serves merely as a passage.

[Though the laws vested in the physical things of this world (the physical World of Asiyah) are thus subject to the concealment that pervades Asiyah, they are not garbed in it to the point that the garment essentially affects the wearer, for they merely pass through the garment of Asiyah.]

Just as on the festivals, when Chesed of Atzilut, which is completely clothed in Chesed of Beriah, vivifies this physical world by passing through the Chesed of Yetzirah and of Asiyah, this [passage] is also called investment, (56) for otherwise it would not affect the physicality of This World.

[Thus, just as with regard to the festivals, though the animating light first passes through Yetzirah and Asiyah it is still considered to be an illumination of Chesed of Beriah, so too with regard to the laws: The light within the laws merely "passes through" the physicality with which they deal; it always retains a radiation of Supreme Wisdom.]

Now though the physicality of This World as discussed in the law unquestionably conceals completely even the Chesed of Asiyah - [and surely, then, it conceals the diffusion of Supreme Wisdom], still the law proper is not actually physical; it is the Divine Will, drawn from the Supreme Wisdom, for leniency or severity.

[G-d's wisdom affirms that it be His will that a particular legal ruling be either lenient or strict.]

It is only that this [Will] descends and illuminates in revealed fashion in the realm of the physical, just as water descends from a high place, and so on.

[It is the very same water that is now to be found in a low place.]

The physical object itself which the law discusses does, in fact, utterly obscure, as, for example, in the law of (54) "one who exchanges a cow for a donkey," or the laws concerning flesh that is pigul, or is not pigul and is kosher.

[The actual cow or donkey or flesh do in fact completely conceal the radiance from the Supreme Wisdom.

In contrast, it was stated above that when holding a physical etrog one is grasping the G-dly essence of Atzilut.

The difference lies in the fact that the etrog is part of the mitzvah.

As such, it has no identity other than G-dliness and thus does not conceal it.

Since, by contrast, the physical cow or donkey are not part of the law, they can conceal G-dliness.

With regard to the human intellect, however, which studies this law, since the "intellectual" cow and donkey are part of the law, they in fact do not act as a concealment.]

Only the legal ruling itself with its revealed rationale are from Malchut of Beriah [i.e., the reasoning of the Gemara] and of Yetzirah [i.e., the rulings of the Mishnah], of the state of Neshamah, which is G-dliness that vivifies and brings into being the Nefesh-Ruach of Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah [which are in the category of created beings], and which are the awe and love of angels and souls and their ChaBaD, [i.e., the contemplation of G-d's greatness that leads to love and fear; - all this is created and vivified] ex nihilo, [as are all created beings.]

[As to this radiation of Supreme Wisdom that descends through Malchut of Beriah and Yetzirah, in the form of Torah as it is found in those worlds prior to its descent below], it therefore slakes [the] thirst [of the souls and angels in the Worlds of Beriah and Yetzirah], before its descent into This World like descending waters....(57)

Even after it descends into Asiyah, it transcends by far ChaBaD of Asiyah, even of the state of Neshamah, which is G-dliness.

[For this is G-dliness of Asiyah, while the illumination of Supreme Wisdom within the laws is the G-dliness of Atzilut.


56. Note of the Rebbe: "See Or HaTorah, Parshat Shemini, p.
57. Taanit 7a.


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