Thursday, January 05, 2006

To love a fellow Jew - Ariel Sharon...

Ariel Sharon with the Rebbe-Almighty
By the grace of G-d
Shalom everyone!

Like many of you I used to have and still do have a great admiration for Ariel Sharon after reading about his life, his accomplishments for the benefit the Jewish people and the warm regard the Rebbe-Almighty has had for him all these years arguably more so than for many other Israeli politicians.
At the same time looking at his bahaviour in recent times I couldn't feel sadness after the report of his 1st stroke. I felt it was a Divine punishment a consequence for the man undoing a lifetime of many good deeds in one year: destroying the Jewish settlements on liberated territories in Gush Katif and reportedly ( doing it for selfish reasons see for example The Royal Family, Corruption, and the Expulsion Plan ) directly hurting almost 10 thousand of our Jewish brothers and sisters and creating a tremendous chilul Hashem in the process and placing the lives of the rest of the Jews in Israel and worldwide in even greater danger.
I couldn't bring myself to pray for his health, but deep within me I wasn't sure if this is how a Jew in a particular a Lubavitcher should think and behave.
I asked a question of the Rebbe Almighty thru Igrot Koidesh
the answer was about the need to emulate the example of the Previous Rebbe (Rabbi Yosef Yitzhok Schneerson ) caring for all Jews even those who openly rebel against G-d and his Torah.
I hope that by publishing this I'll help others to also cause themselves to have greater love for our fellow Jews by understanding what the Rebbe-G-d expects of us.
May we all merit the immediate redemption with the rebuilding of the Beis haMikdash and eternal joy for all our people and for all those who love and fear G-d.
Thus I call upon all of you to pray for refua shleima - complete recovery for Ariel Sharon - Ariel ben Devorah and for the immidiate redemption with the complete revelation of G-d's glory to the whole world when all people shal be united to serve G-d in one accord..
With respect and blessing
Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
Moshiach Info Center International
Beis Moshiach Chabad Lubavitch Center of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon

Yechi Yehovah Tsidkeinu!

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