Tuesday, February 13, 2007


By the grace of G-d
Shalom everyone!
The "STATEMENT FROM CHABAD-LUBAVITCH OF OREGON Inc." signed by Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm Shlit"a
condemning me from http://chabadoregon.com/ and now mirrored here since it was removed from ChabadOregon.com shortly after I posted the response bellow showing the absurdity of it, no apology or explanation for this slander has been forthcoming from Chabad of Oregon Inc. thus the statement and my response will continue to be displayed here and is being advertised on google searches and ad network and posted on other popular sites and blogs encouraging you to contact Rabbi Wilhelm and Chabad of Oregon Inc. and demand a clarification and an apology as they haven't returned my calls since they posted this lie on their site. http://chabadoregon.com/ front page: Click on it to enlarge and read press the back button to return to the post:

STATEMENT FROM CHABAD-LUBAVITCH OF OREGON Inc. condemning me Click to enlarge.

makes no sense:

1) How can Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm be "shocked" when he knows my beliefs for 2 years I have been here in Portland and 1 year I had http://www.RebbeGod.blogspot.com blog when we had a number of 1 on 1 conversations on these topics with him in which he never told me he thinks such beliefs are heretical?

2) How can he accuse me of "blasphemy" if he gives me aliahs to the Torah fully knowing what my public statements and beliefs are (a blasphemer doesn't get aliahs among other things) ?

3) He asserts that I have no position in Chabad Lubavitch movement. I don't know what that means.If it means I have no position in his non profit corporation Chabad of Oregon Inc fine I never claimed I did. Yet on the other hand the Rebbe King Moshiach clearly said a number of times that every Jew is His shaliach (emissary): http://www.beismoshiach.org/Misc/rebbe_says.htm thus is automatically part of Chabad Lubavitch movement.

Fascinating paper by Rabbi Simon Jacobson presents a view of the Rebbe's Infrastructure

A follow-up to Rabbi Simon Jacobson's earlier paper for more in comprehensive treatment of this subject as to who can be legitimatly called Chabad shaliach (emissary) etc. hat tip to BeisMoshiach.org and ChicagoAnash.com)
That every Chabadnik should turn his home into a "Chabad House" to offer physical and spiritual assistance to others including putting a "Chabad House" sign on the door thus I have a number of such "doors" here in Portland in Boston and online which welcome thousands of visitors daily spreading Torah and Chassidus including the Rebbes teachings about the excitement of living in the Messianic era unfolding before our eyes and the identity of Moshiach and why is Moshiach called by the name of G-d etc.

4) He asserts that I'm not a rabbi certified by Chabad movement which is extremely deceptive as Chabad movement doesn't "certify" Rabbis nor is an ordination at one of the Chabad Yeshivah's is or has ever been a requirement for serving as a Chabad emissary (see part "3)" above). A number of well known emissaries ordained elsewhere are clear proofs to this fact.

5) He claims that I cannot be called a Chabad activist as my actions are supposedly against the Shulchan Aruch - the code of Jewish law. Since none of these sins are actually listed this vague slander deserves no reply.

6) He reiterates that my blog is my private initiative as if I ever claimed it is officially affiliated with Chabad Lubavitch of Oregon Inc. As if it even needs to be said to avoid such condemnation.

7) He mentions another blog http://www.Pilegesh.org and 2 sites http://JewishPolygamyPersonals.com also known as http://www.PilegeshPersonals.com/ and http://www.NoahidePersonals.com (which are now run under a pen name "Noah Smith" due to somewhat controversial nature of the subject matter on these sites to shield me from unwaranted criticism of well meaning people ignorant of Torah law and the Rebbe Kiung Moshiach's opinions on these subjects see http://pilegesh.blogspot.com/2006/12/lubavitcher-rebbe-on-polygamy.html ) that I have recently took over (after this popular more than a 100 links to it yet formerly very brief blog http://pilegesh.blogspot.com/2006/12/lubavitcher-rebbe-on-polygamy.html was deleted by previous ownerusing the name "Odom" [Adam] from "Lakewood NJ") and improved with the Rebbe's blessings thru the Holy letters http://www.igrot.com/ (as is the Chabad custom to ask the Rebbe's blessing thru holy letters) that "it should be published as soon as possible as it will bring merit to many" (mezakeh et ha'rabim) and claims that this particular blog and site are against the Torah and Jewish tradition ignoring the fact that this site is under the supervision of a qualified Dayan (Rabbinic Judge) from Jerusalem an expert in Jewish family law and author of many books on this and other topics who has more knowledge than Rabbi Wilhelm Shlit"a whose main functions as far as I can see are teaching the basics of Judaism, kosher supervision and fundraising.
PS. It has been mentioned to me by a person with connections within the so called "Lubavitch Headquarters" and Chabad Media Center which coordinates the public relations of Chabad Lubavitch Movement emissaries who sign up for this service worldwide (many still choose not to for various reasons) and hosts and supports ChabadOregon.com website and other such Chabad.org clone sites for $75 a month making them a part of the so called "Chabad web system" and placing emissaries who chose to use this service in a position where their site can be turned off from New York if Rabbi Yudel Krinsky or one of his cronies doesn't like what's writen on it too much that supposedly Rabbi Wilhelm didn't write this shameful statement of his own volition but only after facing much pressure from "Lubavitch Headquarters" to do so after the HaAretz article came out.While I don't know for sure if this is true or another bit of misinformation this statement does look very strange much unlike anything I have seen or heard from Rabbi Wilhelm Shlit"a whom I have grown to respect as a decent and kind human being that he is (since I met him two years ago after being invited to Portland by a student of mine ) . A person would never had imagined would lend his name and web site to spread this strange defamatory, backstabbing, unethical and slanderous statement.
With respect and blessing.
Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
Bais Moshiach Center of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon
Moshiach Center for Russian Speakers (in English see http://www.moshiach.ru/english/ )


Anonymous said...

Ariel, stop lying to people. You never attended any Yeshiva more that one month; you never got any ordination from any Yeshiva, chabad or non-chabad. You don't live life of the Rabbi. You can't be an example to anyone. J

ust broken soul, broken mind and broken life.

David said...

Since you moderate your own blog, I doubt you'll have the courage to print the following comment in its entirety.

You are a liar and an idolater. You have never received rabbinic ordination (smicha) from any recognized Jewish body/group. You freely admit as much to your “friends” and acquaintances while justifying calling yourself a rabbi by saying you teach other people what you falsely pass off as Torah, and that “rabbi” only means “teacher.” The truth is you call yourself a rabbi in an effort to lend credibility to your idolatrous assertions.

The Torah commands us to warn others if someone is leading them into danger. I believe it is my obligation to therefore warn everyone who reads this that your “teachings” are polluting the Torah and absolutely counter not only to the Shulchan Aruch, but common sense. You are promulgating nothing better than idolatry and lies. Your teachings lead only to judgment and sorrow.

Furthermore, you should be ashamed of the way you’ve slandered Rabbi Wilhelm on your blog. You violate a commandment of the Torah by not respecting a Talmud-Torah, and Rabbi Wilhelm is a true Talmud-Torah and a Chassid – as such, he loves every Jew, and no doubt that is why you are today allowed to daven in his shul. I do remember, however, a time when you were banned from Chabad of Portland’s shul because of your blasphemy. I wonder why you failed to mention that in your attack on Rabbi Wilhelm. Maybe you are hoping that by slandering Rabbi Wilhelm he will ban you once again. You are one of those people who seek out trouble and then attempt to use that to prop yourself up as some sort of holy martyr (G-d forbid!)

I daven that you be exposed for the fraud that you are and that you either repent or be expelled from Chabad Lubavitch forever, thereby preventing you from poisoning the good work of Chabad Lubavitch carried out by all seven of the Grand Chabad Rebbes and continued to this day. Your lies and idolatrous assertions only bring discredit to the Chabad Lubavitch movement.

May G-d decide between you and me and reveal His good decision soon, even today!

David said...

I suspected that you would not have the courage to print my comment. Is it because I know who you are and KNOW you are a fraud?

David said...

I suspected you wouldn't have the courage to post my comment. Are you afraid because I know who you are and KNOW you are a fraud?

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky said...

By the grace of G-d
"Anonymous said...
Ariel, stop lying to people. You never attended any Yeshiva more that one month;"
Factually incorrect. But if it matters to you most of the Gedolim we revere like R. Moishe Feinstein were self educated not products of Yeshivas.
you never got any ordination from any Yeshiva, chabad or non-chabad."

Perhaps, but a number of my students and mushpoim are ordained Rabbis Chabad and non Chabad if you want to verify this you can email me with your real name.
Rav Moishe Feinstein paskens one doesn't need a formal smicha to be a rabbi of the community only Torah knowledge. Brisker Rov had no smicha and an idiot like you used it as an arguement against him in a debate about reestablishment of Sanhedrin by the Zionists 50 years ago.

A number of Rabbis such as Majesky and R Schwei Rabbi Rap and many others including some "antim" even non Chabad ones love the Timeline of Moshiach article and shiur I gave in 770and this was broadcast on 770live.com was spoke in various sinagogues in New York Chicago in Milwaukee in Portland in Boston and many other places.
"You don't live life of the Rabbi. You can't be an example to anyone."
Obviously many people disagree with that statement see above.

Just broken soul, broken mind and broken life.
"Hashem meshtamesh be keilim nishbarim" - our sages teach (based on a posuk in Tehilim is it?) "G-d Almighty uses "broken vessels."
With respect and blessing.
Have a Gut Shabbos!
Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
Beis Moshiach Chabad Lubavitch Center of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky said...

Dear David!
Nu, tzadikle. You see I posted your comment as disrespectful and deceptive as it is without changing one word of it.
Just one question how exactly did I slander Rabbi Wilhelm Shlit"a?
I simply took his letter and wrote honest comments and questions on it trying to defend myself against this backstabbing and unethical behavior by a person I used to (and still somewhat) respect.
He blatantly lies in his statement which is why it was removed from his site the moment my reply came out showing the stupidity and absurdity of it.
In fact not only I don't slander him I don't even use all ammunition I have to defend against it. People in glass houses should beware of throwing stones.
Those who accuse others of heresy and blasphemy should remember about the "idols" they personally just removed from their "temple" in response to my complaint...
And as far as calling me an idol worshipper and blasphemer according to the letter of the Rebbe incorporated into corrected psak din regarding Elokistim both of you are guilty of worse sin than idol worship, adultery and murder combined see the letter and the psak din included in the satirical article here:
RebbeGod worshippers and their enablers.
PS. Either you don't know what you are talking about or just being dishonest as far as me ever being banned from Rabbi Wilhelm's Chabad House. What did actually happen for some time his son in law prevented me from getting aliahs to the Torah, but eventually Rabbi Wilhelm himself changed fixed this shameful situation in response to my complaint. His son in law still doesn't talk to me refuses to sell me anything from his Judaica store even Succa and lulav I couldn't order locally and Rabbi Wilhelm Shlit"a loves peace too much and doesn't want to interfere and force R. Mishulovin to stop making up his own halochos and personal cherems.
PPS. I saw Rabbi Wilhelm this past Shabbos he smiled at me as always and said good Shabbos as did I. He didn't apologize for this statement nor did I bring it up.
PPPS. I know for a fact he didn't even write the above statement just agreed to have it publicized under his name.
PPPS. G-d willing I will eventually raise enough money and build my own Chabad Houses which will welcome all Jews even those I deeply disagree with as long as they behave in civil manner and G-d help me not to grow old and soft and allow my subordinates to persecute an innocent human being for nothing besides their own organizational politics simply because I am a peaceful person and hate arguing with people.

Anonymous said...

אני לא רוצה לכתוב לשון הרעה ועושה לרבים לקרוא אותו. אז, אני כותב בעברית ופחות אנשים יקראו אותו. כתבת לשון הרעה על רב וולהלם כשכתבת:

"this vague slander deserves no reply."

"who has more knowledge than Rabbi Wilhelm Shlit"a whose main functions as far as I can see are teaching the basics of Judaism, kosher supervision and fundraising."

"A person would never had imagined would lend his name and web site to spread this strange defamatory, backstabbing, unethical and slanderous statement."

בבקשה לקרוא עוד פעם "שמירת הלשון" של החפץ חיים. הדיברים למעלה כולם לשון הרעה ואני חושב שאתה צריך לעשות תשובה להם.


Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky said...

last Anonymous
Not that Chofetz Chaim's shitah on loshon horah was ever accepted by whole clal Yisroel and Chabad in particular , but I did study it and am very well versed in it and all the exceptions "letoeles" among others and in this case a reply to public slander and defamation.
If one lets people get away with that
he stops being a Jew and instead becomes a dormat.
With all due respect to those who wrote and the one who signed this slander I have decided not to let them get away with it and make them example to others who want to mess with me.
It clearly says in Yeshayahu (Issiah) 29 that whoever messes with Ariel will not get away with it...
If you don't have a Tanach handy see here on their own site:
Kol Tov.

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