Monday, September 12, 2005

'Nadir' Band Visits Crown Heights

חדשות חב"ד

'Nadir' Band Visits Crown Heights

R. Avichzer makes Havdalah
31 youths, members of the 'Nadir' band, spent an inspiring Shabbos in Crown Heights, organized by the Mercaz Shiurei Torah Organization, which serves as a Beis Chabad for Israelis.

The group contacted Mercaz Shiurei Torah only a few days before Shabbos to let them know of their desire to spend Shabbos in Crown Heights.  Mercaz Shiurei Torah, not wanting to let down even a single Jew, worked tirelessly around the clock to make all the arrangements for the group.

A full program was prepared:  A tour of the Tzivos Hashem Museum, which was opened especially for the group by R. Yerachmiel Benjaminson, director of Tzivos Hashem.  (The museum is generally closed on Fridays.)

The group then toured the women's mikvah with Mrs. Henya Laine, who explained the Jewish concept of purity and the holiness of a Jewish marriage. 

The Friday Night meals were hosted by two families, the Poppers and Winners, and the Shabbos day meal was hosted by the Waitman family. Mrs. Molly Resnick of Manhattan was the guest speaker.

Of course no Shabbaton would be complete without a tour of 770, and the group was shown all the places where the Rebbe would daven, farbreng, give out dollars, and answer his heavy correspondence.

All members of the group left Crown Heights spiritually satisfied and inspired by their first up-close encounter with Chabad.

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