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Nshei Chabad Celebrates Vov Tishrei in OT

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Nshei Chabad Celebrates Vov Tishrei in OT

Nshei Chabad gathering in Oholei Torah
The final Rashi in Parshas Vayeilech explains the words �After my death you will surely act corruptly.� Rashi points out that for all the days of Yehoshua�s life, they did not act corruptly. Rashi then explains that �a person�s student is as dear to him as his very self, for all the while that Yehoshua was alive it seemed to Moshe at if he himself was alive.�

Addressing N�shei Chabad on Shabbos afternoon, Parshas Vayeilech, the fifth of Tishrei, the day before the Yartzeit of Rebbitzen Chana, Rabbi Groner spoke about this Rashi and the significance it has for Chassidim who are connected to the Rebbe and who have not left the Rebbe�s tent, just as Yehoshua did not leave his Rebbe�s tent.

The event, honoring the Yartzeit of Rebbitzen Chana, was held in the ballroom of Oholei Menachem, and drew hundreds of women, despite extremely rough, stormy weather. 
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Rabbi Groner told of how Rebbetizen Chana gave conditions to the Friediker Rebbe, before she would agree to her son marrying the Friediker Rebbe�s daughter. One of the conditions was that should there be a need for the leadership to transfer, her son would be the next Rebbe� indicating that the connection of the Chassidim to the Rebbe came through his mother, Rebbitzen Chana.

Rabbi Groner explained how Rosh Hashana is the perfect time to strengthen one�s connection to the Rebbeim. On the second day of Rosh Hashana the Rebbe would speak about each Rebbe, starting with the Baal Shem Tov, Rebbe by Rebbe until the Frierdiker Rebbe.

Rabbi Groner told of how, before blowing Shofar, the Rebbe would spread his Tallis over his head and over the bags filled with Rosh Hashana Panim of the Chassidim, and how he, Rabbi Groner, would bend down and lift a corner of the Rebbe�s Tallis and listen. The Rebbe would sing verses! from the Niggunim of the Baal Shem, the Maggid and the Alter Rebbe.

As an appropriate follow up, when Rabbi Groner completed his presentation and left the room, the women began to sing Niggunim. The chairlady, Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov, who has been leading this particular event for many years, chose to sing Reb Shmiel�s Niggun which she felt would connect the women to both Rebbitzen Chana and the Rebbe.

Miryam told the story of how the Rebbe taught Reb Shmeil�s Niggun on Simchas Torah, at about five thirty in the morning. Early the next morning, Rebbitzen Chana requested that someone teach her the new Niggun that her son had just taught.

Miryam, then a young teenager, was selected to teach Reb Shmiel�s Niggun to Rebbitzen Chana.

The program was full of teachings, stories, songs, laughing and meditating. The women of N�shei Chabad left feeling uplifted and empowered to do more to bring the Rebbe and Rebbitzen Chana into their lives, with the ultimate goal to reveal Moshiach Now!

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