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A7news: "81 Days Without a Home"

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"81 Days Without a Home"
Some 1,200 people rallied on behalf of thousands of expelled residents from Gush Katif and Shomron in Jerusalem Tuesday night. 600 families are still living in tents, hotels, or dormitories.
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 1. "81 Days Without a Home"
 2. PM Tours Partition Route: "We Won´t Abandon You"
 3. More Moslem Destruction of Temple Mount Feared
 4. PA School Will Impede Access to Jewish Cemetery in Hevron
 5. Shomron Expellee Jailed for Refusing to Take Part in Expulsion
 6. Gov’t Regulation of Internet Broadcasts Could Undermine Arutz-7
 7. Prosecution Fights Against Freedom of Speech - and Loses
 8. IDF Builds Fake Arab City to Practice Urban Warfare

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Hillel Fendel
Wednesday, November 09, 2005
7 Cheshvan 5766


1. "81 Days Without a Home"
By Hillel Fendel

Some 1,200 people rallied on behalf of thousands of expelled residents from Gush Katif and Shomron in Jerusalem Tuesday night. 600 families are still living in tents, hotels, or dormitories.

The protest was organized by grassroots activists living in Talmon, between Ramallah and Modiin. Expelled residents still living in temporary quarters addressed the crowd and explained the difficulties of spending nearly 12 weeks living in hotels and the like.

One woman said that she was told in the Interior Ministry that the policy was not to provide help for the expellees unless they officially change their address from Gush Katif to whatever hotel they were staying. Another couple changed its address to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station for this reason. Other speakers talked of various other humiliations they face daily.

The call echoing from all the speakers was addressed to the Prime Minister and the government, asking them to turn a listening ear to the pleas of the people they made homeless and to begin relating to them as normal people.

The Yesha Council of Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza released statistics before the rally, showing that 35% of the evicted families are still living in ultra-temporary quarters such as hotels and tents, and 40% are in caravans, pre-fab housing or other two-year solutions until their permanent housing becomes available.

Among the latter group are former residents of Ganei Tal now living in Yad Binyamin; expellees from Atzmona and Netzarim residing in Yevul and Yated in the Halutza Sands area; some 300 families from various communities living in the newly-built pre-fab community of Nitzan; and others.

Communal solutions have still not been found for places such as Moshav Katif, Kfar Darom, Netzer Hazani, and N'vei Dekalim. For others, such as Slav, Ganim, Kadim, and Dugit, it is too late for such solutions, as they have already broken apart.

The Council notes that three-quarters of the residents are still without work.
Seven-eighths of the residents have not received any advance payments on their government-promised financial compensation, leaving them without money to pay for basic essentials. This Thursday, an emergency Supreme Court session has been called to hear a petition by the Land of Israel Legal Forum, demanding that all compensation money be freed up.

The L'maan Achai [On Behalf of My Brothers] organization, which is coordinating much of the relief efforts, reports that the situation is particularly difficult in the King Sha'ul Hotel in Ashkelon. The hotel was originally disqualified for housing the deportees because of poor health conditions, yet despite this is now housing them. The hotel has cut down on meals, reduced electricity and heating, provided an insufficient number of blankets, and the like. In one case, a family of five people is living in one room.

Participants at the rally held signs reading, "81 days without a home," "There is no solution for every resident" [a reference to the government's television-and-radio campaign boasting of a 'solution for every resident'], "Have you thrown out and also abandoned?" and the like.

Preparations are underway for a massive sit-in strike in Jerusalem to protest the government apathy towards the expellees. It will be run under the banner of "All Israel are Guarantors for One Another," and the organizers say it is not designed for youths - who should be in school - nor for Knesset Members, who have other ways of waging the struggle. Registrants are asked to specify if they can remain for only three days, or for longer. For details, call 09-7921290.

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2. PM Tours Partition Route: "We Won´t Abandon You"
By Hillel Fendel

Ariel Sharon, touring the route of the anti-terror partition being built between Judea/Samaria and the rest of Israel, rebuffed complaints that it is too close to Jewish houses.

Prime Minister Sharon took a guided tour yesterday of the partition - a tall concrete wall in many places, but a chain-link fence in most others - beginning in Beit Aryeh, on the western border of the Shomron and 15 kilometers east of Ben Gurion International Airport. He then continued southward to Modiin, and from there further south-east to Ramot and Mevaseret Zion.

Near the northwestern Jerusalem suburb of Ramot, where parts of the wall are not yet built, it was revealed that a dispute between the General Security Service (Shabak) and the Defense Ministry is holding things up. The Shabak says that the Arab village of Beit Iksa, with some 10,000 residents, must not be included on the Israeli side of the fence, presumably because of the village's preponderance of terrorists and sympathizers. The Defense Ministry, on the other hand, fearing Supreme Court suits and intervention, is in favor of including Beit Iksa within the route.

During Sharon's tour, in which IDF and police officers took part, Partition Administration head Danny Tirzah told Sharon that the dispute is holding up wall construction around northwestern Jerusalem. However, he said, the understanding at present is that the hostile village should remain on the Israeli side of the wall.

Sharon rebuffed complaints by local Jewish municipal leaders from Mevaseret Zion and Har Adar who said that the partition is dangerously close to their schools and public buildings.

"I am not bothered by a distance of 300 meters [as the leaders said] or 600 meters from the fence," Sharon said breezily. "Israel has no intention of putting itself at the mercies of the Palestinian population, and it will be the measures that we will take which will enable the Israelis to live here. I do not suggest changing the route of the partition again just because of the danger of infiltration."

Col. (ret.) Moshe Leshem, head of the Gamla Shall Not Fall Again organization, continues to be infuriated by the fence. "That which I wrote 4-5 years ago is still true today," he told Arutz-7 today. "The partition is merely political, and is a dangerous illusion that has nothing to do with security. Whoever wants to infiltrate can simply take a pair of scissors and cut his way through; most of the partition is not made up of concrete walls [except around Jerusalem - ed.]"

"The political ramifications are clear," Leshem said. "The fence demarcates the borders back to what they were before the 1967 Six Day War, more or less, with the help of the Supreme Court, which keeps moving it back closer to the 1967 border. Those on the extreme left are of course happy about this, but there are those on the right who, either out of foolishness or laziness to face the facts, who are ignoring the fact that this fence/wall will end up being the future border of Israel."

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3. More Moslem Destruction of Temple Mount Feared
By Hillel Fendel

The Committee to Prevent Temple Mount Artifacts Desecration warns that Muslim Waqf construction works are once again underway - this time at the Temple entrance path taken by Jews 2,000 years ago.

The Committee sent a letter on the matter this week to the Prime Minister and to the Director of the Antiquities Authority. The letter states that new information has been received indicating the Waqf's intention to continue its "refurbishing" works on the Mount.

Yisrael Caspi, an active member of the Committee, told Arutz-7, "For some years now we have been standing guard to try to have the Waqf stop its destruction works. The Waqf is trying to take over the Mount and make it a totally Moslem site, with no Jewish presence."

"The problem is that the Prime Minister has neutralized all other elements - the Minister of Public Security, the Education Ministry, and the Antiquities Authority - and has taken full control of the situation. And the cycle is always the same: The government gives the Waqf a permit for refurbishing and the like, then the Waqf starts building and turning the area into a mosque, while destroying or hiding Jewish artifacts, and then we are not even allowed into the sites. This cycle has to be stopped!"

Caspi said that the latest information indicates that the Waqf plans to begin work at the site known as the Hatunya, adjacent to the Southern Wall excavations and the Dung Gate entrance to the Western Wall.

"A staircase leads from the Temple Mount plaza downward under the Al Aksa mosque [south of the Dome of the Rock]," he said, "to two tunnels built by King Herod 2,000 years ago. The tunnels served the Jews who entered the Holy Temple from the Hulda Gate on the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount. Today, we see the Hulda Gate, but just to the left is a building called the Hatunya, built several hundred years ago. The Waqf wants to excavate the tunnels and the Hatunya, and, based on past experience, turn it into yet another mosque - while hiding or destroying Jewish artifacts."

Click here for a "restoration drawing" of the Hulda Gate entrance.

"We firmly object to granting the Waqf a construction permit for its Temple Mount works," the Comittee's letter states, "and we demand that all work be carried out only under the supervision of the Antiquities Authority."

Caspi said, "Our past experience has shown that the Waqf does not exactly have an interest in preserving the archaeological findings there, and especially not the Jewish ones. On the contrary: They want to hide and even destroy all Jewish findings. This is our concern. We demand that the Antiquities Authority - which is not taking a strong enough position on this issue - be responsible once again for what goes on there."

"In the past," Caspi said, "the government of Israel gave a permit for Waqf renovations in the Solomon's Stables area of the Temple Mount and under the Al Aqsa mosque [just south of the Dome of the Rock]. The bottom line was that the works were done without supervision, archaeological findings are feared hidden and destroyed, new mosques were built on the Temple Mount, and Jews are prevented from visiting the most important Jewish sites in history."

Caspi said that while he and his colleagues try - so far with little success - to find MKs or others who can intervene with the Prime Minister on this issue, the public can do its part as well: "They should fax the Prime Minister's Office [at 02-670-5475 from within Israel; +9722-670-5475 from abroad] and protest the fact that his policies are allowing the Moslems to totally take over our holiest site and keep us, and our history, out."

For more information, send email to

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4. PA School Will Impede Access to Jewish Cemetery in Hevron
By Scott Shiloh

The PA is planning to build a school on land belonging to the ancient Jewish cemetery in Hevron. If built, the school is expected to impede the access of Jews to the ancient cemetery.

The spokesman for Hevron’s Jewish community, Noam Arnon, said building the school on the cemetery site contradicts the Hevron Agreement, signed by former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. That agreement provided terms for transferring much of the city to PA control.

Arnon said that under the agreement, part of the Jewish cemetery was transferred to PA administration on condition that it coordinate any construction in the area with Israel. That clause was added to the agreement in order to preserve security for Jews visiting the cemetery.

Arnon said that building the school will negatively affect the security of tens of thousands of Jewish worshippers and tourists who regularly visit Hevron and the Jewish cemetery there. “Placing a large Arab building adjacent to a site visited by thousands of Jews will exacerbate tensions and endanger Jewish visitors," he said.

Hevron’s Jewish residents submitted a plea to the IDF to stop the construction. Since the Oslo War in September 2000, the IDF has exercised security authority throughout the city. The PA, however, still holds civic authority governing school construction.

The army responded to the request by removing two caravans (temporary mobile structures) set up on the building site by the PA. Arnon praised the IDF’s prompt response. He said the army acted out of pressure from Chabad hassidim from Israel and around the world. Noted rabbis and other prominent individuals affiliated with Chabad are buried in the cemetery.

The cemetery was pillaged and desecrated during the Arab riots of 1929. After falling to the Jordanians during the 1948 War of Independence, Hevron was restored to Israeli control during the 1967 Six Day War. The cemetery was repaired in the 1970’s.

Arnon said that under the reality prevailing in Israel today, “Jews who set up or move a mobile home in Judea and Samaria are arrested, while Arabs can build wherever they want with impunity.”

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5. Shomron Expellee Jailed for Refusing to Take Part in Expulsion
By Ezra HaLevi

Shlomi Bar-On, a father of five expelled from the northern Samarian town of Homesh last summer, was sent to jail Tuesday for refusing to report for reserve duty during the eviction of his family.

Bar-On received a reserve call-up notice, like thousands of other Israelis, several weeks ahead of the implementation of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement Plan. He could not bring himself to participate in the expulsion, which would also involve abandoning his family as they faced the most difficult period in their lives. He thus informed his commander that he would not be showing up for reserve duty.

Tuesday, Bar-On stood trial in an IDF court for having been AWOL. The court rejected his explanation of the emotional and physical difficulty of serving as the IDF carried out the eviction of hundreds of families, including his own, from their homes. He was sent to IDF Prison #4 for a period of 14 days.

His brother, Yehuda Bar-On, sent a letter to Brig.-Gen. Danny Biran, Chief Reserves Officer, sharply protesting the chain of events leading to his brother’s incarceration.

The following is the text of Yehuda Bar-On’s letter:

Shalom and blessings,
My name is Yehuda Bar-On – the oldest of a family of eight. Our family has, up to now, five combat officers – three in reserves and the other two in the standing and career army. I have served in the reserves since my discharge in 1994.

My brother Shlomi is the reserve soldier who was tried and sent to prison yesterday, like a criminal, to Prison #4 for 14 days. His crime was his refusal to serve during the period of the expulsion of Jews three months ago, last summer. His main reason for refusing was that it was inhumane for him to be drafted to reserve duty during the period that he himself, as a resident of Homesh (originally from Elon Moreh), would be expelled, together with his family, from their home.

According to his commanders, there is no connection between the fact that he was expelled from his home and the reserve duty he was obligated to serve during that exact period.

I am puzzled at the military authority that found time to deal with the justified absence from the army of a father with five children and a pregnant wife, sending him to jail for such a lengthy period.

Does the reserves branch not have more important things to deal with on a daily basis?

Does the absence of a man for the first time ever due to his expulsion from his home not deserve to perhaps be overlooked?

For your information, honored sir, my brother, the father of triplets, volunteered for active reserve duty after the birth of his children - despite the fact that he was exempt from service for a year.

Therefore, I ask that you advise me where to return my reserves card since I have decided that I no longer have any motivation to continue to serve, despite the fact that I was awarded as an outstanding soldier in my battalion and have volunteered many times over the years.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Yehuda Bar-On

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6. Gov’t Regulation of Internet Broadcasts Could Undermine Arutz-7
By Scott Shiloh

A government body responsible for regulating satellite and cable broadcasts is considering extending the scope of its authority to Internet broadcasts aimed at the Israeli public.

The Council for Satellite and Cable Broadcasting is currently charged by Israeli law with regulating the content of satellite and cable broadcasts.

Broadcasting via cable or satellite to the Israeli public requires a license. The council has the power to grant licenses to selected content and service providers who meet its requirements, and revoke the licenses of broadcasters who do not.

If the council’s authority is broadened to include Internet radio broadcasts, broadcasters such as Israel National News (Arutz-7) might be subject to government regulation and oversight, something that could severely compromise its independence, objectivity, and ability to report and comment on current events the way it sees fit. Arutz-7 radio, broadcasting from off-shore, was shut down by the government two years ago.

The reason for concern is that government agencies have been selective in their regulation of terrestrial radio. Arutz-7 National Radio's offshore station, serving the public dubbed as "the national camp radio," was shut down in 2003 despite its rank as the third-largest commercial radio station in the country. However, the same agencies allowed the left-wing "Voice of Peace" station to broadcast freely from offshore until the station's manager ended the broadcast due to financial and medical problems.

Yoram Mokdi, chairman of Israel's Council for Satellite and Cable Broadcasting, said that while the council is only beginning to study the issue, Israel’s big cable and satellite content providers, such as Hot and Yes, are already making plans to broadcast to subscribers via the Internet.

While satellite and cable companies must receive a license to start Internet broadcasting, companies who limit their broadcasting only to the Internet can still reach out to the public without government interference.

But once such broadcasts “reach half the country via the Internet,” Mokdi said, many people, particularly Israel’s media conglomerates, will demand that the government start subjecting them to regulation as well, or in the alternative, exempt satellite and cable broadcasting from government regulation.

Mokdi said, however, that in his opinion, “regulation is not always a good thing,” and that the council does not intend to create “a dictatorship for Internet sites,”

Arutz-7 broadcasts over the internet daily and weekly TV programming in English and Hebrew at its site:

Asked what would happen if Arutz-7 started streaming 24-hr. television news content over the Internet the way CNN or Fox News do in the United States over cable, Mokdi said he could not be certain that Arutz-7 would be exempt from Israeli government regulation and supervision.

Under current regulations, the state would have to grant Arutz-7 a special license for broadcasting news, if it were on cable or satellite.

In today’s political reality, with Arutz-7 more often than not at odds with government policy, especially on the sensitive issue of holding all the land of Israel under Jewish sovereignty, getting a license to broadcast news and commentary from the government would be highly unlikely.

Baruch Gordon, Director of Arutz-7's English website, said it was no coincidence that the government shut down Arutz-7’s over-the-air broadcasts shortly before announcing the Disengagement Plan to the public.

He said the best way to safeguard the right to freedom of speech from government intervention would be to allow unregulated Internet news broadcasting regardless of how many Israelis decide to tune in, “even if it’s half the country.”

Gordon explained that Arutz-7 broadcasts only over the Internet because the Israeli government would not issue a tender for a national radio station that would be allowed to broadcast news and commentary freely without government intervention.

Most over-the-air radio and television broadcasting in Israel is controlled by the state. Israel allowed private firms to operate regional radio stations, however with many limitations. Initially, the regional stations were forbidden to broadcast their own news on matters of national public debate. They had to default to the state-run news stations. The regional newscasts were limited to coverage of local issues pertaining to the region they operate in.

In contrast, virtually all television and radio stations in the United States are privately owned, and the government does not regulate the content of broadcast news or opinion. Traditional over-the-air broadcast media in the United States do, however, require a license from the Federal Communications Commission.

The U.S. initiated licensing of over-the-air broadcasts in order to ensure fair public access to limited radio frequencies. Cable and satellite broadcasts, on the other hand, are subject to very little government regulation and interference. Controversial radio talk host Howard Stern recently moved to satellite radio in order to avoid certain regulatory limitations on speech.

Internet broadcasting in the United States is virtually free of government regulation, except for certain pornography issues, and legal concerns involving the use of copyrighted material.

Mokdi said the council will be examining the American model as well as the one being developed in Europe which tends to view more favorably government regulation and supervision of Internet broadcasting.

The council will be holding public hearings on the issue until March 7, 2006. After that, it will formulate its policy along with the Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Communications.

“We might reach the conclusion that it is impossible to regulate the Internet,” he said.

7. Prosecution Fights Against Freedom of Speech - and Loses
By Hillel Fendel

A Jerusalem District Court judge ordered a confiscated sign returned to right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir. The sign, a picture of Prime Minister Sharon, is captioned, "Insane???"

The sign was confiscated from Ben-Gvir by Jerusalem policemen during a protest rally outside the Knesset during a critical disengagement vote a year ago. Ben-Gvir asked the Magistrates Court to order the police to return his sign, and the police asked for a counter-order rendering the sign officially impounded.

The State representatives said at the hearing that they had no intention of charging Ben-Gvir, but they did not want the sign returned because it represented an "insult of a public servant." The Court ordered the sign returned - and the State appealed to the District Court.

This morning, District Court Judge Moshe Gal ordered the sign returned, and ruled that the caption on the sign, "even if it is grave and severe, is still part of freedom of expression in a democratic regime." The Prosecution informed the judge that it would appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, but then retracted the idea.

Ben-Gvir told reporters afterwards, "I am happy to give lessons on freedom of speech to the Jerusalem Prosecutor's Office. Unfortunately, they have not internalized that which every law student learns in his first year: Freedom of expression applies even to that which is infuriating."

Ben-Gvir told Arutz-7 that the Attorney-General's office was helping to run the case against him: "When the judge told the State's attorney that this was a clear issue of freedom of speech, the attorney said that Deputy Attorney-General Shai Nitzan had instructed him not to drop the case, but rather to keep up the fight against Ben-Gvir."

Asked how he occupies himself these days, Ben-Gvir said, "I am trying to serve the People of Israel. Right now, for instance, I am about to leave for the large 'We Won't Forget, Won't Forgive' gathering in Jerusalem... I am currently involved in seven court cases that I filed against the authorities, and five cases pending against me."

Asked for examples, he said that the former group includes his charges against the police of "false arrest" when he was incarcerated in Tel Aviv for having sent a threatening message - "and only five days later did they bother releasing me when they realized that it wasn't I who had sent the message." The cases against him include charges of praying at one of the Temple Mount gates. Ben-Gvir has frequently defended himself, and others, in court on charges of this nature - often successfully.

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8. IDF Builds Fake Arab City to Practice Urban Warfare
By Scott Shiloh

The IDF is building a fake Arab city at its Tze’elim base in the Negev in order to train troops in the art of urban warfare.

The city is designed to be a replica of one administered by the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria, complete with mosques, crowded streets, overcrowded buildings, and a casbah (old city market).

Troops will train using high-tech laser devices that show how well they are aiming at terrorist infiltrators. The IDF’s technological and logistics division says that the facility is unique and promises to save the IDF money on ammunition without compromising on solders’ training.

Soldiers will carry out mock battles, with laser-weapons replacing real ones. Shots fired by laser, as well as soldiers’ movements, will be analyzed by computers which will send back a complete depiction of the battleground to commanders. Video cameras will also give commanders the ability to view the action live.

The facility is expected to be ready by the end of 2006, at a cost of $41 million.

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