Thursday, December 22, 2005

Avi Bieber Thanks Chabad

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Avi Bieber Thanks Chabad

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Avi Bieber, who was captured on camera last summer refusing to beat Jews and expel them from their homes, was interviewed by Israeli newspaper Haaretz on the occasion of his discharge from the military.  During the interview, Bieber was asked if he was aware of the tumult on the outside surrounding his actions.  Bieber responded that he received many phone calls of support, and he very much appreciates all the support he received, especially from Chabad.

Bieber said: "As the hours and days passed and the clip was replayed over and over on television, more and more people contacted me.  I felt satisfaction.  I felt that I had done the right thing.  There was not a single critical phone call.  Only positive.  I think I got 400 phone calls and SMS messages.  I received a phone call from a group of Chabadnikim in Tokyo, who told me that they were very proud of me and they're going around Tokyo with flags with my picture on them.  I got a call from a person 70 years old. He said he was a Holocaust survivor. He said, 'I saw you on television last night and I put on tefillin [phylacteries] for the first time in 40 years.' Americans send me money, which I have donated to the Lev Hayehudi organization to help the Gush Katif expellees.  Altogether people sent me $50,000, which will all go towards the needs of Gush Katif expellees."

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