Thursday, December 22, 2005

Donuts to IDF Combat Soldiers - Join in the Mitzva!

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Chanuka Donuts for  Soldiers
Enhance your Chanuka "Simcha" send a Package of Donuts  to an IDF combat soldier on Purim Day!


Dear Friend,
I live in Beit El. Across the road, a little more than a stone's throw away is Ramallah, the capital of the PLO terror "state."  As you all know, for the last 10 years they have been waging a non stop war of terror against us.

As residents of the area we have, of course, suffered from this war. However, the main burden has been born by the wonderful soldiers stationed in area. Day and night, in snow and hot sun they are out there, seen and unseen, fighting terror and protecting us.

Chanuka, I thought is a great time to show our appreciation. Recently, I spoke with Capt. Avraham Deri the Rabbi of the Benjamin Brigade, which is stationed in the Beit El/Ramallah area. Rabbi Deri responded with enthusiasm to my suggestion to distribute Donuts to his soldiers. In fact, Rabbi Deri requested that we distribute them first to the combat soldiers who have born the brunt of the fighting and suffered many casualties.

Friends, I undertook personally to distribute these donut packages on Chanuka to these wonderful boys, together with Capt. Rabbi Deri. It is my hope that you will join me in this Mitzva!

Chanuka Sameach!

Kislev 5766

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Dear Friend,
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Shalom from Beit El!

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