Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pre Rosh Hashana Activities in Frankfurt

חדשות חב"ד

Pre Rosh Hashana Activities in Frankfurt

A group of shluchim from the Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brunoy, France has arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, to spend the year helping the city's Jewish community in both material and spiritual matters.  The bachurim decided to start off the year with a bang with a grand Rosh Hashana carnival, which took place in a local Jewish school.  More than 400 children participated.  The booths included sending a Shana Tova card to a friend, a grand shofar factory, challa baking, guess-the-number-of-seeds-in-the-pomegranate and many other exciting activities.

The shluchim thank the community center and its rabbi, Harav R. Menachem Halevi Klein.  Credit is also due to the devoted shluchim of Frankfurt, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Gurevitch and Rabbi and Rebbetzin Havlin, who were instrumental in the huge success of the carnival.

Gallery of pictures in full article.

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