Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Melbourne: Traveling Sukkah

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Melbourne: Traveling Sukkah

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The Beis Chabad for Israeli tourists in Melbourne, directed by R. Dudu Lieder, was active round-the-clock during Sukkos, giving Israeli tourists the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvos of Sukkos. R. Lieder and the temimim who are assisting him spend every moment of chol hamoed driving their mobile sukkah from house to house, benching lulav and esrog with Israelis and inviting them inside for a bite of mezonos and Leishev Basukkah.  At night, the mobile sukkah became the site of a warm chassidishe farbrengen, with the shluchim explaining the significance of Sukkos as well as the time in which we find ourselvs.

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