Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Will Iran Start a Nuclear War with Israel?


Will Iran start a nuclear war with Israel?  The answer to that question will be tackled in an upcoming issue, but for now what about the European Union?


If you love luxury automobiles, check out our segment on the Porsche 904 in "The Return of Old Glory" but please do not miss our special commentary on "What Price Marketing?".

If you enjoy stories about American insiders read our inside outside segment on the Insider.  For hot blockbuster movies, try the Local Drive-In.  Finally if your taste buds are for sampling the exotic, we recommend Middle Eastern culture with a twist by looking over Culturally Speaking.

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What are we planning for an encore?  We have not decided yet but you can be sure it will be controversial enough to raise the room temperature by a few degrees, without the benefit of a heater.

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