Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My thoughts on Moshiach and Shleimus haAretz

March 8 A sure sign that we are living in the era of redemption is that people accept the kingship of the Rebbe King Messiah May He live forever and ever and take his words seriously even with respect to multimillion dollar investment decisions. A company called Shefa Yamim ( www.ShefaYamim.com )is a clear testimony to the fact that Moshiach provides us with physical sustenance. Avi Taub Shlit"a founded the company dedicated to searching for treasures (diamonds etc.) near Haifa based on few short lines told by the Rebbe to mayor of Haifa in 1988 which he ignored fortunately the conversation was recorded on video discovered by Avi Taub more then 10 years latter which led to the creation of Shefa Yamim see for yourself http://www.ShefaYamim.com Also note that the company site clearly states that the company was established based on the words of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a which goes to show that the founders of the company are honest Jews and have a sense of gratitude may it be G-d's will that other companies and organizations run by Chabadniks follow their wonderful example leading to the complete revelation of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a with the final redemption. March 8 My site mostly talks about the future of the land of Israel in terms of prophecy however despite the fact that we know with certainty that ultimately everything will be good this doesn't mean we can remain inactive observers .G-d has many emissaries to fulfill His will and if you fail to do it someone else will merit to do it "...and you and your fathers house shall lose out"(Book of Esther) This applies to every mitzvah campaign including the campaign to spread awareness of the identity of Moshiach and acceptance of His kingship and the campaign for the protection of the land of Israel the 7 Laws of Noah campaign the campaign to spread the awareness of the true halachik definition of the status of a Jew ( http://www.whoisajew.com etc. It's not enough to just study Torah, pray and ardently believe that G-d will take care of all our problems.It's also forbidden to take into acct. such considerations as kovod Lubavitch - "respect for Lubavitch" meaning to say that we should protest against disengagement and forced transfer of Jews from Gush Katif and other places to the point of self sacrifice without being afraid that Chabad Lubavitch will be looked upon as fanatical radicals (some quotes from the Rebbe King Moshiach about this:WE MAY NOT HIDE THE REBBE’S VIEW! A compilation of sichos and horaos of the Rebbe King Moshiach about the obligation to protest By Shai Gefen http://chabad.info/bm/index.php?magazine=ee_&status=goto_id&id=480 .This last sentence obviously conflicts some public statements of some Chabad Lubavitch affiliated rabbis/fundraisers/bureaucrats if unfortunately one of them is your mashpia (spiritual mentor) you have to decide wether to follow him or follow the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a whose public statements and actions on this matter are impossible to deny. A side point few years ago I pointed out to Rabbi Pinchus Krinsky that same people who don't publicize that the Rebbe is Moshiach will also compromise on other issues for example Shleimus haAretz - protection of the integrity of the land of Israel he was very upset I dared to imply that however just a few months later a "rabbi" in Israel calling himself official "Chabad spokesman" issued a number of false statements such as that Rabbi Volpo Shlit"a who vigorously protest against giving away land to Arabs calling on Sharon to resign don't represent official Chabad opinion and in fact the only people who do so are those "Mashichistim" (which coincidently proves my earlier prediction to Rabbi Krinsky) and those "official spokesmen" have been issuing similar statements ever since.It's very sad that these people don't realize the consequences of their actions they may get more cordial relations with Israeli Government. and possibly more money for their institutions from the government. and from some of the "Friends of Lubavitch" who would give money to them as opposed to "fanatics" however since the true opinions of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a on all matters are easily found for example here http://www.otzar770.com people question moral integrity, intellect, and for that matter sanity of the "rabbis" as well as the journalists who continue to deal with them as official Chabad representatives. I'm seriously thinking of creating a web site listing the names of Chabad Rabbis who abuse their status and issue false statements and do things against the Rebbe's words with their contact information for people to call and rebuke them and for people to be aware who they are supporting and perhaps hold on their support as long as said rabbis don't publicly do teshuvah and retract their heretical and damaging statements and apologize to people they have hurt.Dear Chabadniks and friends of Chabad how about this ChilulLubavitch.com new site designed to expose heretics and sellouts and please don't tell me this is not in the spirit of ahavas Isroel and that it involves loshon hora etc. for according to laws of Shmiras haLoshon it's a mitzvah to expose and humiliate unrepentant evildoers especially those who have no shame, transgress in public and desecrate G-d's name.Will a Chabad "rabbi" Like Menachem Brod in Yisrael or Yudel Krinsky in America dare to make a false public statement again knowing that a press release shall be sent to the media and to major Jewish philanthropists with direct quotes from the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a revealing the lie? Will they dare to continue to incite against people like Rabbi Volpo Shlit"a if they'd get hundreds of extra phone calls overloading their office phone lines? If their pictures will be posted around their neighborhoods calling upon all people to be aware that they are liars who sold out their souls for money and causing Jewish blood to be spilled literally and figuratively? There are millions of people worldwide who know about the Rebbe and experienced countless miracles thru Him however now many of them are misinformed as to what the Rebbe's will is due to "rabbinical malpractice" of people like Yudel Krinsky , Menachem Brod and many others locally who refuse to talk about the identity of Moshiach true Torah solutions to achieving peace in the land of Israel and other issues based on Rebbe's words.If you see that an "official" shliach (emissary) of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a seemingly ignores the Rebbe's words speak with him in private and ask him to explain himself if you don't get a logical explanation it's worthwhile in many cases to simply write a page documenting the incident posting it online and sending copies to people who can influence the situation for the better. According to Torah When there is a public hilul Hashem-desecration of G-d's name involved one must speak up ignoring the respect for the rabbis. Truth is that a Chabad Rabbi who says something like "Rebbe never approved of publicizing that He is Moshiach", or "Rebbe never endorsed public demonstrations in support of the Shleimus haAretz or the civil disobedience against the transfer of the Jews by Israeli government. is no better and probably much worse then a "reform rabbi" officiating at an intermarriage "wedding" of two men or two women or supporting so called "abortion rights" or the like since the "reform rabbi" honestly says that he or she doesn't consider oneself bound by Torah and Halocha (Jewish Law) while the "Chabad Rabbi" says and his appearance and title implies that he is a "earlicher Yid"-honest Torah observant Jew...If you have practical ideas or questions about this issue please call me at 617-372-2312 or email ariel@moshiach.tv
I produced a CD with about 20 videos about Moshiach redemption 7 Laws of Noach etc. some in Hebrew some in English downloaded from Chabad.info the CD is produced as a service to those lacking high speed connections needed to download the videos as a special offer the CD is available for only $7.70 with free shipping and full satisfaction guarantee. I can also now produce a custom CD with materials available online which are to large for you to download.The CDs are provided as a service for videos which are available online for free and thus you could make your own CD like this for your own use without violating the "hasgas gvul" laws - (copyright in Jewish law) so I believe that I'm not violating it either by providing this service. Please call 24/6 617-372-2312 or email ariel@moshiach.tv to order or for more info.
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