Friday, June 20, 2008

Deeper Reality (English with Hebrew subtitles)

About - A Deeper Reality
* What is the Kabbalah?
* What does science think about the existence of G-d?
* What is the purpose of life and the world?
* Why is there suffering in the world?
* What can I do to feel fulfilled?
Join us for a fascinating journey - both mystical and practical - on
the Kabbalah’s look into the future. From the beginning of time through
our current technological revolution, take a deeper look into the
energy stored in sub-atomic particles, the new global community, the
future of the Internet, and where man’s intelligence is leading the
* Rabbi Butman - director Lubavitch Youth Organization
* Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb - Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem
* Rabbi Simon Jacobson - Meaningful Life Center
* Rabbi Shais Taub - teacher, speaker
* Rabbi Garelick - speaker
* Rabbi Homnick - speaker, teacher
* Rabbi Yossi Paltiel - teacher United Lubavitch Yeshiva, Machon Chana
"The Zohar, book of Kabbalah, predicted that in 1840 the wellsprings of
information will open up…"
- Rabbi Simon Jacobson
"We now have the power to destroy ourselves, what are we going to do
with that power?"
- Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
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