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Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!

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Amazing Discovery about the inner meaning of Moshiach.TV

You Never Know

By the grace of G-d


On the 16th of Teives, R’ Shneur Chevron and his wife made a bris. They invited Rabbi Zimroni Tzik, who had been the sandek, to speak. Rabbi Tzik described the chain of events that led to his being sandek, and spoke at length about the topic of Moshiach and Redemption as it related to the parasha and to the mitzva of mila.

A few minutes after he was finished speaking, the rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Segal, asked him to take the floor and say a few more words. Rabbi Tzik decided to talk about the Igros Kodesh, and he told the following story:

A few years ago I was invited to a radio talk show (Mike Hollar). While waiting my turn, I heard how a couple of tourists to India were describing its various idolatrous cults.

I was very uncomfortable, and wondered whether it was appropriate for me to quote the Rebbe, especially when I would have to protest about what I had heard. I had to make a decision instantly as to whether to leave or not. I had no time to write a proper letter, so I stood in a corner and wondered: was I permitted to stay or should I leave? I said “Yechi” and opened the volume of Igros Kodesh I had with me.

In the answer at the top of the page it said”

“It is permissible if there is some benefit for himself or for others, as explained in the saying of the Baal Shem Tov...”

I didn’t need more than that. About whether there would be any benefit for myself, perhaps I could be the judge, but what about for others? I stayed. During the course of the program I was asked by Mr. Hollar how one connects with the Rebbe today. So I told him exactly what had just happened, how I had wanted to leave because of the talk of idol worship and how I was answered through the Igros Kodesh. Apparently there would be some benefit in what I was saying and so I stayed. Mike was astounded.

But that’s not all. In the days that followed, our office in Bat Yam received many requests for blessings and guidance, etc. Each request was accompanied by good resolutions. I could see how the Rebbe King Moshiach was continuing to “force all Israel ... and to strengthen its breaches.”

Rabbi Tzik concluded his story, everybody bentched and prepared for Maariv, and then a young bearded man approached Rabbi Tzik and asked, “Did the radio program you spoke about take place four years ago?”

Rabbi Tzik said it took place in Nissan, 5755, four years ago, to which the man replied, “Please allow me to thank you for the program. My name is Zohar Chamu and I was greatly affected by that program...

“For the first time I heard about writing and using the Igros Kodesh. Until then I was almost completely uninvolved in Torah and mitzvos. I worked as a financial advisor in my own office, but I was undecided as to whether to continue in that line.

“Then I heard you and decided to write to the Rebbe. I called information and they gave me the number of a Chabad house. The people there told me to contact the Chabad house in my area, in Migdal HaEmek.

“I went to the yeshiva and wrote the letter. The answer contained clear instructions to get involved in Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim, to say Tehillim, and then the letter dealt directly with my financial situation.

“I consulted with Rabbi Segal, who told me it was time to get more involved in Yiddishkeit. I began with shiurim in Chassidus at night, but I soon found myself sitting and learning full time. By the way, I recently returned from spending Tishrei in New York with the Rebbe.”

Rabbi Zimroni Tzik of Bat-Yam
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By the grace of G-d

Behold the KosherLamp one more sign of the days of Moshiach:
The Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a (May He live forever and ever!)explains that G-d Almighty is now making it easy for us to observe the Torah. I think the KosherLamp is another example of this phenomenon it allows us to learn more Torah on Shabbos it makes it easier for Baalei Teshuvah to start keeping Shabbos it increases the peace our families.I have recently started using one myself and I can wholeheartedly recomend it to you.
With respect and blessing!
Ariel Sokolovsky
PS: Here is the story of the KosherLamp:

Toronto, Canada April 26, 2004-―THE KOSHERLAMP STORY

It began when Rebbetzen Chana, an avid reader, asked her husband Rabbi Shmuel Veffer if he could improvise a light so she could read in the bedroom on the Sabbath and then turn the light ‘off' without affecting the electricty. Soon after, Reb Shmuel and his son came home from the local hardware store with a hodgepodge of parts, and by the end of the day had put together a clunky working model. The following Sabbath all of their children and their friends wanted one.

Neighbor Rob Sheinbein said, "With a lamp like this I'll be able to find things in the baby's dresser drawer Shabbos night and then turn "off" the light so it doesn't disturb him." Another friend was excited about sending the children to read in bed Friday night instead of falling asleep on the couch.

Reb Shmuel realized he had come up with something big.

"We all come up with great ideas, but often don't know how to turn them into reality," says Rabbi Veffer. "As hashgacha (Providence) would have it my congregant Moshe Orzech is in the lighting business."

Says Orzech, "After seeing the working model I immediately understood the potential. A lamp you can turn ‘on' and ‘off' on Shabbos? The possibilities were endless!"

After a handshake their ‘KosherLamp' business was born.

"Aside from the business aspect, I was really excited by the prospect of working on a project with my Rabbi to help the Jewish community," says Orzech.

Orzech set off to China to build the prototype while Reb Shmuel continued to refine the KosherLamp design and develop the website -- .


The first technological innovation is the double FADESHADE™ system. There are two independent shades, each with its own "window." The inner shade can be rotated without moving the lamp. When the "windows" are aligned, the light comes out. When they are not aligned, the light is blocked and stays inside the lamp.

The second innovation vents the heat generated by the relatively cool compact fluorescent lamp without letting any light escape when the lamp is in the closed "off" position.


KOSHERLAMP™ has been approved for Sabbath use by leading rabbinical authorities including Rav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv (shlita) of Jerusalem, Rav Shlomo Miller (shlita) of Toronto and Rav Dovid Cohen (shlita) of New York.


KOSHERIMAGE.COM™, the parent company, invents and markets creative products for the Torah-observant community and is the manufacturer and importer of KOSHERLAMP™. The company is busy developing more products to bring comfort and convenience to the Torah-observant home. is the exclusive distributor of KOSHERLAMP™ in the United States.


Shmuel Veffer, KosherLamp, 416-783-1908

1-866-661-LITE or 416-487-5483 or

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A Moral Code to Unite All Mankind

By the Grace of G-d

A Moral Code to Unite All Mankind

From a 1990 Address by the Lubavitcher Rebbe,Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

We find ourselves now at a turning point in history. Changes have swept the world as dissolving repressive regimes have given way to a climate of increased moral consciousness. It is thus an appropriate time to reflect upon the dynamics of these changes and thereby draw encouragement and guidance to affect them fully. In explaining the purpose of Creation, our sages say that G-d, the Essence of all good, created the world as a result of His desire to do good. As it says in Psalms 145, "The L-rd is good to all, and His mercies are over all his works." For as it is the nature of good to do good unto others, the creation of the universe was a Divine _expression of goodness. In this way, the universe and all life are recipients and objects of Divine goodness.

Hence, everything that occurs in the world, even the apparent bad, such as natural disasters, must ultimately have redeeming good. Similarly, the negative inclination within human beings, who essentially desire to do good, is but a "mechanism" by G-d's design, to establish free choice. For had G-d created a world that is totally and exclusively good, without any efforts on the part of mankind to achieve it, there would be no or little appreciation of goodness. In light of this, it is important to realize that in the individual's struggle with evil, within the world at large or within one's self; the approach should not be one of confrontation. Rather, by emphasizing that which is good in people and in the world, and by bringing the positive to the fore, the evil is superseded by the good, until it eventually disappears.

Although G-d created the world giving people free choice, He nevertheless has given us the tools and the guidance we need to encourage us to choose the good: a Divine moral code, one that predates all human codes, and the only one that has timeless and universal application for a good, moral civilization. This Divine code, known as the Seven Laws of Noah, establishes an objective definition of "good" ― one that applies to all people. For as recent history has proven, a morality that is based on human ideas of good, is relative, subjective and essentially not persuasive. Furthermore, as is abundantly clear to educators and law-enforcement agents, neither intimidation nor threat of punishment can foster a deep sense of moral obligation. This can only come from the knowledge ― through education, that there is an "Eye that sees and an Ear that hears" to Whom we are all accountable.

The Noahide Code of seven basic Divine laws was given to Noah and his children after the deluge. These laws would assure Noah and his children, the forebears of the new human race, that humanity would not degenerate into a jungle again. The laws, which command the establishment of courts of justice and prohibit idolatry, blasphemy, homicide, incest, robbery, and eating the limb of a live animal (cruelty to animals), are the foundation of all morality. And they extend, by laws derived from these, into all aspects of moral behavior.

A particular task [is] to educate and to encourage the observance of the Seven Laws among all people. The religious tolerance of today, and the trend towards greater freedom, gives us the unique opportunity to enhance widespread observance of these laws. For it is by adherence to these laws, which are in and of themselves an _expression of Divine goodness, that all humankind is united and bound by a common moral responsibility to our Creator. This unity promotes peace and harmony among all people, thereby achieving the ultimate good. As the Psalmist said: "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity."

Quoted in full as printed in Lubavitch International, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Summer 1990), p. 3.

Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!

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How to achieve true unity?

By the grace of G-d

Shalom uBrocha!
Ever since I posted the Rebbe's recent answer thru Igrot Koidesh about the importance of unity within Chabad I was deluged with questions what do I think Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a means by unity.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I have (Thank G-d!)stumbled upon a picture that is a perfect illustration of unity within Chabad.

With a Glenlivet box serving as a backdrop, Rabbi Yoel Kahan and Rabbi Hillel Pevzner share a laugh at the Pevzner-Wilhelm wedding Wednesday night in Oholei Torah.
(photo compliments of )
Judging by their public statements Rabbi Kahan and Rabbi Pevzner would be on the opposite sides of a "theological spectrum" within Chabad as far as publicizing the identity of Moshiach is concerned.

bellow is a quote about the activities of Rabbi Pevzner (and everyone knows that Rabbi Kahan spoke publicly many times giving different opinion about these issues):

The Chabad community in Paris is preparing for Gimmel Tammuz, when its members will participate in a day of inspiration and hiskashrus to the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach. It will include a series of activities, mivtzoyim and farbrengens called "24 Hours with the Rebbe." The program will be conducted within the spirit of the belief in the eternal physical existence of the leader of the generation, in accordance with the rulings of Rabbi Hillel Pevzner and it will not include anything that is not in accordance with this belief. The programs will take place in the Sinai educational campus. Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Pevzner, director of the educational institutions in Sinai, Heichal Menachem and Kitov, is the driving force behind the programs."

Yet, look at the photo above, look at their smiling faces picture of true Chassidic unity and love of ones fellow Jew.
I call upon the readers of my blog and the authors of other Chabad blogs to follow the example of our Mashpiim and try as much as possible to treat each other with great love and respect (without giving up ones point of view but finding ways to express it in loving and respectful way as is befitting Chabad Chassidim.)May each of us learn Lev haTanya (Tanya chapter 32) by heart and always keep it in mind.
And may this nullify the cause of golus and lead to complete and final redemption.

With respect and blessing:
Ariel Sokolovsky

Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!

Helping Tsunami victims and teaching 7 Noahide Laws in Thailand

By the grace of G-d
Rabbi Kentor: Toys for Tsunami Victim - Children leads and 7 Noachide Laws

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kentor, chief shliach and chief Rabbi of Thailand, was the guest of the 'Kol Hashishi' program on the Kol Chai radio. Rabbi Kentor spoke of a special fundraising evening for Tsunami victims, held this week attended by Rabbi Shlomo Amar - chief Rabbi of Israel.

Kentor said that Chabad of Thailand decided to distribute new toys to children whose homes perished with the Tsunami waves, and in this way, to integrate an awareness of the seven Noachide law. Kentor continued to say that children of Jewish schools all over the world have collected the toys that have been handed out to unfortunate children in Thailand. This is one of the many activities of Chabad in Thailand among the local residents and among Israeli tourists

הרב קנטור עם ילדים תאילנדים ניצולי אסון הצונמי

הרב יוסף-חיים קנטור, השליח הראשי של חב"ד והרב הראשי בתאילנד, היה אורח הפינה הקבועה של ראיון עם שליח חב"ד, בתכנית "קול שישי", בהנחיית אסף נגל, ברדיו "קול חי". הרב קנטור סיפר על ערב ההתרמה המיוחד שנערך השבוע, בהשתתפות הרב הראשי לישראל הרב שלמה עמאר, למען נפגעי הצונאמי.

לדבריו, חב"ד בתאילנד החליטה להעניק צעצועים חדשים לילדים שבתיהם נשטפו באסון הצונאמי, ובדרך זו להנחיל לאוכלוסייה המקומית את הערכים המגולמים בשבע מצוות בני-נוח. הוא סיפר כי ילדים בבתי-ספר יהודיים בעולם אוספים את הצעצועים, והם מעבירים אותם לילדים. כל זה, כמובן, בנוסף לפעילות הענפה עם היהודים ובעיקר במטיילים הישראלים.

להאזנה לחצו כאן
(Audio interview with Rabbi Cantor in Hebrew)
Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!

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By the grace of G-d
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Shalom uBrocha!
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Gut Shabbos!
Brocha veHatzlocha!
Ariel Sokolovsky
Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!

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Prophetic words of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a

Prophetic words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to the (then) Transportation Minister of Israel Mr. Moshe Katzav, on January 15, 1992

During distribution of Dollars for Charity, 10 Shevat, 5752:

(When the Transportation Minister, Moshe Katzav, was introduced to the Rebbe, the Rebbe shook his hand (continuing to hold it for the entire duration of the conversation) and blessed him as follows):

Within the realm of your position, you should merit to solidify the bond between the Nation of Israel, the Torah of Israel, and G-d, so that these three should never be separated …

I recently heard a strange and frightening rumor regarding talks and impending decisions by the Israeli government, concerning surrendering parts of the Land of Israel. They are currently discussing a five year plan [Madrid talks] which they describe as "autonomy"; In truth, however, the semantics are meaningless, and it makes no difference what they call the issue. The plain truth is that these talks and affairs fall under the explicitly stated Torah prohibition of "not ingratiating yourselves to the nations," which includes the prohibition of ceding any part of the Land of Israel to the nations of the world. These talks will eventually lead to the actual surrender of parts of the Land of Israel. Thus, the very act of holding such talks constitutes a rejection of G-d and His Torah, of the Land of Israel and the holiness of the Land of Israel.

Discussions of autonomy plans are just a prelude to surrendering parts of the Land of Israel — and not just small territories, rather large expansive parts such as Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Hebron, and Jerusalem etc. This involves life-and-death issues! As has been stated, it is irrelevant what the Jews think or say, and how they interpret it. What matters is how the gentiles understand it. They interpret the plan as one eventually leading to the surrender of parts of the Land of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state.

You understand Arabic — so go and ask the Arabs who live there what their intention is in discussing a five year autonomy plan. You will see that they will tell you that their intention is that they will actually be given parts of the Land of Israel for the purpose of establishing a Palestinian state. It automatically follows that it is totally irrelevant how the Jews interpret, it because what matters is how the gentiles view the issue.

The very act of discussing autonomy plans is a desecration of G-d’s Name and of holiness. The fact that there are individual Jews in the Land of Israel who do not keep Torah and mitzvos relates specifically to desecrating their personal lives. But here we are discussing a situation in which the government of Israel will publicly declare war against G-d and His Torah.

As to the explanation [of the Likud] that the only matter under discussion is limited self-rule, under which the Arabs will be in charge of their own education and agriculture etc. but not foreign affairs and security, and that this is only a trial period ... these are all matters of diplomacy. I shall not argue with you on this, as it seems that you understand more about diplomacy than I. But here we are not discussing diplomacy, but the surrender of parts of the Land of Israel. The very fact that negotiation on this is taking place is a desecration of G-d’s Name, and in opposition to G-d and His Torah. It then makes absolutely no difference what kind of diplomatic icing the Jews put on top of it.

The reason given for these talks is that there is a mass immigration from Russia, and Israel therefore needs America’s loan guarantees etc., and we must take into account what the American government will say. This consideration is the first step to giving away land. The proof of this is, that the Likud themselves state, that the reason they are doing all this is the pressure from the nations. So, afterwards, when there is even more pressure, they will capitulate further, ad infinitum. We have seen this in the past: buckling under pressure brings more pressure."

(Minister Katzav remarked that in the previous year President Bush had sent a letter opposing a Palestinian state, but a year later Bush simply wrote that he was not in favor of a Palestinian state, so we see here a change in his stance. The Rebbe responded):

And we see in which direction the change is heading. It is unfathomable that a Jew who believes in G-d and His Torah could be a party to such actions, or could add his signature to such an arrangement. Likewise, it is preferable that the [Shamir] government should fall and there should not be a Jewish government, since the only reason they are even discussing these plans is because of pressure from the nations (as they themselves admit). If so, it would be preferable that they establish — G-d forbid — a non-Jewish government in the Land of Israel, which will decide what to do with the Land of Israel. At least then there will not be Jews signing such agreements!

You certainly know Mr. Menachem Begin, who at the outset did not agree with the Camp David ideas, and was strongly opposed to them. But eventually he began to make compromises, and from what we hear today, he has great remorse over having given up a part of the Land of Israel.

Had people who do not believe in G-d been responsible for this, we could understand this. But that the signature for abandoning parts of the Land of Israel should be from from Jews who believe in G-d — this is a desecration of His Name.

Shamir believes in G-d and in the holiness of the Land of Israel — so it is completely mind-boggling that he should be the one to agree to negotiate on a plan whose eventual outcome is the surrendering of parts of the Land of Israel.

Security of the Land of Israel comes from G-d alone. If they acted accordingly and stood firmly as the hour dictates, there would not be any reason to worry about the safety of the Land of Israel.

Meanwhile they only speak of a five year interim period, because they are afraid to openly state that they want to give up parts of the Land of Israel. But their true intentions are clear. According to my estimation, Shamir himself knows this — and better than I.

Shamir has many merits in connection with the Land of Israel, going back to the time of the Irgun, when the gentiles had control over the Land of Israel. Shamir fought against this, but now it is he who speaks of giving away parts of the Land of Israel!

In my opinion, what practically must be done now is for Shamir to immediately halt the decision and negotiations on autonomy.

I always fought for a Shamir government, and I did everything within my power to establish a government with Shamir as its head. However, if they continue in this direction of negotiations, then I — Menachem Mendel — will be the first to fight with all of my forcefulness and might against Shamir, so that his government will fall.

Until today, only Mr. Shimon Peres has stood against Shamir’s government. But if Shamir continues in this direction negotiating about autonomy, then I too will stand against the government of Shamir.

If Shamir is unable to withstand the pressure of the goyim, let him publicly declare that he cannot withstand the pressure, and is therefore unable to continue as Prime Minister.

As I have said many times in the past, a shamir (in the Bible) is a worm which cuts through hard stone — so let Shamir release a shamir into the decision to speak about these matters of giving up parts of the Land of Israel. Then this decision, and all thought of such matters, will be cut of and totally nullified, ceasing to exist.

(Minister Katzav then said: "The Rebbe Shlita is the one who established the present government, and we would like the continued blessing of the Rebbe for this government, as it will add holiness to the government." The Rebbe replied):

When Shamir will add holiness to the Land of Israel, then he will gain the strength to stand against all the pressures.

(Minister Moshe Katzav: "Shamir will surely be strong." The Rebbe replied):

Until now he has been strong, and we must therefore see to it that they immediately cease all talk about autonomy.

You will surely relate all this to Mr. Shamir, and not be angry with me for placing such an unpleasant task upon you. But relay this with all of the forcefulness with which I have said it to you. I apologize for speaking such harsh words. In truth, this matter needs to be discussed at greater length, but there is no time now to go into it further (approximately 4,000 Jews and non-Jews were waiting in line in the cold for a precious moment with the Rebbe).

May there be only good news to relate, and may they only discuss the holiness of the Land of Israel and Am Yisroel. May there be good news.
Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!

"How to stop the uprooting"

Right-wing groups outline non-violent campaign guidelines

By Nadav Shragai, Haaretz Correspondent

A "trial run" of a non-violent campaign of civil disobedience aimed at preventing the evacuation of Gaza Strip and northern Samaria settlements is set for Monday, the Jewish Home right-wing movement announced Monday.

The group plans to simultaneously block dozens of intersections around the country at 5 P.M. Monday.

Activists have been instructed to find 10 or more supporters willing to help them block intersections and be "gladly" arrested.


The organizers urged that action on three levels is necessary to prevent expulsion: "A. Bringing as many Jews as possible to Gush Katif. B. Encouraging refusal among soldiers and policemen... to create a personnel shortage, and render the evacuation non-enforcable. C. Non-violent civil disobedience - Organizing citizens to disrupt daily life at the local level around the country, with the goal of delegitimizing government rule, and engaging as many policemen as possible in maintaining order."

Leaders of several extra-parliamentary right-wing movements who have supported non-violent civil disobedience, including Moshe Feiglin, Elyakim Haetzni, Orit Strock and Noam Arnon of Hebron attended Monday?s press conference in which the civil obedience plan was unveiled. National Union MK Aryeh Eldad, who spoke in favor of civil disobedience at a Gush Katif during the Passover holiday, also attended Monday's conference.

"One of the most significant factors that will help us win is removing the threat of arrest, simply by announcing: 'I am not afraid of arrest, in fact I want to be arrested. Moreover, I do not want to be released. I will be honored to sit in prison in my opposition to a criminal regime'," activist leaders said. "We must fill the detention centers from ear to ear. If the system is set up to detain 1,000 people, we must provide 3,000 detainees. When a certain number is reached, the system will collapse. We don't know what the number is, but when we reach it we will surely know."

Activists were asked Monday to enlist neighbors, colleagues and fellow synagogue members. They were urged to take sick leave, vacation days, or unpaid leave and tell their employers they will be absent from work for an extended period.

From the moment that Gush Katif is closed off, the civil disobedience plan is to unfold as follows: "1. Once Gush Katif is closed off, begin movement toward the Gush. 2. Each person decides in advance where to go and via which route. 3. Set up a meeting point with your comrades, and begin walking toward Gush Katif. 4. Those unable to walk will drive or take public transportation to the nearest point to Gush Katif, and walk from there. 5. Take provisions for at least four days. 5. Walk on roads, in order to obstruct traffic, proudly carrying flags of Israel, wearing T-shirts and bearing signs. 7. Join up with other marchers. 8. Wherever you are prevented from advancing - this is your battlefront. 9. Make sure as many cameras are present as possible: video, stills, digital camera, cellular phones. Make sure some of the pictures are taken from afar to ensure their survival. 10. Make clear that there's no way a Jew could expel Jews from his home in the Land of Israel. Explain that doing so will bring the country to a standstill. 11. Bring PR materials to distribute to commuters and pedestrians. 12. Bring an 'arrest file' (including instructions of how to behave when facing the police and the courts - N.S.) 13. Don't clash with the police. Keep walking, and don't hesitate to be arrested. Go to your arrest gladly. Remember: if you're arrested, you've won!"

Attached to the campaign outline are phone numbers of a legal hotline, a page describing prisoners' rights, and a page with instructions over how to reach Gush Katif by foot and car.

The brochure distributed to activists is entitled "How to stop the uprooting," which, among other things, explains that "the campaign of Gush Katif and Samaria is a rearguard action for them [the authorities]. If they see they are unable to uproot 8,000 Jews from their homes, and in fact an entire settlement bloc, they can forget their wild dream of uprooting another 150,000 people. This is why they are standing on their rear legs and joining forces with the person they despise most, Arik Sharon. The struggle we are currently involved in is the struggle over our right to exist in our national homeland. It is not a struggle over Gush Katif, but against the prime minister, who says that we are thieves and occupiers."


Friday, May 06, 2005

Sharon's nephew Rabbi Ofer Miodovnik to protest Gaza pullout

Mati Wagner, THE JERUSALEM POST May. 5, 2005


***Hundreds of rabbis from the so-called messianic camp of the Lubavitcher Hassidim will meet Thursday in Kfar Chabad to formulate a battle strategy against the disengagement plan, which they see as an imminent threat to the Jews of Israel.

They will also discuss ways of better disseminating the message that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, is the messiah.

One of the participants reportedly will be Rabbi Ofer Miodovnik, one of the rabbis at the Chabad yeshiva in Tzfat (Safed), who also happens to be Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's nephew. Sharon's two deceased wives were the sisters of Miodovnik's mother. Miodovnik grew up in a secular household before becoming observant.
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