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Make their Disgrace Widely Known

From the book "Cry of Moshiach:

Make their Disgrace Widely Known

In his address of 10 Kislev 5743 (1982), the Rebbe said:

There is still some hope left; if people will cry out time after time, not from behind a curtain but publicly, it will become apparent that we are not embarrased to scream out. Possiblly, if everyone continued to cry out until the elections, it might eventually help. As a result, those in charge will set their priorities correctly: first and foremost, they would look after the security of those living in the Land of Israel, and only afterwards busy themselves with other concerns.

Similarly, on the eve of 3 Tammuz 5742 (1982), the Rebbe said:

I will not delude myself by thinking that when we remind the politicians of all their past mistakes (e.g. Camp David), they will immediately change their minds and have remorse over the approach they have taken for so long. Concerning fear of Heaven, there is nothing to discuss with them — they are not afraid of G-d, they have no reverence for the Code of Jewish Law. That is why they are waging war against altering the law of "Who is a Jew," against Sabbath observance, etc. They have even lost any semblence of shame in front of other human beings. There is only one choice left for us in order to alter their behavior:

We must widely publicize — in such a way that everyone will be aware of it — that a certain person delayed the prompt and military conclusion of "Operation Peace for the Gallilee," despite the emphatic opinion of the military, who stated that it was necessary to execute the operation completely (an opinion which was made known even in the Israeli newspapers, in spite of the censor). When everyone becomes aware that he is the one who delayed this, no one will vote for him (or his students and party) in the next elections to the Knesset. Then he will not be allowed to speak in the name of the Jews of the Land of Israel. (He can speak in the name of the Arabs, whom he benefited by delaying the conclusion of the war; but not in the name of the Jewish people!) Apparently this is the only action which will affect the politicians.
It seems to me that the same advice may apply to a situation within Chabad when some "Chabad politicians" who insist on calling themselves Shluchim of the Rebbe blatantly ignore the Rebbe's words to publicize identity of Moshiach his prophecies to cause people to accept the kingship of Moshiach and to live with Moshiach as this ultimatly has an effect on what happens in Israel and worldwide.
Or even do the opposite like some of those mentioned in this article for example:

It doesn't of course excuse one from publicizing the identity of Moshiach personaly as this task was given to all Jews.And in some cases one can achieve more by leading by ones own succesful example rather than criticizm.Always ask the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a when you are in doubt but have no other unbiased person to ask.When I asked questions about this issue sometimes the answer was to go ahead and sometimes the answer was that in this case it's better to avoid machloikes.
PS:If you want my opinion about your situation in particular on this or other issues or to translate/interpret the Rebbe's answer contact me.
brocha ve'hatzlocha
Ariel Sokolovsky
Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!
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