Monday, January 19, 2009

Foremother Rachel protected our soldiers in Gaza

Sholem Lougov
There are reports from the battlefield in Gaza about a woman who saved Israeli soldiers several times. Eyewitnesses claim that the woman told them that she is foremother Rachel and was sent to guard them. One of the soldiers spoke on Israel Radio with a story about it. It also written about on the Israeli web-sites ...
Here's one of those stories ...
The group of soldiers from the «Golani» Brigade conducting the raid on the streets of Gaza was going to enter into one of the buildings. Suddenly, at the entrance in front of them a woman, whose face was covered by a cloak. The commander of the
squad addressed her in Arabic and asked to leave the building. She replied asking them in good Hebrew: «Get out of here, the building is mined!» Captain paid no heed to her words and soldiers continued to move forward, then the woman screamed again: «Go, building is mined!» Then the soldiers retreated and tried to enter into another house. But the same woman appeared at the entrance, who repeated the same words. Infected detachment commander, who first took her to be an Arab asked how does she know Hebrew. The woman replied that she is the foremother Rachel - was sent from heaven to help the soldiers in the merit of Psalms that Jews around the world read for success. The soldiers obeyed and withdrew. A few minutes later, both houses have exploded in front of their eyes.
Some among the soldiers were people very non observant of commandments , but their tears flowed after experiencing such a miracle ... Later, the commander reported the story to Rabbi Mazuz from Bnei Brak.
(translated by Ariel Sokolovsky)
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