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The Cry of Moshiach

By the grace of G-d
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The Cry
of Moshiach

from the talks and writings of
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Concerning the Integrity of the Land of Israel

The Obligation to Protest
The Obligation to Settle
the Entire Land of Israel

English edition by
Mordechai E. Sones and Yankel Koncepolski
Edited by Shimon Neubort
Soon to be published by Sichos In English
Table of Contents



Section One

Chapter One
The Rebbe’s Request of the Rabbis

Chapter Two
Needed: A Clear Psak-Din

Chapter Three
Strongly, Publicly, and Everywhere

Chapter Four
Answers to Argument

Chapter Five
"What will it Accomplish?"

Chapter Six
Protest is Effective

Chapter Seven

Section Two

"The Main Thing is Action"

Gathering Children — Especially at Holy Places

Increasing in Torah and Mitzvos

Strengthening Torah and Aiding Yeshivos

Increasing Acts of Prayer

Increasing in the ‘Mivtzoyim’ — Tefillin, Sefer Torah, and Tzedakah

Jewish Love and Unity

Increasing Joy

Make their Disgrace Widely Known

A Directive to Public Servants: Staunchly Influence them Not to Compromise on a Single Inch

Section Three

The Obligation to Settle the Land

The Correct Way to Settle the Land

The Rebbe Answers All Criticism

Settlement Forestalls Pressure

Appendices to Part One

A: From the Rebbe’s Public Address of Shvat 5736 (1976)
The Ruling of Seventy Two Rabbis that the Land of Israel Belongs Only to the Jews

B: From the Talk of 20th Menachem Av, 5739 (1979)
I Was Brought Up Not to be Silent When There is a Need to Scream and Therefore I Do Not Worry About Damage to My Reputation

The Path Which Our Rebbes Paved for Us: Not to Fear the Gentiles

C: Letter to the Participants of the Sixth Great Assembly

Index of the Rebbe’s Public Addresses on the Topic

Dialogue between the Rebbe and Mr. Moshe Katzav, (then) Transportation Minister of State of Israel

"The very use of the term ‘Land of Israel’ serves as an answer to the nations claim, ‘you are robbers.’"

Selected Correspondences

Letter to (then) President of the State of Israel, Mr. Zalman Shazar

Every time talk of surrendering territory is made known, there is a new wave of terrorism...

"The very use of the term ‘Land of Israel’ serves as an answer to the nations claim, ‘you are robbers.’"

Renewal of Jewish Settlement in Hebron

Letter to Rabbi Moshe Levinger

Jerusalem is Only for Am Yisroel

Learning from Past Mistakes

Glossary of Terms

Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!
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