Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hang the traitors.

By the grace of G-d
Dear friends!
In honor of the upcoming holiday of Purim let's all contribute money to donate gallows 50 amah high (see Esther 7:9):

to the State of Israel to try and hang the dirty traitors who are endangering our people in the Holy Land
and worldwide by cooperating with murderers and bowing down to the pressure of the public opinion instead of defending their citizens from terrorism.

As Rabbi Shalom DovBer Wolpo explains and many others have pointed out in the past this is a violation of the Israeli law banning any aid to the enemies of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. This constitutes treason and is the only crime punishable by death penalty by hanging under Israeli law.

Please donate and, or publicize this appeal widely to increase the awareness of this disgusting betrayal of our brothers and sisters in the holy land of Israel by the post-Zionist gang of corrupt burocrats and politicians still allowed to remain in power doing next to nothing to stop this Holocaust from continuing.

We cannot simply sit back ignoring the cry of our brothers and sisters to do somethign waiting for more Devine retribution after the fact:

We must stop this nonsense. We cannot allow these traitors continue giving away parts of Erretz Yisrael to terrorists who enjoy singing about the "flesh of the Jews being carried away in black bags":

Small print:

If the State of Israel doesn't accept our money for the gallows it will be spent for the benefit of the residents of Sderot and other areas attacked by terrorists to help them protect themselves.

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