Thursday, June 16, 2005

Setlements are good for Israel’s Security

By the grace of G-d

Erev Yom Kippur 1983

At the beginning of today’s daily shiur it speaks about the blessing of Moses to the tribe of Dan, Naftali, and Asher, after which there appears the verse “Iron and copper shall be your locks”, which, as Rashi comments, this speaks for all of Israel.
The essence of the matter: Hereby does the Torah emphasis: Iron and copper shall be your locks, - that the strong ones of all Israel must live on the border cities, and lock the borders that the enemy not enter, as if the land were closed with locks and bars of iron and copper.

It is understood and clear that it is G-d himself who guards Israel, Behold he does not slumber or sleep, nonthe less it is G-d’s Will that it is imperative that all natural preventive action must be taken.

And this is the halachic ruling – one goes out to war against them fully armed even on Shabbat. From here is evidently clear a fortiori - not to give land of Eretz Israel to the Nations – on the contrary not allow the enemy to make entry!

From the talks of The Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a

Why are you placing terrorists into prison? Kill them!!!

By the grace of G-d

From the words of the Rebbe to Mr. Zvi Caspi, originally recorded in the Kfar Chabad magazine vol. 635

You are mistaken with your policy of capturing terrorists and putting them into prison. These terrorists are coming to murder. We have a ruling; “One who comes to kill you, take pre-emptive action – kill him!”Then the Rebbe added his vision:
You will pay dearly by putting them into prison, because in the future you will be beset with assorted demands to strike a ‘deal’ to free them as part of an exchange agreement.
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