Sunday, May 13, 2007

'The Rebbe Appointed Me'

Following the release of the preview of the 'Black Book' and the media attacks against 'the committee to save the nation and the land', as well as attacks from within, Rabbi Sholom Yaakov Chazan interviewed Rabbi Sholom Dovber Wolpo, who said: "The Rebbe appointed me to be involved in Shleimus Ha'aretz. I will continue working as per the Rebbe's instructions". When did the Rebbe appoint him as his shliach for inyanei shleimus ha’Aretz? Does he act in the name of Chabad? Is the Rebbe in favor of soldiers refusing to obey orders? Which Lubavitchers have been attacking him and why?
Full interview in the latest edition of Beis Moshiach:
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