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Matisyahu sings Psalm 63:2-3 and then discusses Moshiach

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Moshiach and Redemption YouTube Movies Playlist

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אבינו מלכנו 770

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Yesh Din VeYesh Dayan

יש דין ויש דיין

There is a Judge and the Judgment (Yesh Din VeYesh Dayan)

Produced by the World Committee for the Jewish People and the Land of Israel (HaMateh HaOlami Lema'an HaAm VeAaretz), this impressive ... all » documentary shows how the present debacle of Israel's Kadima government started with the catastrophic mistake known as the "Disengagement". Surrendering parts of the Holy Land brought neither peace nor security, and placed the perpetrators in eternal shame.

May the lesson be learned, and the horrors of land surrender, and of depraving Jews of their rightful place in the Land of Israel, never again be repeated!

I place this video online, and fully and completely endorse its message and content.
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Channel 2 Interview With Rabbi Brod

By the grace of G-d

Channel 2 Interview With Rabbi Brod

In a special television program dedicated to the Rebbe on Channel 2 in Eretz Yisroel, Rabbi Menachem Brod (who insists on denying that the Rebbe discontinued the title of Chabad spokesperson) was hosted. Channel 2 reporter Koby Ariely asked him: nowadays, when we say an Israeli kid 'The Lubavitcher Rebbe' the first association he makes is 'Moshiach', is this the success of the Moshiach campaign or is there some sort of misunderstanding here?...

Rabbi Brod answered as follows: I can only say one thing one this matter. The Rebbe was very hurt by such expressions, and on several occasions the Rebbe told Chassidim in charge of presenting Chabad to the media, not to speak about this matter.

While It is pleasing to note that he remembers the directive of the Rebbe to Tzach not to comment on the matter, it is a shame that he does not remember the tens of positive answers from the Rebbe written to both individual Chassidim and Mosdos regarding publicizing the Rebbe as Moshiach, or the entire year that the Rebbe himself encouraged the singing of 'Yechi Adoneinu' with all of his strength. It is also a shame that Rabbi Brod doesn’t remember the edition of Sichat Hashavua (Yud Shvat Nun-Gimmel) where he himself explains how the Rebbe said about himself that he is Moshiach!

Comments from


They should of interviewed Rabbi Wolpo because he says the truth, send a link from here to the articles about the "black book"


The Rebbe said himself that he is Moshiach.


Rabbi Brod is making a chillul Lubavitch


Could you give us (and if possible translate to english) the Sichat Hashavua Yud Shvat Nun-Gimmel


Is this a news item or an editorial??


A while ago you put on the hebrew side of 18 proofs that the Rebbe is Chai Vikayom, could you translate that to english & post it here.


I totaly agree with comments #1 & #6 this site should listen to those comments.


If Rabbi Wolpo would be interviewed it would be the biggest Kiddush Hashem & Kiddush Lubavitch ever.


To number 8 it is never to late Channel 2 can interview Rabbi Wolpo now & he can fix the damage that was done.

See also:
and more clips on this subject at
Also check out "Countdown to Moshiach"Moshiach. CAN THE REBBE STILL BE MOSHIACH? by Rabbi Shmuel Butman. Head of Lubavitch Youth Organization *. Published and Copyright 1995, by: International Campaign To Bring Moshiach ...

Moshiach and Zionism

By the grace of G-d

Mr. ----------
London, England

Greeting and Blessing:

Your letter reached me with some delay. In it you express your desire to learn more about the Lubavitch movement, etc. You also ask for clarification of certain questions.

Needless to say, it is difficult in the medium of a letter to expound adequately upon the various questions and matters that you touch upon in your letter. Actually, there is no need to have recourse to such correspondence, inasmuch as your Lubavitcher friends in London, whom you also mention in your letter and with whom you have personal contact, will be glad to go into some of these questions with you at length.

At any rate, in order not to turn you down completely, I will attempt to answer the first question that you put in your letter, where you refer to a statement of mine which you saw quoted in the press, to the effect that the happenings in our time in general, and in Eretz Yisrael in particular, are not the Beginning of the Redemption (Atchalta d' Geulah), while, on the other hand, I state that life in Eretz Yisrael must be conducted in accordance with the Torah, and you wonder whether there is an inconsistency there.

I wish to assure you that there is no inconsistency in the two statements, inasmuch as they are both based on Torah.

Thus, the first statement, namely, that we are not yet at the beginning of the Geula, is based on the clear ruling of the Rambam, who has explicitly defined the conditions and evidence by which to judge whether or not we are at the threshold of the Geula. Be it noted that this statement of the Rambam is to be found not in any of his non-Halachic works, where there may be room for various interpretations, but in his major Code, where he states the laws (dinim) in clear, precise and unequivocal terms. This is what he says after describing the last days of the Galut:

There will arise a king from the House of David, studying the Torah and practicing the mitzvot like his father David, according to the Written Torah and the Oral Torah, and he will induce all the Jewish people to walk in its ways and strengthen its repair, and he will battle the battles of G-d - it may be assumed that he is Mashiach. If he did so and was successful and built the Sanctuary in its place, and gathered the dispersed of Israel - then his is Mashiach with certainty...{Rambam, Hil. Melachim, ch. 11(end)

We see clearly that even after he induces all of the Jewish people to walk in the path of Torah, etc., it may only be assumed that he is Mashiach, but it is not yet certain, and it could in fact turn out that he is not. In other words, there is still a possibility that even this development will not necessarily spell the end of the Galut. As a matter of fact, the Rambam mentions in the previous halacha the fact that there was a time in Jewish history when it appeared that Mashiach had arrived, in the person of Shimon ben Kuziba, yet it later became quite clear that he was not. Only when - as the Rambam says - he will build the Sanctuary in its place and will gather the dispersed of Israel, only then will it be certain that he is Mashiach beyond all doubt.

On the basis of your letter, I think it is surely unnecessary to explain to you that the Jewish belief is that the end of the Galut will come when Mashiach himself brings about the ingathering of the exiles, as is clearly evident from the Rambam quoted above.

With regard to the second part of the statement, about the need to abide by the Torah, etc., I trust it is, again, unnecessary to emphasize to you at length that the Torah was given for all times, both in times of Galut and in times when the Bet Hamikdash was in existence. However, there are certain things which the Torah requires adherence only when the Jewish people are in a position to do so. By way of example: In your city of London, the Jews have no power to compel the closing of certain stores on Shabbat and Yom Tov, or enforce certain other laws. On the other hand, there were times in the past when a Jewish congregation or community had complete jurisdiction over its members, able to impose its will on the life and conduct of the congregation or community and bring it into strict accord with the Torah.

It follows, moreover, that the greater the authority and power the Jews have to direct and order their own life, the greater the duty to see to it that it be in accordance with the directives of the Torah.

Pursuant to the above, I trust you will not take it amiss if I add a personal note, to the effect that what has been said above about the conduct of a Jewish congregation or community, applies also to the individual Jew, namely, the obligation of a Jew to conduct his personal life in accordance with the Torah and mitzvot. This, of course, also includes the great principle of the Torah, V'Ahavta L'Reacha Kamocha{Lev. 19:18}, namely, to share a vision of the good by helping others move in the same direction. This is incumbent particularly upon one who goes beyond being just a private individual and who has an influence upon the many. The responsibility of such a person to exercise good influence in his immediate surroundings and in the world at large is, of course, all teh greater. In your case, I see that Divine Providence has granted you a special gift for writing articles and books, etc., through which you are able to reach a considerable segment of our brethren in different parts of the world. Clearly, it is your sacred duty to utilize this gift to inspire your readers to seek a closer identification with the Jewish people, not only in thought and speech, but in actual everyday life and conduct, in accordance with the principle of our Sages that the essential thing is the deed. {Avot, 1:17}

With blessing,


From The Letter & The Spirit, pages 272-275.

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If the Passover Story Were Reported by CNN or the New York Times

If the Passover Story Were Reported by CNN or the New York Times

Daniel P. Waxman

The cycle of violence between the Jews and the Egyptians continues with no end in sight in Egypt . After eight previous plagues have destroyed the Egyptian infrastructure and disrupted the lives of ordinary Egyptian citizens, the Jews launched a new offensive this week in the form of the plague of darkness.

Western journalists were particularly enraged by this plague. "It is simply impossible to report when you can't see an inch in front of you," complained a frustrated Andrea Koppel of CNN. "I have heard from my reliable Egyptian contacts that in the midst of the blanket of blackness, the Jews were annihilating thousands of Egyptians. Their word is solid enough evidence for me."

While the Jews contend that the plagues are justified given the harsh slavery imposed upon them by the Egyptians, Pharaoh, the Egyptian leader, rebuts this claim. "If only the plagues would let up, there would be no slavery. We just want to live plague-free. It is the right of every society."

Saeb Erekat, an Egyptian spokesperson, complains that slavery is justifiable given the Jews' superior weaponry supplied to them by the superpower G-d. The Europeans are particularly enraged by the latest Jewish offensive. "The Jewish aggression must cease if there is to be peace in the region. The Jews should go back to slavery for the good of the rest of the world," stated an angry French President Jacques Chirac.

Even several Jews agree. Adam Shapiro, a Jew, has barricaded himself within Pharaoh's chambers to protect Pharaoh from what is feared will be the next plague, the death of the firstborn. Mr. Shapiro claims that while slavery is not necessarily a good thing, it is the product of the plagues and when the plagues end, so will the slavery. "The Jews have gone too far with plagues such as locusts and epidemic which have virtually destroyed the Egyptian economy," Mr. Shapiro laments. "The Egyptians are really a very nice people and Pharaoh is kind of huggable once you get to know him," gushes Shapiro.

The United States is demanding that Moses and Aaron, the Jewish leaders, continue to negotiate with Pharaoh. While Moses points out that Pharaoh had made promise after promise to free the Jewish people only to immediately break them and thereafter impose harsher and harsher slavery, Richard Boucher of the State Department assails the latest offensive. "Pharaoh is not in complete control of the taskmasters," Mr. Boucher states. "The Jews must return to the negotiating table and will accomplish nothing through these plagues."

The latest round of violence comes in the face of a bold new Saudi peace overture. "If only the Jews will give up their language, change their names to Egyptian names and cease having male children, the Arab nations will incline toward peace with them," Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah declared.

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President Sarkozy Discusses Sheva Mitzvos

President Sarkozy Discusses Sheva Mitzvos

The newly elected president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, met with the Shliach of the Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach to Neuilly, Rabbi Dovid Zaoui, who presented the president with literature on the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach. The bond between Sarkozi and Rabbi Zaui began about 12 years ago when Rabbi Zaui opened the Beis Chabad in Neuilly "Sarkozi always showed support for all Chabad activities, and he always seeks my advice before any important steps" Rabbi Zaoui told Rabbi Zaoui offered him to write to the Rebbe by way of the Igros Kodesh...

...and he always received unbelievable answers.

Recently, after Sarkozy was elected as president of France, he has not forgotten his close friend and confidant, who he shares an ongoing relationship with.

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'The Rebbe Appointed Me'

Following the release of the preview of the 'Black Book' and the media attacks against 'the committee to save the nation and the land', as well as attacks from within, Rabbi Sholom Yaakov Chazan interviewed Rabbi Sholom Dovber Wolpo, who said: "The Rebbe appointed me to be involved in Shleimus Ha'aretz. I will continue working as per the Rebbe's instructions". When did the Rebbe appoint him as his shliach for inyanei shleimus ha’Aretz? Does he act in the name of Chabad? Is the Rebbe in favor of soldiers refusing to obey orders? Which Lubavitchers have been attacking him and why?
Full interview in the latest edition of Beis Moshiach:

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What is a Jew

The Jews of Ethiopia

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The Sanhedrin’s peace initiative


The Sanhedrin’s peace initiative

Hoping to rebuild Temple Photo: Haim Zach

Jewish group devoted to rebuilding Temple in Jerusalem to send letters to all world leaders, including Arab ones, inviting them to take part in project, attend conference on Temple Mount in Israel
Kobi Nahshoni

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has been gearing up for an Israeli offensive in recent months, is bound to be surprised by the peace feelers he is set to receive from Jerusalem soon.

Without Saudi mediation or diplomatic procedures, the president will get a “Letter of Love and Peace”, accompanied by a historic invitation to visit Jerusalem, from The Supreme Judicial Court of the Jewish People, better known as the Sanhedrin.

After having tried their luck with the High Court of Justice and the government, the members of the Jewish group have set out on a new track in their struggle for the Temple Mount, aimed at rebuilding the Temple in the Jewish capital.

In recent days, the group members have drafted a letter that will be translated into 70 languages and sent to all government institutions in the world, including “the sons of Esau and Ishmael” who do not hold diplomatic ties with Israel.

Jews responsible for world peace

In the letter, the rabbis of the self-proclaimed Sanhedrin warn that the world is nearing a catastrophe, and write that the only way to bring peace among nations, states, and religions is by building a house for God, where Jews will worship, pray and offer up sacrifice, according to the vision of the prophets.

The rabbis also call on the non-Jews to help the people of Israel fulfill their destiny and build the Temple, in order to prevent bloodshed across the globe.

The letter will initially be translated into English, Spanish, Arabic, French and Farsi, and later also into Russian, Chinese and Japanese, and will include an invitation to world leaders to attend a conference dedicated to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem five months from now, during Succot.

Prof Hillel Weiss of the Sanhedrin explained that the Torah and the prophets have tasked the Jewish people with the responsibility for world peace. He stressed that the group’s project was to rebuild the Temple, not a “church for all nations,” but added, “We have all descended from the same father, this is not another primitive and racist approach.”

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Point with your finger and say...

By the grace of G-d
Please watch this important video clip here:

and follow the instructions:

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Moshiach Makes Miracles


Recently signs were placed on Eged buses all over Eretz Yisroel (Land of Israel) with the words: Moshiach Oseh Nisim (Moshiach Makes Miracles) and a phone number which people can call to ask for Brachos (blessings from the Rebe King Moshiach) through the Igros Kodesh.

To promote the campaign, R' Avi Piamenta and his son have recorded a song to be used in Lag Baomer parades, radio and television advertisements, and much more. The song was composed spontaneously by a group of Temimim Farbrenging in Kfar Chabad...

Click Here: to play the song.

More pictures of bus campaign here:

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Charlie Buttons

"Charlie Buttons" in a tuxedo!

A Chess Lesson

A good Russian fire

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Present-day Sanhedrin court seeks to revive ancient Temple rituals

Members of the Sanhedrin ascend the temple mount
Members of the Sanhedrin ascend the temple mount
Members of the Sanhedrin ascend the temple mount
Members of the Sanhedrin ascend the temple mount
Present-day Sanhedrin court seeks to revive ancient Temple rituals

By Nadav Shragai, Haaretz Correspondent

The present-day Sanhedrin Court ( ) decided Tuesday to purchase a herd of sheep for ritual sacrifice at the site of the Temple on the eve of Passover, conditions on the Temple Mount permitting.

The modern Sanhedrin was established several years ago and is headed by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. It claims to be renewing the ancient Jewish high court, which existed until roughly 1600 years ago, and meets once a week.

Professor Hillel Weiss, a member of the Sanhedrin, told Haaretz on Tuesday that the action, even if merely symbolic, is designed to demonstrate in a way that is obvious to all that the expectation of Temple rituals will resume is real, and not just talk.
Several years ago, a number of members of the various Temple movements performed a symbolic sacrifice on Givat Hananya, which overlooks the Temple Mount from Jerusalem's Abu Tur neighborhood. During the ceremony, participants sacrificed a young goat that was donated by a resident of Tekoa. The participants also built a special two-meter tall oven, in accordance with halakha (Jewish law).

The Passover sacrifice is considered a simple ceremony, relative to other works performed in the Temple. On Wednesday, the Sanhedrin will hold its main conference, entitled "Existential threats and ways to correct them." Rabbi Menachem Froman, far-right activist Moshe Feiglin, and Nativ editor Arieh Stav will participate in the conference. The guest of honor will be Makor Rishon publisher Shlomo Ben-Zvi.

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Dmitriy Salita - Trans World Sport

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Where Faith and Science Meet

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By the grace of G-d
Shalom everyone!
The "STATEMENT FROM CHABAD-LUBAVITCH OF OREGON Inc." signed by Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm Shlit"a
condemning me from and now mirrored here since it was removed from shortly after I posted the response bellow showing the absurdity of it, no apology or explanation for this slander has been forthcoming from Chabad of Oregon Inc. thus the statement and my response will continue to be displayed here and is being advertised on google searches and ad network and posted on other popular sites and blogs encouraging you to contact Rabbi Wilhelm and Chabad of Oregon Inc. and demand a clarification and an apology as they haven't returned my calls since they posted this lie on their site. front page: Click on it to enlarge and read press the back button to return to the post:

STATEMENT FROM CHABAD-LUBAVITCH OF OREGON Inc. condemning me Click to enlarge.

makes no sense:

1) How can Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm be "shocked" when he knows my beliefs for 2 years I have been here in Portland and 1 year I had blog when we had a number of 1 on 1 conversations on these topics with him in which he never told me he thinks such beliefs are heretical?

2) How can he accuse me of "blasphemy" if he gives me aliahs to the Torah fully knowing what my public statements and beliefs are (a blasphemer doesn't get aliahs among other things) ?

3) He asserts that I have no position in Chabad Lubavitch movement. I don't know what that means.If it means I have no position in his non profit corporation Chabad of Oregon Inc fine I never claimed I did. Yet on the other hand the Rebbe King Moshiach clearly said a number of times that every Jew is His shaliach (emissary): thus is automatically part of Chabad Lubavitch movement.

Fascinating paper by Rabbi Simon Jacobson presents a view of the Rebbe's Infrastructure

A follow-up to Rabbi Simon Jacobson's earlier paper for more in comprehensive treatment of this subject as to who can be legitimatly called Chabad shaliach (emissary) etc. hat tip to and
That every Chabadnik should turn his home into a "Chabad House" to offer physical and spiritual assistance to others including putting a "Chabad House" sign on the door thus I have a number of such "doors" here in Portland in Boston and online which welcome thousands of visitors daily spreading Torah and Chassidus including the Rebbes teachings about the excitement of living in the Messianic era unfolding before our eyes and the identity of Moshiach and why is Moshiach called by the name of G-d etc.

4) He asserts that I'm not a rabbi certified by Chabad movement which is extremely deceptive as Chabad movement doesn't "certify" Rabbis nor is an ordination at one of the Chabad Yeshivah's is or has ever been a requirement for serving as a Chabad emissary (see part "3)" above). A number of well known emissaries ordained elsewhere are clear proofs to this fact.

5) He claims that I cannot be called a Chabad activist as my actions are supposedly against the Shulchan Aruch - the code of Jewish law. Since none of these sins are actually listed this vague slander deserves no reply.

6) He reiterates that my blog is my private initiative as if I ever claimed it is officially affiliated with Chabad Lubavitch of Oregon Inc. As if it even needs to be said to avoid such condemnation.

7) He mentions another blog and 2 sites also known as and (which are now run under a pen name "Noah Smith" due to somewhat controversial nature of the subject matter on these sites to shield me from unwaranted criticism of well meaning people ignorant of Torah law and the Rebbe Kiung Moshiach's opinions on these subjects see ) that I have recently took over (after this popular more than a 100 links to it yet formerly very brief blog was deleted by previous ownerusing the name "Odom" [Adam] from "Lakewood NJ") and improved with the Rebbe's blessings thru the Holy letters (as is the Chabad custom to ask the Rebbe's blessing thru holy letters) that "it should be published as soon as possible as it will bring merit to many" (mezakeh et ha'rabim) and claims that this particular blog and site are against the Torah and Jewish tradition ignoring the fact that this site is under the supervision of a qualified Dayan (Rabbinic Judge) from Jerusalem an expert in Jewish family law and author of many books on this and other topics who has more knowledge than Rabbi Wilhelm Shlit"a whose main functions as far as I can see are teaching the basics of Judaism, kosher supervision and fundraising.
PS. It has been mentioned to me by a person with connections within the so called "Lubavitch Headquarters" and Chabad Media Center which coordinates the public relations of Chabad Lubavitch Movement emissaries who sign up for this service worldwide (many still choose not to for various reasons) and hosts and supports website and other such clone sites for $75 a month making them a part of the so called "Chabad web system" and placing emissaries who chose to use this service in a position where their site can be turned off from New York if Rabbi Yudel Krinsky or one of his cronies doesn't like what's writen on it too much that supposedly Rabbi Wilhelm didn't write this shameful statement of his own volition but only after facing much pressure from "Lubavitch Headquarters" to do so after the HaAretz article came out.While I don't know for sure if this is true or another bit of misinformation this statement does look very strange much unlike anything I have seen or heard from Rabbi Wilhelm Shlit"a whom I have grown to respect as a decent and kind human being that he is (since I met him two years ago after being invited to Portland by a student of mine ) . A person would never had imagined would lend his name and web site to spread this strange defamatory, backstabbing, unethical and slanderous statement.
With respect and blessing.
Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
Bais Moshiach Center of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon
Moshiach Center for Russian Speakers (in English see )

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Anusim returning.

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US / Canada:
(800-747-2434 - toll free)

The UK and Europe: 44 (020-8731-6666)

South Africa

Smicha Graduates,
Winter 5767
Issur V'Heter/Shabbos Programs

See the video taken by Arutz 7. 
Click on the video titled:

Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.
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