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Channel 2 Interview With Rabbi Brod

By the grace of G-d

Channel 2 Interview With Rabbi Brod

In a special television program dedicated to the Rebbe on Channel 2 in Eretz Yisroel, Rabbi Menachem Brod (who insists on denying that the Rebbe discontinued the title of Chabad spokesperson) was hosted. Channel 2 reporter Koby Ariely asked him: nowadays, when we say an Israeli kid 'The Lubavitcher Rebbe' the first association he makes is 'Moshiach', is this the success of the Moshiach campaign or is there some sort of misunderstanding here?...

Rabbi Brod answered as follows: I can only say one thing one this matter. The Rebbe was very hurt by such expressions, and on several occasions the Rebbe told Chassidim in charge of presenting Chabad to the media, not to speak about this matter.

While It is pleasing to note that he remembers the directive of the Rebbe to Tzach not to comment on the matter, it is a shame that he does not remember the tens of positive answers from the Rebbe written to both individual Chassidim and Mosdos regarding publicizing the Rebbe as Moshiach, or the entire year that the Rebbe himself encouraged the singing of 'Yechi Adoneinu' with all of his strength. It is also a shame that Rabbi Brod doesn’t remember the edition of Sichat Hashavua (Yud Shvat Nun-Gimmel) where he himself explains how the Rebbe said about himself that he is Moshiach!

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They should of interviewed Rabbi Wolpo because he says the truth, send a link from here to the articles about the "black book"


The Rebbe said himself that he is Moshiach.


Rabbi Brod is making a chillul Lubavitch


Could you give us (and if possible translate to english) the Sichat Hashavua Yud Shvat Nun-Gimmel


Is this a news item or an editorial??


A while ago you put on the hebrew side of 18 proofs that the Rebbe is Chai Vikayom, could you translate that to english & post it here.


I totaly agree with comments #1 & #6 this site should listen to those comments.


If Rabbi Wolpo would be interviewed it would be the biggest Kiddush Hashem & Kiddush Lubavitch ever.


To number 8 it is never to late Channel 2 can interview Rabbi Wolpo now & he can fix the damage that was done.

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