Monday, August 15, 2005


By the grace of G-d
Arutz Sheva News Service
Delivered Daily via Email, Sunday thru Friday
Starting Sunday night at midnight, the IDF and Israeli Police began enforcing the prohibition of entry and presence of Israeli citizens in the areas due to be evacuated under PM Sharon's Gaza Plan.
Four hours later at approximately 4:10 AM, Arabs in Khan Unis, under the control of Abu Mazen, fired mortar shells at Jewish homes in two neighboring towns in Gaza – Neve Dekalim and Gadid. At the time of the filing of this report, no injuries or damage were reported.
The IDF spokesman's office confirmed that no military response followed the shelling of the Jewish towns
On Monday and Tuesday, August 15-16, 2005 joint IDF and Israeli Police forces will demand from residents and civilians that are still present in the areas of the Gaza Strip and Northern West Bank due to be evacuated to leave the area. Officers will enter the Jewish towns and will hand deliver expulsion notices to the residents or paste them to the doors of the homes.Anticipating the entry of the IDF to deliver the orders, hundreds of Gush Katif supporters blockaded the entry to Neve Dekalim from midnight. When the mortar shells hit the town, municipal leaders called upon all the protestors to enter shelters.Residents of the Jewish town of Kfar Darom in Gush Katif posted notices on their doors today that read:Soldier/Police Officer – HALT. If you proceed to knock on the door, you will become a direct accomplice of the most terrible crime in the history of the Jewish People. We will not agree to be expelled from our homes. We will not budge from here ever. The new IDF prohibitions of entry imposed at midnight also apply to residents of the towns due to be evacuated in Gush Katif (Gaza) and northern Samaria.Sunday night at midnight, all entry permits to Jewish Gaza that were issued in the past, both permanent and temporary, expired. Entry will be allowed on an individual basis for those whose presence is essential for the implementation of the Prime Minister's Disengagement Plan. Specifically, entry will be allowed for forcibly removing the Jewish residents from their homes, for the security of the area and for emergency and rescue services.

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