Friday, August 12, 2005

Warning to Bush: Al-Quaeda State Forming

חדשות חב"ד

Warning to Bush: Al-Quaeda State Forming

In today's New York Times, a full-page ad appears with an open letter to President George Bush, calling upon him to stop pressuring Israel to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.  Prominent Chabad rabbanim and activists express their dismay that at the same time that Bush is fighting terror in Pakistan and Iraq and trying to destroy Al-Quaeda, he is helping these very same terrorist organizations establish a base for themselves in Gaza.

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The letter is signed by Rabbanim R. David Drukman; R. Shalom Ber Volpa; R. Shmuel Butman, head of Lubavitch Youth Organization; R. Yakov Schwey, member of Badatz of Crown Heights; R. Yekutiel Rapp and R. Ephraim Julius.  The Rabbanim warn Bush that by pressuring Israel to hand a victory to terror, he is endangering not only Jewish but also American lives.

President Bush was interviewed on television and presented the ridiculous position that the disengagement will help increase security for Israel.  He also said that the disengagement was only the first step in carrying out his "road-map", which includes withdrawal from all of Yesha and establishing a Palestinian state on the land. 

To listen to the interview with Bush, click here!

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