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A7news: National Mission: Employment for Gush Katif Expellees

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New National Mission: Employment for Expellees
One of the main problems threatening to flood the Gush Katif expellees at present is that of unemployment - but some companies are making an effort to put their finger in the dyke.
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 1. New National Mission: Employment for Expellees
 2. Rafah Agreement Details: PA to Decide Who Comes In
 3. U.S. Leaders' Pressure Said to Endanger Israel
 4. PA: Americans Gave OK to Poison Arafat
 5. Baruch Marzel on the Chayil Party and Real Unity
 6. Iran´s New Satellite Capable of Spying on Israel
 7. IDF Officer Acquitted
 8. Hundreds of Russian Jewish Youth Visit Israel, Parents Follow

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Editor: Hillel Fendel
Friday, November 18, 2005
16 Cheshvan 5766


1. New National Mission: Employment for Expellees
By Hillel Fendel

One of the main problems threatening to flood the Gush Katif expellees at present is that of unemployment - but some companies are making an effort to put their finger in the dyke.

[Photo by]

An article on describes the sorry situation:
"Today, three months after the terrible expulsion, many of those who were thrown out of their homes have no home, no work, and no income. People who were used to getting up early in the morning to go to work, now find themselves walking aimlessly around, ashamed to look into their children's eyes and tell them they have no money because for three months they have been living in hotel rooms or in temporary homes supplied by the government without a place of work or income... "

"I don’t want gifts," the article quotes R, a veteran farmer from Gush Katif whose greenhouses and thriving enterprise were destroyed by the government. "I don't want people collecting money for me. I only want what I deserve according to law. I want the Government of Israel not to rest until it sees that I am set up and am able to support my family without receiving help from various bodies."

Contrary to popular perception, the compensation monies that have been promised the homeless have not been paid to most of them. The Supreme Court recently ordered the government to pay advance payments of 50,000 shekels each, but these have not been forthcoming to most of those who are eligible.

In the temporary housing site of Nitzan, the problem is most blatant. "At least when they were in hotels," said one fellow evictee, "they didn't have to pay for food or utilities. But now, with no income, many of them are literally facing a situation of having no money to buy food."

The government has made some efforts, but it has found jobs so far for only a few dozen people - with over 20 times that number still out of work.

The Dan cooperative, Israel's second-largest bus company, is attempting to recruit 100 new drivers from among the former population of Gush Katif. The candidates must meet the requirements of both Dan and the Transportation Ministry, but the recruitment drive is well underway.

The Intel company, based in Kiryat Gat, has offered 50 jobs specifically to expellees. The company will train them and integrate them into various fields. Its only condition is that the candidates have computing or engineering abilities. The first two groups of potential employees have already taken introductory tours of the company's main plant.

The website also reported that the Tourism Ministry is preparing a special training course for tour guides, tailored to the evictees of Gush Katif and northern Shomron.

An employment organization named Derekh Eretz has offered its services at cost price to former Gush Katif residents. Director Shmuel Silber says, "We deal with everything from ritual slaughter to medicine to agriculture... We make every effort to match the job to the job-seeker - and at this time, the challenge is mainly to help those from Gush Katif and the Shomron." The phone number: 054-546-5188.

"The time has come," the article concludes, "for the Nation of Israel to understand that this must be a national mission: to find employment solutions for the expelled thousands of Gush Katif. They who stood up heroically to the bombardment of thousands of Kassam rockets and mortar shells, will not be able to continue without work and without income."

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2. Rafah Agreement Details: PA to Decide Who Comes In
By Hillel Fendel

Though Prime Minister Sharon promised that the Disengagement would separate Israel from Gaza, this week's Rafah agreement provides for hundreds of trucks and buses to arrive daily.

Muhammad Dahlan, one of the PA signatories on the agreement, emphasized in a post-signing press conference, "It was agreed that Israel will have no right to prevent any Palestinian citizen to pass through the Rafah Crossing after it is re-opened." Wanted terrorists could thus pass safely between Gaza and Judea.

Israel will be able to monitor those who enter, via a joint control room in Kerem Shalom, to which data and video images will be sent from the Rafah Crossing in real time or near real-time. However, if a suspected terrorist is noted, Israel will not be able to demand that he be kept out or detained.

Though the control room was announced by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on Tuesday, PA Borders Control Director Salim Abu Safiye said the next day that Israel will have no access to the control room.

Two crossing points dot the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip: Rafah, for persons, and Kerem Shalom, slightly to the south, for goods.

All of Israel's security branches - the IDF military and intelligence, General Security Service, and the police - registered their criticism of the agreement, saying it compromises Israel's security.

The agreement stipulates that at Kerem Shalom, in the sovereign territory of the State of Israel, PA customs workers will be stationed. They will work under the supervision of Israeli customs workers, based on guidelines to be agreed upon at a later date. A joint liaison office will be established there.

The following other details of the agreement signed this week between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are also now known:

* The Erez and Karni crossings, in northern and central Gaza, respectively, will be upgraded and will enable the PA to export its produce. Karni will be refurbished and will operate day and night, with the goal of increasing the number of trucks that pass through it daily to 150 by the end of this year. By the end of 2006, after new security mechanisms are put in place, the number will grow to 400.

It was announced this morning that the Erez Crossing had been closed, because of intelligence warnings about a possible terrorist attack in the area.

According to the agreement, however, Israel will no longer be able to unilaterally close the crossings in such situations. In case of terror alerts, Israel must first notify the US embassy in Tel Aviv, provide the specific information that motivated the request for a closure, and then wait for Washington to approve or refuse the request.

* Israel will allow protected convoys of buses and trucks to pass between Gaza and Judea. The bus convoys are to begin on December 15, and the trucks are to begin crossing a month later. Exact details will be detailed by a committee of Israeli and PA representatives, with the participation of the Quartet and the U.S. if necessary. The PA still insists that its own forces must escort the trucks through Israeli territory.

* Israel and PA will continue talks on the construction and operation of a PA airport in Dahaniye. The European Union representative said she hoped that the EU would soon release $30 million to aid in the airport's construction.

* Israel promised it would not disrupt the start of construction on a Gaza seaport. The U.S. will form a committee of Israeli and PA representatives that will formulate security guidelines on the basis of the model of the Rafah crossing and other crossings.

PA leaders expressed their great satisfaction with the agreement, emphasizing the economic achievements and the preservation of their sovereignty. Dahlan noted that the PA had achieved the "maximum that was possible."

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3. U.S. Leaders' Pressure Said to Endanger Israel
By Hillel Fendel

A letter-writing campaign is underway to U.S. President Bush and Sec'y of State Condoleezza Rice. The gist is that they are gravely endangering Israel by allowing the PA to control the Gaza border.

The background of the letter is this week's Rafah agreement, forged under strong pressure by Secretary Rice. The agreement deals with the Rafah Crossing along the Philadelphi Route between Egypt and Gaza, which for years has been a favored spot for terrorists to smuggle in terrorists, weapons and drugs. Under the terms of the newly signed arrangements, Israel foregoes almost all control in the area, becoming vulnerable to terrorist threats from Sinai, Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

A sample letter can be seen here.

The campaign is being undertaken on the backdrop of the signing of the agreement that all Israeli security bodies consider dangerous. It also takes into account the U.S. insistence that Israel do nothing to prevent Hamas terrorists from taking part in the upcoming Palestinian Authority election.

Similar campaigns in the past have concentrated not only on letter-writing protests to public officials, but also on writing letters to newspaper editors, calling radio programs, and other methods of "getting the word out."

The sample letter accuses Bush and Rice, by pressuring Israel to allow Palestinian travel between Gaza and Hebron, of "establishing a pathway for violence," of "putting Israel at grave risk," and of "siding with our terrorist enemies." It also criticizes the agreement for "permitting the construction of a seaport in Gaza," and for not insisting on the cessation of terror.

"By not taking a stand against Hamas running in the Palestinian elections," the sample letter continues, "you are forcing Israel into dangerous compromises with the Palestinians and are guaranteeing more terror in the Middle East. These untenable policies are an outrage and are counter-productive to our efforts in Iraq."

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4. PA: Americans Gave OK to Poison Arafat
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Arabs have intensified charges that Israel poisoned Yasser Arafat, and a former aide to Arafat said the U.S. condoned the killing. Arafat's wife Suha and terrorists in Gaza demand a probe.

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported that Bassam Abu Sharif, former advisor to Arafat, said on a Palestinian Authority (PA) television program that he warned Arafat that Israeli officials were planning to poison him with the knowledge of the American government.

"The Israelis planned to kill him by poison, because of Sharon's promise to the Americans that [Arafat] will not be killed by bombing," Abu Sharif told Arab viewers. He continued,

"According to the confirmed information I have, [Defense Minister Sha'ul] Mofaz spoke to [Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon in the following manner: 'This is an opportunity to get rid of Yasser Arafat...' Sharon was silent for a moment, and then looked [at Mofaz and said], 'Only if it would be done in a way that the accusing finger won't be pointed at Israel.' These are the exact words."

Abu Sharif also stated that France, where Arafat died after being hospitalized, knew about the alleged poisoning but hid it in order to prevent "igniting" Arabs. However, he added that "that every Palestinian will see it as his duty to avenge [the death of] Yasser Arafat."

The Associated Press (AP) described the latest PA accusations describing the alleged poisoning as "a plot reminiscent of Shakespeare's Hamlet." Arafat confidante Ahmed Abdel Rahman charged, "It was easy to poison him in the ear, because he was under siege and he used to receive a lot of people and he used to hug them to kiss them and my assumption is that the perpetrator carried a small balloon of gas and he could blow it in Arafat's ear."

Israel has denounced the PA charges as slander. "That is nonsense. That claim is totally baseless," said Israeli government spokesman David Baker. Last February's Sharm el-Sheikh accords signed by the PA included provisions of an end to incitement in PA-run media.

Arafat's wife Suha, who previously objected to an autopsy of her husband's body, has called for an international investigation into Arafat's death, according to United Press International (UPI), which quoted the official Libyan News Agency that she supported a similar call by Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi.

In Gaza, hundreds of terrorists armed with rifles and missiles marched and shot in the air on Thursday in a call for investigation into the death of Arafat along with a demand for jobs. They defied a recent PA order against displaying weapons in public parades.

Arabs have raised the issue of poisoning ever since Yasser Arafat died on November 11 last year. Doctors never declared the cause of death but medical reports showed that he had a blood disease, possible caused by AIDS.

His personal physician, Dr. Ashraf Al Kurdi, has called for an autopsy but has made contradictory statements in interviews. He was quoted by Global Research website as stating, "We took blood samples and there were no poisons, or HIV infection." He later speculated in an interview quoted on the Arab Aljazeera web site that a virus was injected into Arafat's body to hide poisoning. Al Kurdi was denied access to Arafat the last several days of his life.

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5. Baruch Marzel on the Chayil Party and Real Unity
By Ezra HaLevi

Baruch Marzel, right-hand man to the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and resident of Hevron, told Israel National Radio why he founded the Chayil party despite calls for a united national-religious front.

"I am busy with a lot of projects – the last thing I need is politics," Marzel told Israel National Radio's Stutz & Fleisher Show, "but when I look around and see what is happening with all the other parties, I see that I have to move, because there is no other alternative. There is no party with a direction and a way."

Chayil stands for Chazit Yehudit Leumit, meaning Jewish National Front. Youngsters bearing the movement's logo could be seen participating in civil disobedience during the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria; bumper stickers with messages such as "In War We Shall Win" [as opposed to the more common "With Love We Shall Win"] can be seen bearing the movement's logo.

Marzel has no qualms pointing the finger at the national-religious parties, "who all sat in the Sharon government," he said. "I warned more than once in public and many times in private that Sharon would destroy everything – but nobody listened, and they continued to sit in his government until he threw them out. A half-year before he announced [his intention to destroy] Gush Katif, he said he would make a Palestinian state and he passed the Road Map – but everyone stayed in that government. It was obvious where he was going."

"So why should I vote for you? What is your platform?" asked host Eli Stutz.

"Listen, it is time for truth. Sunday is the anniversary of the murder of my rebbe (teacher), Rabbi Meir Kahane, of righteous and blessed memory, may his blood be avenged. He stood up and spoke about the demographic problem of the Arabs in Israel for twenty years, saying, 'This is our problem that we have to face - if we don't deal with this force that wants to destroy the Jewish people, then we not only won't be able to live in Judea and Samaria, but we won't have a Jewish State at all.' And the right-wing parties laughed at him and didn't want to deal with it. And we see that because of that problem Jews are no longer living in Gush Katif and because of that problem, Jews will no longer live in Judea and Samaria."

"So how do we deal with it?" Stutz asked.

"The first thing is, before you take medicine, you have to know what your disease is," Marzel answered. "You have to know that the national secular parties – the Likud and others – are parties we cannot depend on. We have to know that with our belief we have to fight for the integrity of the Torah and the Land of Israel all along the way. We cannot decide that we can give up one inch of the Land of Israel and we also cannot decide to sit with the Shinui Party. We must remember that the National Religious Party and the National Union – two of the religious parties – sat with the religious-hatred party Shinui and destroyed all the religious institutions in Israel. This government worked on the Sabbath more than any other government, and closed down all the religious institutions in the countries. We have to know that if we want unity, we must also unite with the ultra-orthodox groups in Israel. We cannot think that we are closer with people who have hatred for religion than with people who simply dress differently than us."

"How are you going to make sure that what happened last election [when approximately 40,000 votes for Marzel's Herut Party list went to waste because the threshold for Knesset representation was not passed -ed.] doesn't happen again?" asked Fleisher.

"Nobody wants to lose votes or throw out votes," Marzel answered. "We lost close to 40,000 votes, but in reality, National Union lost more than 100,000 votes, because Lieberman [head of the Yisrael Beiteinu faction within the National Union that later broke away], in the name of the voters who voted for National Union, is today working in favor of a Palestinian state and giving Arabs land within the Green Line as well [in the framework of a land-exchange], and MK Nudelman (Yisrael Beiteinu) worked with Sharon the whole time. Meanwhile, the rest of the National Union stayed with the Sharon government [until they were thrown out]. So if I would go with National Union, maybe I would be guaranteed not to lose the votes, but maybe I should then go with a leftist party to avoid losing the votes as well."

Asked about the efforts of the Manhigut Yehudit faction within the Likud Party to affect change through joining the ruling party, Marzel said he admired the effort but is not optimistic. "Manhigut Yehudit is a group of very, very good people and I think that we have to try to have influence inside everywhere. Inside Likud as well as inside the National Union. But I think that even though they have very good intentions, strategically they will not succeed, because before they take over the Likud they will throw him out. I think that Moshe Feiglin, my very good friend and a very good Jew, will get less than 10% in the Likud Primaries and if Sharon or Netanyahu wins, they will blame him for splitting the vote."

Marzel is now calling upon MKs Dr. Aryeh Eldad and Uri Ariel, both of the National Union, to leave the party and join Chayil. "I am calling upon Aryeh Eldad and Uri Ariel to join and to fly the flag of Torah and the Land of Israel with no concessions or compromises."

At a news conference last week, the merger of the Chayil Party and Professor Paul Eidelberg's Yamin Yisrael Party was announced. Marzel says that he is not so committed to pure ideology that he is against teaming up with those of differing opinions, but says the National Union's willingness to sit in Sharon's government and take in MK Zevulun Orlev of the NRP to its ranks crosses a line in the sand. "We don't all stand for exactly the same thing, but there are red lines. When someone tells us that he is ready to give away even a little of the land – this is something I cannot join, because this is against Torah, a disgrace of the name of G-d and something I would rather sit home and not participate in."

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6. Iran´s New Satellite Capable of Spying on Israel
By Ezra HaLevi

Iran, just weeks after its president called for Israel's destruction, admits that its new Sina-1 satellite is capable of spying on Israel.

The Islamic country insisted the satellite was for scientific purposes, prior to its launch aboard a Russian rocket last month. Officials said its purpose was to take pictures of Iran and monitor regions prone to earthquakes. The head of the country's space program, however, told the Associated Press that the satellite is able to easily spy on the Jewish State from outer space.

''Sina-1 is a research satellite,'' said Deputy Telecom Minister and head of Iran's space program Ahmad Talebzadeh. Asked directly if it could be used to spy on the Jewish state, Talebzadeh said, ''Technically speaking, yes. It can monitor Israel - but we don't need to do it. You can buy satellite photos of Israeli streets from the market.''

Israeli officials acknowledge that Iran's satellite is a danger to the Jewish state. "We know that they spy on us," Chairman of the Knesset Defense Committee Ephraim Sneh (Labor) told AP. "What they are trying to do is look for places where a mega-terror attack can take place."

With Iran able to monitor everything from Israeli military deployment to locations of key strategic targets, it is feared that such information could be provided, in real time, to the handful of terror organizations under its sponsorship.

Iran plans to launch an additional satellite, the Misbah, in two month's time. Sneh said the launching of the satellite is part of Iran’s ambition to become a global military power.

Meanwhile, Iran still claims that its nuclear program is peaceful, aimed at producing electricity. The BBC reported Wednesday, though, that Iran has already enriched uranium to ten times the concentration needed to produce electricity.

Israel and the U.S. believe that Iran aims to produce nuclear weapons. It is unclear what steps will be taken to prevent the Islamic country from becoming a nuclear power.

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7. IDF Officer Acquitted
By Hillel Fendel

An IDF Military Court acquitted a company commander of firing a round of bullets into the dead body of an Arab girl in Gaza last year - despite the media circus that all but demanded his conviction.

The Southern Command military court, presided over by Lt.-Col. Aharon Mishnayot,
unanimously ruled that Captain R., of Druze extraction, was innocent of all charges against him regarding the death of 13-year-old Iman El-Hams on October 5, 2004.

In the incident, the girl was detected walking with a school bag in an area closed to all civilian passage, near an IDF post along the Israel-Egypt border close to Rafah. A high security alert was in effect at the time because of terrorist warnings, and the soldiers were aware that the terrorists often use children to transport bombs.

The girl was warned to stop, and when she didn't, the soldiers in the unit fired, killing her. The contents of her bag, which was detonated in a controlled explosion, were never discovered. The killing was considered justified under the dangerous circumstances that prevailed, but, based on the testimony of two soldiers, the officer was charged with pumping a round of bullets into the girl's body afterwards.

The court noted that the investigation into the incident was justified, because "respect for the dead is an important moral value and should be carefully applied even at the times of war, and even in the event of a terrorist situation." Based on much evidence, however, the court determined that throughout the entire incident, the defendant "believed there was an attempt by a terrorist to carry out an attack, in accordance with specific warnings that had been received."

The court ruled that Captain R's testimony was more reliable than those of the two soldiers - who were later found to have had a personal grudge against him. The evidence shows, the court ruled, that the extra rounds "were not fired with the intent of hitting the deceased, but rather as a means of deterrence to secure a dangerous area before leaving it."

The court criticized the manner in which the Military Police investigation was conducted - though it did not note the heavy media pressure that surrounded it. Ilana Dayan's famous "Uvdah" [Fact] program dramatically publicized a taped conversation with one of the two main witnesses against the accused - a witness who was later found to be lying.

The IDF Spokesman noted that the incident "reflects the complex reality with which the IDF must deal in its effort to fight Palestinian terror. The terror organizations operate from within, and with the protection of, the civilian Palestinian population, endangering innocent lives, and indeed bringing to harm innocent civilians during the conflict. The IDF does its utmost to learn from these incidents and minimize the potential risk to the safety of civilians not involved with terror."

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8. Hundreds of Russian Jewish Youth Visit Israel, Parents Follow
By Ezra HaLevi

Four hundred Russian Jewish youngsters visited Israel this month with the Netzah youth movement. Now their parents plan to follow in their footsteps.

The program, similar to the Birthright program in North America, is assisted by the Jewish Agency and Israel's Education Ministry. It takes Jews ages 16-19 from Chabad-run schools in Russia and brings them to Israel to learn about their traditions and the Jewish State.

This year's group had students in its ranks from Odessa, Kiev, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Nikolayev and Dnepropetrovsk.

The group visited, among other places, Jerusalem's Old City, including the Western Wall (of the Temple Mount – Judaism's holiest site), the Beit Guvrin caves, Tzfat, the Golan Heights, the Latrun Armored Corps Museum and an archaeological dig – where one group found a 2,000-year-old coin.

"In my opinion, this was an incredible trip," gushed Sasha Golyanov, one of the participants from Nizhny Novgorod. "We've seen so much in such a short period - my thoughts are in a whirl."

Netzah is now planning a follow-up initiative called 'Parents After Children' - aimed at bringing the parents of the children on a visit to the Jewish State. The parents are being offered the opportunity to visit the same sites, with the same guides as their children had.

"This is a definite way of finding common ground with their children [regarding] Judaism, Jewish traditions and history, not to mention becoming more actively involved in communal life," the Netzah website says of the initiative. "These parents will have the unique opportunity of seeing Israel with their own eyes, diving into the world of Judaism and Jewish history, and touching the white walls of Jerusalem."

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