Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A7news: PM Sharon Still Unsure of His Future

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PM Sharon Still Unsure of His Future
The Likud Knesset Members convene today for their first faction meeting since the Amir Peretz's surprise Labor primaries victory. The Peretz threat has led to declining discord in the Likud faction.
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 1. PM Sharon Still Unsure of His Future
 2. The Likud Faces the Amir Peretz Challenge
 3. Supreme Court Judge, Criticizing Lower Court, Releases Cytryn
 4. Gafni Proposes Bill Against "Extra Vote" Deals
 5. UNESCO Awardee Lashes Out at Hate Curriculum in PA
 6. Baruch Marzel Announces He’ll Run as Head of a New Party
 7. On A7 Radio: British Jews Are Choosing Israel

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Editor: Hillel Fendel
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
14 Cheshvan 5766


1. PM Sharon Still Unsure of His Future
By Hillel Fendel

The Likud Knesset Members convene today for their first faction meeting since the Amir Peretz's surprise Labor primaries victory. The Peretz threat has led to declining discord in the Likud faction.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is not expected to announce his future political plans at today's meeting, despite the rumors of the past weeks that he might want to quit the Likud and start his own party.

It appears, however, that given the new situation caused by Amir Peretz's victory in Labor, Sharon is leaning towards remaining in the Likud. A poll publicized this morning shows that he has a strong lead over his main rival, Binyamin Netanyahu, in the race for party leadership. Questioned how they would vote in a four-way race, the 611 respondents - all members of the Likud Central Committee - gave Sharon 47%, Netanyahu - 23%, Uzi Landau - 9%, and Moshe Feiglin of Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) - 6%.

Questioned about a two-way race, the respondents gave Sharon an easy victory over Netanyahu, 51-32.

The science of polling was shown to be an inexact one at best in last week's Labor Party election, when one nationally-publicized survey that was broadcast for hours after the polls closed showed Peres winning by 14% - when in fact he lost to Peretz by 2.4%. Despite this, the publication of the Likud poll has caused a stir in the Likud, and may even hasten a deal to call off the primaries altogether. The deal could include guaranteeing the first two spots for Sharon and Netanyahu, respectively, and possibly the third slot for Uzi Landau.

March 7th is the date proposed by the opposition parties for new elections. Netanyahu said at today's meeting that the Likud should strive to delay the election date, in order to enable the excitement over Peretz to die down.

Sharon is reported to be still unsure as to his personal intentions, and plans to rely on additional "targeted" polls of various sectors in the Likud before making his final decision.

Sharon-ally Finance Minister Ehud Olmert says he knows nothing of Sharon's plans to leave the Likud, implying that Sharon has no reason to do so. "Arik Sharon is in the Likud," Olmert said today, "and he has no other place. The entire issue was blown up by the media" - though Sharon himself never denied the reports. A long-time rival of Netanyahu, Olmert said he opposes guaranteeing Netanyahu a place in the coming primaries.

One problem that Sharon is likely to face if he remains in the Likud is that the party's Knesset faction for the coming election might be more nationalist than he would like. The anti-disengagement "rebels" camp has caused him much grief in the past year, and the Central Committee is likely to support right-wing candidates in the coming primaries.

Anti-expulsion leader and candidate for party leader Uzi Landau is not willing to give Sharon any breaks. "As long as he refuses to say clearly whether he wants to even remain in the Likud," Landau has said repeatedly over the past days, "how can we even consider working with him?"

At the meeting, Landau was even sharper: "As of now, there are three declared candidates for party leader - myself, Binyamin Netanyahu, and Moshe Feiglin. You, Mr. Prime Minister, have not even announced your candidacy. When will you make it clear whether you are in the running or not?"

Anti-disengagement MK Gilad Erdan, on the other hand, took a more moderate stance. "Now that Peretz has won in Labor," he told Army Radio, "and given that the disengagement has already been implemented, I certainly think that there is no need to look for disputes. We [Llikud MKs] have much more in common with each other, even with all the anger and bitterness [over the expulsion], than with Labor, and we have to rise up above our disagreements, and unite against Labor. I'm not saying that Sharon is my candidate, but we should not give him the excuse to leave and start a new party... But he must come forward and give us a clue as to his future plans."

Like Olmert, Erdan said he does not support an arrangement guaranteeing slots for Netanyahu and Landau.

Another Gush Katif supporter, MK Michael Ratzon, said earlier today that the time had arrived for unifying the ranks within the Likud.

Dark horse candidate Feiglin, for his part, continues to say that the religious-nationalist camp must not seek out small, sectarian parties, but should rather try to increase its influence within the country's largest party, the Likud. Even if the religious/right-wing parties receive another ten Knesset seats in the next election, he told Arutz-7's IsraelNationalRadio, "what difference will it make? ... What we really saw in the last three years was that the right-wing parties and the NRP are completely irrelevant. Sharon, with the Likud, can go with Shinui, or he can go with Labor, and can do whatever he wants. The real battle is in the Likud."

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2. The Likud Faces the Amir Peretz Challenge
By Hillel Fendel

With the Likud preparing for new elections and the threat posed by Amir Peretz, Likud member and journalist Moshe Ifregan analyzes the significance of Peretz's win and how the party should respond.

"The Likud most definitely feels threatened by Peretz," Ifregan told Arutz-7's Ariel Kahane this week, "but what is more significant is the fact that Peretz's win has caused a tremendous shake-up, the ramifications of which can barely even be grasped."

"For one thing," Ifregan marveled, "Ariel Sharon has lost his 'Archimedes Point' in Israeli politics, namely, [ex-Labor Party leader] Shimon Peres. Ever since Sharon was first elected almost five years ago, Peres always gave him political backing, to the point where Sharon never really had any opposition. Sharon was able to feel that he could essentially act alone, with no real threat against him."

Ifregan did not need to repeat the well-known fact that Peres, as leader of the Labor Party, had long been pushing to join a unity government with the Likud, and that once such a unity government was formed, resisted all efforts to dissolve it. Peretz, on the other hand, was outspokenly in favor of quitting the Likud government, and said before the election that this would be the first thing he would do. Yesterday, in fact, the Labor ministers accepted his position, voting unanimously to resign from the government at a time of Peretz's choosing. New elections are being considered in early March 2006, or possibly in May.

"But Peretz has not only won," Ifregan continued, "he has also taken away Sharon's left-wing option for a [centrist] government. The feeling is that Sharon is facing a large vacuum. What choice does he have? Even if Sharon wins the primaries in the Likud, with whom will he form a government - with extreme left-wing Peretz? Or with the right-wing that he has already lost? Either option is bad for him."

"I'm telling you," Ifregan said, "this victory by Peretz has had astonishing results. The feeling is that in one second, Sharon has lost everything. He is no longer king, but just a regular politician. This has not yet been absorbed by the political establishment. Sharon, in my opinion, never had a real strategy - he was merely an 'etrog' [precious Sukkot holiday fruit], protected by the media - but now he has lost even this, because the left-wing will no longer protect him. This is a dynamic process, with many ramifications still to be revealed."

"True, there is a measure of unity now in Labor, as well as some election fever adrenaline. But the Likud has many options: Peretz can be quickly made into mince-meat in the coming campaign, because he is vulnerable from all angles. He has no national experience, he can be portrayed as one who oppresses the economy with all his nationwide strikes, he is a Peace Now extreme left-winger, etc. The ball is in the Likud's court, and if it reacts correctly, it can win easily."

"We have to absorb the fact that the Likud's electoral power is no longer from the right-wing. Even now, after the disengagement, the Likud still receives 35-37 seats in all the polls. The Likud's power is in the center, or what can be called the 'soft right' - those who bought the disengagement. They won't vote for the National Union. As soon as the Likud solves its internal problems, and comes up with a general policy that most of the MKs and ministers can agree with, it will be able to boast of its economic policies, and the Likud will win."

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3. Supreme Court Judge, Criticizing Lower Court, Releases Cytryn
By Hillel Fendel

Shimshon Cytryn, 18, accused of attempted murder during a rock-throwing fracas with Arabs on the Gush Katif beach last summer, has been released from prison to house arrest in Kibbutz Shaalvim.

The decision was made yesterday (Tuesday) by Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy, who reiterated that the "arrest" weapon must be employed only when necessary and when the desired objective cannot be obtained otherwise. Levy wrote that he was sufficiently convinced that Shimshon does not present a threat to the public - and had strong criticism of the lower court that did not release him earlier.

The 18-year-old yeshiva student will be placed under the custody of Rabbi Dr. Hanoch Herbst, who heads a yeshiva high school in Kibbutz Shaalvim, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Cytryn was arrested in early July following what the media repeatedly called an "attempted lynching" - but which was really nothing more than a rock-throwing exchange. The Arab rock-thrower who was hurt by the rock apparently thrown by Shimshon was originally reported as mortally wounded, but was in fact only slightly injured. The Arab himself later said he was hurt not by a rock but by a rifle butt.

Following Cytryn's request, his request for house arrest was turned down several times by District Court Judge Binyamin Azulai - and Justice Levy wrote that he does not understand why.

Cytryn first appealed to the Be'er Sheva District Court in September, asking if he could be released in light of the end of the disengagement and its accompanying strife. The Court turned him down, but noted that a form of house arrest should be looked into.

Later in September, the Testing Service found that Shimshon had a "clear political and ideological conception," but that he has no "criminal norms and values... He is able to respect the terms of house arrest, and this would negate a danger in his behavior." However, the Be'er Sheva Court turned down his request to be released, asking that the Testing Service check once again the level of his danger to the public.

In early October, the Service presented its second report, which added several new points and concluded with a clear recommendation that Shimshon be released to Kibbutz Shaalvim and Rabbi Herbst.

Again, the Court did not suffice with this recommendation, and asked for further clarifications.

The Service presented yet a third report, in mid-October, in which it declared clearly:
"Our impression has become strengthened about a boy who subscribes to Greater Land of Israel ideology and who feels that this goal must be actualized via the study of Torah and manual labor - agriculture and shepherding - as he learned in his home, and not via harming Arabs. He emphasized again that violence of any type is not his way... We feel that the danger level and/or the chance of his violating the terms of his release is low."

Despite all the above, the Be'er Sheva District Court once again rejected Cytryn's request for house arrest, and ruled, "No evidence was brought that would negate the danger that stems from his actions... No concrete evidence was brought indicating a revolutionary change in his ideological conception [or indicating] that he sincerely regrets his path of taking the law into his hands, [etc.]."

Supreme Court Justice Levy, after summarizing all the above, noted in his ruling:

"I cannot concur with the result reached by the District Court. The Criminal Code attempts to respect and fulfill the rights of an accused person to walk freely until [he is convicted], and therefore the use of the 'arrest' weapon should be employed only when necessary and when the goal cannot be reached otherwise... The District Court was correct in ordering an analysis into the [Shaalvim] option, and was also correct when it attempted to clarify some doubts by summoning the Testing Officer. Despite this, the Court concluded that insufficient evidence was brought to show that there was a revolutionary change in [Shimshon's] ideological conception. This conception is rooted in what many call 'Greater Land of Israel' - and I am sure that the learned judge did not mean that the appellant's release must be made conditional upon his abandoning this world-view. It must be that the intention was for evidence showing that he no longer supports the use of violence to this end.

"However, it is not clear to me what the learned judge meant by 'concrete evidence' - for the only evidence that could be brought at this stage is regret and sorrow, which he in fact expressed in court on Oct. 27...

"It appears that very rarely has the Testing Service been asked for such a thorough and deep analysis in such an early stage of the proceedings, as was the case in this instance that has been brought before me. I feel that in light of the severe gravity of the case in which he was allegedly involved, that analysis was called for. But, precisely because of the intensity of the testing, it appears to me that it would be correct to grant determining value to its recommendations regarding his continued incarceration...

"As for myself, I see no reason to reject the Testing Service's conclusion, especially in light of the fact that he will still be restricted and under constant supervision..."

Shimshon was released, according to the ruling, to full house arrest, after depositing a 10,000-shekel bond and signing for another 50,000 shekels. Rabbi Herbst similarly signed for 10,000 shekels, payable if the conditions of the release are not met.

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4. Gafni Proposes Bill Against "Extra Vote" Deals
By Hillel Fendel

The Knesset approved the 1st reading of a bill proposed by MK Moshe Gafni doing away with an electoral arrangement allowing two parties to agree to "share" extra votes. MK Sha'ul Yahalom is against.

MK Gafni, of the hareidi-religious United Torah Judaism party, was himself elected to the 12th Knesset in 1988 based on this arrangement. It is based on the fact that each party running for Knesset receives Knesset seats in proportion to the amount of votes it received. The arrangement in question addresses the problem of the "extra" votes.

If, for instance, one party receives enough votes for 12.3 seats, and another party receives enough for 11.8 seats, then the second party [with the larger amount of unused votes] receives the first one's extra votes - and both are granted 12 Knesset seats. This applies only if the two parties signed this "extra seats" agreement before the election.

Gafni explained to Arutz-7 today that for one thing, "this arrangement distorts the will of the voter... Some people want to vote for our party, and might not even have participated at all in the elections if not to vote for us - and suddenly they might find that their vote has gone to another party for which they did not want to vote. True, the voters know this in advance, but it is still a distortion of their true will."

The example Gafni cited is a common phenomenon within the sector that supports his party. Many UTJ voters would in fact not take part in the elections if not for their rabbis' instructions to vote for that specific party. It is likely that UTJ spokesmen have a difficult time explaining to their constituents why they should come out and vote if ultimately their vote might be used to benefit another party.

Gafni then candidly admitted that he would have overlooked this problem if he saw that his party gained from it. "But I checked the last three Knesset elections, and then checked the ones before that, and found that it does not necessarily help small parties like us. One time we gain, and one time we lose, and other times it makes no difference at all. So we might as well nullify it altogether."

Gafni noted that in the last election, the National Religious Party gained a sixth mandate because of its agreement with the One Nation party led by Amir Peretz. "The NRP received 6 Knesset seats," Gafni said, "and we received only 5, even though we received 2,500 more votes than the NRP. But we refused to sign an 'extra-votes' agreement with a secular party."

MK Sha'ul Yahalom of the NRP does not agree with Gafni, and said that he is "playing into the hands of the large parties." Yahalom said that in the past 30 years, the small right-wing and religious parties gained six Knesset mandates because of the "extra seats" arrangement: Shas (11th Knesset (1984) and the current Knesset); Moledet (11th); Degel HaTorah (12th); Yisrael Beiteinu (15th); NRP (current). The Likud also gained one seat in the 14th Knesset, while Labor lost two seats in the 11th Knesset and Shinui lost one in the current Knesset

The Knesset approved Gafni's bill on Tuesday, and the proposal must now be discussed and approved by a Knesset committee before being brought for its final Knesset votes.

Asked about the possibility of an election merger of all the religious parties, Gafni said, "I don't believe this is realistic. There are very, very significant differences between us and the right-wing parties, and between us and the NRP. At present, the most we can talk about is a merger of all the hareidi parties."

Gafni is certainly consistent. In 1996, before the election that brought Binyamin Netanyahu to power, leaders of the National Religious Party, Shas, and Agudat Yisrael agreed in principle to form a united religious party front. However, MK Gafni, of what was then the Degel HaTorah party, explained that "deep ideological
differences" between his party and the others prevented it from joining the front.

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5. UNESCO Awardee Lashes Out at Hate Curriculum in PA
By Israel National News Staff

When Swiss film producer Arthur Cohn received the prestigious UNESCO Award, he took the opportunity to speak out against those who teach their children to engage in terrorism.

Cohn is the only film producer to be awarded six Oscars, among them for The Garden of the Finzi-Contini, about two Jewish families in Italy who cannot accept their common destiny, and One Day in September, dealing with the terror attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games.

Cohn received the yearly UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) award “in recognition of his outstanding and meritorious achievement as a film producer,” as noted in the statement by UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsuura.

Past recipients of the award include Jordan’s Queen Noor, former German Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl and Sir Peter Ustinov. The 2004 award was given to the Dalai Lama. Two hundred and sixty journalists and 34 television crews covered the evening, hailed by USA Today as “one of the ten most important events of the year.”

The award was presented in Dusseldorf, Germany as part of UNESCO's annual benefit for its Children in Need program. Some 1,400 dignitaries from across the globe attended. Presenting the award was actor Jeremy Irons, who stressed the humanity of Cohn’s productions. Following the ceremony, pop star Shakira played a concert.

In his acceptance speech, Cohn urged UNESCO, the body within the United Nations responsible for the welfare of children, to continue to raise the educational level of the world’s children:
”We must endorse all projects that may raise and fortify the level of education of the children all over the world. Simultaneously, we must do everything to consistently and imperturbably eliminate schoolbooks, TV programs and teaching methods that are preaching hatred and train for terror.”

After a round of applause, Cohn continued:
“We must not forget that the intimidating phenomenon of suicide bombers, who effectively are genocide terrorists, has its roots in Israel and, meanwhile, has brought lots of mischief and mourning into the whole world, from the USA and England to Indonesia and Iraq and, now, Jordan. This phenomenon has been bred in the schools of the Palestinian Authority. In these schools, the children are educated from the youngest age to celebrate terrorists as heroic martyrs and to emulate them. UNESCO must make it its challenge to see that only positive human values are taught in the initiatives it supports.”

Cohn’s speech was praised as “a very significant and admirably honest statement” by the Chairman of the Confederation of German Jewish Communities, Paul Spiegel. Others commented that Cohn's speech clearly indicated the important task of UNESCO in regard to education in schools in the Palestinian Authority.

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6. Baruch Marzel Announces He’ll Run as Head of a New Party
By Scott Shiloh

Baruch Marzel, a prominent right-wing activist from Hevron, announced Tuesday at a press conference that he would be forming his own party to run in Israel’s upcoming general election.

Marzel’s party will be called the Jewish National Front.

Marzel said, “People are looking for a new party. Many people won’t go out and vote if the alternatives are Orlev or Litzman. We will become the only alternative for people who have all but given up on the political system, and for people who are unhappy about supporting parties that served as a bridge for Sharon to expel residents from Gush Katif.”

MK Zvulun Orlev is the head of the National Religious Party, and Yaakov Litzman is an MK for Agudat Yisrael, a hareidi-orthodox party.

Marzel’s move comes at a time when rabbis affiliated with religious Zionism are urging all religious Zionist groups to merge into one political party in order to maximize their electoral potential.

In the last election, Marzel ran on the number two slot of the Herut party. Herut was headed by Michael Kleiner, a former Likud MK, who split with his party over its willingness to continue the Oslo process and withdraw from territories in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Herut fell short of the minimum votes required to enter the Knesset. When asked about the possibility of those votes going to waste again, he said that those who voted for nationalist parties that joined Sharon’s coalition effectively lost their votes, as well.

Marzel said, however, he was in favor of unity. “That’s why I founded the Front,” he said. “If we don’t run, thousands of Jews will stay away from the polls. We need to serve as an alternative for these people.” Marzel said, for example, that Jews affiliated with the Chabad movement “are not able to vote for the National Union, for Agudat Yisrael, or the National Religious Party, because these parties opposed the opinion of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.”

“Even if these parties attain results at the polling booth, we’ll see that they don’t have a plan and we’ll see [a repeat] of the catastrophe that Sharon brought upon us,” said Marzel.

Marzel cited the conduct of the National Union and the National Religious Party which stayed in the government after Sharon announced his plan to destroy 25 Jewish communities in Gaza and northern Samaria. Marzel claims that by staying in the coalition, those parties actually helped Sharon build support for implementing his plan.

Among those joining Marzel’s new party is Professor Israel Hanukoglo, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (1996-99), and Professor Paul Eidelberg, the president of Yamin Yisrael, a small right wing movement.

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union), who was offered the number six slot on a unified list with the National Religious Party, reportedly is considering running on Marzel’s new list.

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