Saturday, November 26, 2005

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Frumster is the most successful Jewish dating-for-marriage service.
Hundreds of matches around the world cross a diverse range of ages and Jewish outlooks.
Register today and find your Bashert!

The high success rate at Frumster begins with careful screening for marriage-minded individuals. Each application is reviewed before being accepted and applicants are often called for a welcome interview. Most importantly, the service is continually monitored by automated systems and customer feedback to help identify and remove insincere individuals.
Live online support, dating advice, and timely complaint resolution are just a few of the many customized solutions that Frumster offers to all members. Our full-time support team is just a click away and available 5 days a week.
Over 50% of all Frumster marriages were initiated by women!
The security and anonymity provided by Frumster helps ensure a comfortable online dating environment where women feel confident in taking the initiative, conducting searches and becoming less reliant on 3rd parties.

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