Monday, December 12, 2005

A7news: Efforts Continue to Form Non-Sharon Government

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Efforts Continue to Form Non-Sharon Government
Labor Party leader Amir Peretz says he will not cooperate with the attempts to have him head a 61-MK coalition with the Likud and thus postpone the elections to November.
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 1. Efforts Continue to Form Non-Sharon Government
 2. Warnings Come True: Kassam Fired near Afula
 3. Beit El Celebrates 28th Birthday
 4. Uprooted Update
 5. Hizbullah Funds, Encourages Terrorism in Samaria
 6. 290,000 Israelis Eligible to Vote in Iraqi Elections
 7. Australian Intifada?
 8. On A7Radio: Akiva & Geoff Gersh Perform Live on the Air

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Editor: Hillel Fendel
Monday, December 12, 2005
11 Kislev 5766


1. Efforts Continue to Form Non-Sharon Government
By Hillel Fendel

Labor Party leader Amir Peretz says he will not cooperate with the attempts to have him head a 61-MK coalition with the Likud and thus postpone the elections to November.

Just over two weeks from now, President Moshe Katzav's presidential decree setting Election Day for March 28 will come into effect. Until then, if a majority of the Knesset agrees on a Prime Minister, it can vote a new government into power. In such a case, the original election date of Nov 2006 will once again apply.

Such a 61-MK coalition will certainly not involve Ariel Sharon's Kadima party, which, with its current large lead in the polls, is not interested in pushing off the elections. It would involve an alliance of either Shas and Shinui, or Likud and Labor. Neither will be easy to accomplish.

Shinui has long vowed not to sit in the same government as Shas, because of its hareidi-religious nature. However, the polls show that Shinui is facing a sharp defeat in the upcoming elections, and might be willing to adjust its opposition to Shinui in order to remain in the Knesset for another few months.

More likely is a Likud bid to support Amir Peretz of Labor. This would be a hard pill for Likud front-runner Binyamin Netanyahu to swallow, as he and Peretz have long been political rivals. Most recently, late last year, Peretz led a nationwide strike against then-Finance Minister Netanyahu's policies.

Netanyahu has not made his position clear, but Peretz said unequivocally today that he would not participate in "tricks" of this nature. "The Prime Minister must be chosen in the voting booth, and not by tricks," Peretz said.

However, others in Labor are not so sure. It is assumed that if Labor's poll showings continue to drop, the party will consider the option more seriously.

Likud MK Ayoub Kara said he would be willing to do "almost anything" in order to "send the Kadima Party to flounder and drown in the ocean" - including supporting Amir Peretz as Prime Minister until November. He said, however, that he does not represent Netanyahu in this matter.

Following the surprise defections of Ministers Sha'ul Mofaz and Tzachi HaNegbi to Kadima, the Likud took comfort today in the fact that Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal is running for a Knesset seat on its list. "I was sought out by all the parties except for the Arab ones," Moyal said, "but now, at this critical hour, is the time to strengthen the Likud." Moyal recently turned down an offer to serve as Israel's ambassador in Paris.

Binyamin Netanyahu continues to lead in the polls in the race for Likud Party leader and Prime Ministerial candidate. Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom is still running second, with Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz and Moshe Feiglin lagging behind. Leading Likud figures such as Uzi Landau, Ruby Rivlin, Natan Sharansky, David Levy, Yuval Shteinitz and Ayoub Kara support Netanyahu. No MKs have come out in favor of Shalom, Katz or Feiglin.

The Likud elections will be held a week from now, on Dec. 19, among Likud members nationwide. If no candidate receives at least 40% of the vote, a runoff between the top two will be held a week later.

In the meanwhile, harsh criticism continues to be heaped upon Minister Mofaz for his surprise defection to Sharon's Kadima party. In the midst of his race for Likud Party leadership, and just two days after repeating that he had no plans of leaving the party, and around the same time that a statement was published in his name calling upon Netanyahu to work with him, and while a letter was in the mail calling upon Likud members to support him, Mofaz decided to switch to Kadima. In a press conference he called yesterday, Mofaz said, "It's not me who changed, it's rather the situation." He said that he saw the Likud becoming an "extreme right-wing party," and "this is not my way." Most commentators said that in actuality, he preferred a safe seat and job under Sharon's sponsorship, rather than face defeat and an uncertain future in the Likud.

Likud MK Yuval Shteinitz said that Mofaz's switch was "disgraceful and contempt... Everyone wants to advance in politics, even me, but there must be some norms. Mofaz, by quitting, showed that there are no such norms."

Shteinitz said that Ariel Sharon, in trying to attract leading Likud members to his party, "is trying to destroy the right-wing governmental alternative presented by the Likud. This is very dangerous."

Professors for a Strong Israel, in a statement, said it was not surprised at the move by Mofaz to "Sharon's refugee camp. We are concerned, rather, by the development of Sharonocracy, this rule by an autocrat surrounded by lieutenants and others who feed at his trough. The trampling of democracy through the destruction of political parties is but one of the facets of Sharonocracy. Sharonocratic rule has dragged Israel down to a low point unprecedented in its history. Sharon was elected to fight terror, but instead used the votes of his supporters to implement the policies of his opponents... [We see] the present political struggle as a struggle for the continued existence of Israel as a state that is Zionist, Jewish, and democratic. Sharonocracy and democracy cannot coexist."

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2. Warnings Come True: Kassam Fired near Afula
By Hillel Fendel

Fatah said it fired a Kassam rocket last night at a town near Afula in the Jezreel Valley. The terrorists have long threatened that after Gaza, they would concentrate on attacking northern Samaria.

The Al-Aksa Brigades, the military arm of Fatah, released an announcement that on Sunday evening, a Jenin-1 Kassam rocket was fired towards an Israeli community west of Jenin. The given explanation was that the rocket was fired in response to the recent liquidation of Fatah and Islamic Jihad "activists" by Israel.

Fatah is the Palestinian Authority organization headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Former IDF Intelligence analyst Yonatan D. HaLevy reports that the Palestinian terrorist organizations have been working fervently over the past number of years to build a rocket-firing infrastructure in the northern Shomron. Hamas terrorists Said Awad and Kayis Adwan built a rocket factory in Shechem four years ago, and succeeded in firing several rockets from Tul Karem to Kfar Yonah. Their efforts were laid to waste in the spring of 2002, when Israel initiated Operation Defensive Shield, killed the two terrorists and many others, and destroyed the manufacturing infrastructure.

In March of this year, the IDF and the Shabak (General Security Service) discovered another Kassam manufacturing operation, in the Jenin region. The Hamas facility was hidden in a secret room 15 feet below a metal works shop, and contained seven pipe bombs, chemicals and explosives - and a completed Kassam rocket, as well as others in various stages of preparation.

The factory was located in the village of Yamoun, which came under full PA control after Israel's unilateral withdrawal last summer.

Following this summer's withdrawal/expulsion from Gaza, the terrorist organizations openly announced their intention to relocate the bulk of their terrorist efforts to the northern Shomron, from where they could fire rockets at central Israel. Two months ago, an IDF force arrested three terrorists were arrested in the Negev, near Mitzpeh Ramon. The three rocket experts had been sent from Gaza to begin the Kassam-producing efforts in Jenin, and infiltrated into Israel with the help of Egyptian policemen. They were found with technical manuals and explosives produced by Hizbullah on their person.

Security experts warned throughout the months before Sharon implemented his Disengagement Plan that the northern Shomron was likely to become even more dangerous than Gaza. The Shomron area that has now come under full PA control is some 700 square kilometers (270 square miles), approximately double that of the entire Gaza Strip.

General Security Service Chief Avi Dichter - who has since joined Sharon's Kadima party - said that the area would become “Fatah-land."

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3. Beit El Celebrates 28th Birthday
By Hillel Fendel

Beit El celebrated its birthday this past Sabbath with Gush Katif-centered events - and a young neighborhood joyfully received a new Torah scroll where Jacob saw and was promised the Land.

The dozens of guests who arrived especially for this Beit El Sabbath included:
* families from Gush Katif;
* a Chicago law school professor who is getting married this week in Jerusalem;
* grandfather Eliyahu Herbst, who spent over nine weeks in prison because of anti-disengagement road-blocking;
* and Eran Sternberg, the spokesman of the now-defunct Gaza Coast (Gush Katif) Regional Council.

Beit El is the 10th-largest town in Judea/Samaria, with some 5,000 residents.

The Sabbath festivities spilled over to Sunday with a joyful parade of close to 1,000 people accompanying a new Torah scroll into the synagogue in Beit El's highest neighborhood, Pisgat Yaakov (Jacob's Summit; see below). This morning (Monday), a new resident family - recently expelled from the southern Gush Katif town of Slav - introduced its week-old son into the Jewish People with a ritual circumcision ceremony.

The Sabbath activities began Friday night with Eran Sternberg speaking to hundreds of guests and residents, including students of the town's various yeshivot and high schools. His topic was "The Attitude to the IDF," and his remarks drew both enthusiastic support and heated objections.

Sternberg asserted that the army has replaced its goal of supporting and defending the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel with a culture of "adherence to orders." He said that if many idealistic youths from the religious camp do not enlist at all, or unhesitatingly refuse orders that negate Jewish Law, the army will be forced to change.

Arguments and discussion continued outside the hall well after he completed his presentation, even as a large group of Breslover Hassidim and friends held a happy Oneg Shabbat session inside the hall.

The next day, women from Gush Katif met with Beit El women who have been active on behalf of Gush Katif, and they shared their experiences of the past few months. Two women who produced and performed a play earlier this year about life in Katif, expressed their thoughts and questions about how to adapt it to their new circumstances. They have already performed a pilot edition of the new version, and are working on improvements.

A Beit El resident discussed her new (Hebrew) internet site,, in which expellees share their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Eliyahu Herbst, 62, of Arad in the south, spoke with the youth of his experiences in prison. He has a previous acquaintance with some of them, having been a calming and unifying influence in what was known as the "Disengagement Wing" of the Ramle Prison. The hundreds of youths who were arrested during the course of anti-expulsion protest activities were incarcerated there, some of them for up to three weeks or more.

In the afternoon, Beit El resident Hagi Ben-Artzi, a doctor of philosophy and a past national Bible contest winner, escorted many of the guests on a tour of the "Artis" - the hilltop Pisgat Yaakov neighborhood. Ben-Artzi is a brother of Binyamin Netanyahu's wife Sarah, and an uncle of pacifist conscientious objector Yonatan Ben-Artzi, who has served jail time for refusing to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

Dr. Ben-Artzi, a Bar Ilan University Bible professor, remembers that noted Land of Israel researcher Zev Vilnai "took the residents of Beit El, on its third birthday, to what is now Pisgat Yaakov, and showed us a Moslem burial site right nearby that he identified as the spot where the Patriarch Jacob dreamt his famous dream."

In that dream, described in this week's Torah portion of VaYetze (Gen. 28,10 - 32,3), G-d promises Jacob the "land on which you are lying," as well as "sea-ward, eastward, northward and towards the Negev." Vilnai said that the sanctity attributed by the Moslems to the site is rooted in Jewish tradition, and that most or all of the Land can in fact be seen from there.

The next day, a busload of guests and hundreds of adults and children took part in a festive Torah scroll ceremony. Rabbi Moshe (Marvin) and Judy Pachino, from Toronto, Canada, sponsored the writing of the Torah scroll in memory of his parents, and donated the ornate silver crown and "hand" in memory of hers. "In addition," Rabbi Pachino emotionally told the participants, "I have the special merit and privilege of having had my own son, Rabbi Zev Pachino, write the Torah scroll himself."

Four generations of Pachinos, including two youths who study in the Beit El Yeshiva and a great-granddaughter, led the joyous parade from the Avraham Ohavi synagogue in Beit El up to the Pisgat Yaakov synagogue, about a mile away. Accompanied by a music van and dozens of torch-bearing kindergarten-age children, the marchers took a very symbolic route. They passed Yeshivat Beit El; Arutz-7's studios; the town's largest elementary school; the Beit El municipal offices; a small industrial zone including Herby's Bake Shop, a carpentry and metal working plant, and more; two ancient wine-presses and the renewed Beit El Wineries; a forest hiking trail; the new Givat Ulpanah neighborhood; and the Water Tower Observatory from which, on a clear day, the Tel Aviv region can be seen in one direction and the northern Israel mountains from another.

The excitement at placing the Torah scroll in the synagogue's new Holy Ark, just recently built by one of the new neighborhood's young residents, was expressed in song, dance and general good cheer.

"When G-d promised this land to Jacob," said resident and event MC Yishai Fleisher, "He didn't just promise him the two square meters on which he was lying. [Renowned Torah commentator] Rashi says that the entire Land of Israel was folded up under him at that moment - and this teaches us that what happens in and to Beit El is an indication for the entire Land of Israel. We therefore hope and pray that the joy of this event here in Beit El will mark the onset of similar joy in the rest of the country."

Beit El Mayor Moshe Rosenbaum welcomed the Sabbath guests with this message: "Your participation in our joy gives us the strength to continue ever more enthusiastically building our Land. May the Torah blessings [G-d's promise of the Land to Jacob and his descendants] be fulfilled through us... How fortunate we are to see our roots becoming more entrenched in this land with bonds of love, and to see with our own eyes - and not only in a dream or a far-off vision - the Holy Land's mountains, valleys, rocks and horizons. How fortunate we are to build here with our own hands, just like our forefathers, a home in the Land of Life."

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4. Uprooted Update
By Hillel Fendel

Twelve families from Tel Katifa found out last night that the understandings they had reached with the Disengagement Authority will not be honored. Kfar Darom is on its way to Ashkelon. reports that 12 families of Tel Katifa (pictured) have been living in Even Shmuel, near Kiryat Gat, in small, 45-square meter (485 sq. ft.) caravans. The understanding was that land in Moshav Amatzia, ten miles to the east, would be prepared for several dozen families from Tel Katifa, N'vei Dekalim and Moshav Katif to move there into larger caravans. The structures, euphemistically called "caravillas" by the government, are actually pre-fab housing designed to last for 2-3 years.

Last night, the Katifa families were informed that they would not be part of the Amatzia program - because they had already received the smaller caravans.
Quickly recovering from their shock, they said they would immediately initiate contacts with the government to revoke the decree.

Tel Katifa was established in 1992, just before the signing of the Oslo Accords, in the northernmost point of Gush Katif. It remained one of the smaller communities in the region, with 15 families.

The 60 families of Kfar Darom are about to end their nearly four-month saga in the Paradise Hotel in Be'er Sheva, and will move into the Eyal Towers apartment building in Ashkelon. The move will take place this week and next. They are scheduled to remain there only for two years or so, until their new permanent community is established. The school they established in the hotel will move with them to Ashkelon as well.

A strongly ideological and cohesive community in northern Gush Katif, Kfar Darom had set as its goal its perpetuation as a community even after the destruction and expulsion. Their strong resolve was nearly broken down over the past weeks, due to the government's failure to finalize an agreement on the Ashkelon apartment building. Many residents began to doubt that a solution would ever be found to keep them all together, and two different plans began to develop.

However, thanks to their essential wish to remain together, the government's realization that the Ashkelon arrangement was in everyone's best interests, and the finalization of the details, the worst-case scenario of a split was avoided.

Though the families of Kfar Darom, like all the nearly 2,000 who were thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif and northern Shomron, were accustomed to open areas and single-family dwellings, they agreed to move into an urban apartment building for idealistic reasons. "Our goal is to be with the people, to remain in the middle of the country, to be able to have an influence," one resident said just a few days after the expulsion.

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5. Hizbullah Funds, Encourages Terrorism in Samaria
By Hillel Fendel

Released for publication: The arrest of a Fatah terrorist two months ago reveals that Hizbullah funding and encouragement is behind much of the terrorism in Judea and Samaria.

The Shabak (General Security Service) reported today that Hizbullah-funded Majdi Amar of the Shechem (Nablus) area was arrested in October. His interrogation revealed that not only was he behind many shooting attacks against Israeli targets, but that the Lebanese Hizbullah terrorist organization provides funds for attacks of this nature. Hizbullah's interest in promoting attacks lies in increasing quantity, and not necessarily quality, of the anti-Israel activity.

Amar was imprisoned in the early 90s for having taken part in riots. Upon his release, he perpetrated many shooting attacks against IDF forces in the Shechem area.

In January of this year, he made contact with Hizbullah, and began receiving funds from that organization. At one point, he and his twin brother informed Hizbullah that they were part of a seven-man military cell, and asked for money to buy weapons. Ten days later, they received $1,000. A month later, they received another $500 for more weapons, and the next month, Hizbullah transferred to them another $1,500.

Amar also informed his interrogators that he also received between 400 and 700 shekels (roughly $90-$150) each month from the Palestinian Authority, because his name was on the list of wanted terrorists that Israel submitted to the PA. In exchange for the payment, Amar promised to stop all terrorist activities.

True to his word to Hizbullah, however, Amar and his terror gang-mates - members of the PA security forces - carried out attacks throughout the period in which he was in contact with Hizbullah.

The Shabak reports that Hizbullah has become the exclusive coordinator of attacks for most of the terror organizations. Over the past months, Hizbullah has established a command post in Gaza, serving as a liaison with the terrorists in Judea and Samaria for the transfer of money and instructions. Hizbullah makes the funding contingent upon attacks against Israeli targets.

Amar's interrogation confirms previously known information, according to the Shabak reports, that Hizbullah encourages large numbers of attacks, even if they are not aimed at killing many Israelis at once. Ideological motivation is not important; Hizbullah supplies money to anyone willing to shoot.

In other war-on-terror news, Border Guard forces arrested three wanted Popular Front terrorists this morning (Monday) in Shechem. They were transferred for interrogation. The soldiers were fired upon during the arrest; no one was hurt, but an army vehicle was damaged.

Later today, a 16-year-old Arab youth arrived at the Jenin IDF office providing services to the Arab civilian population. The metal-detecting device beeped as he passed through, and when a Border Guardsman neared him to investigate, the youth pulled out a knife and tried to stab him. The Israeli pushed him aside, and the youth was put under arrest.

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6. 290,000 Israelis Eligible to Vote in Iraqi Elections
By Ezra HaLevi

Jews around the world who were born in Iraq are eligible to vote in the Iraqi elections taking place this week.

According to Hamida Al-Husseini, who is in charge of absentee ballots in the coming elections, even Iraqi Jews holding Israeli citizenship can vote. "How can we know what additional citizenships a voter holds?" Al-Husseini told the Maariv Daily. "We only check the documents confirming that the voter in question holds Iraqi citizenship."

Anybody holding Iraqi citizenship, whether he/she was born in Iraq, or was born to an Iraqi father, is eligible to vote, according to Iraqi law. An estimated 290,000 Israelis are therefore eligible to vote. In order to exercise that right, however, one must report to the nearest polling station – which in the case of Israelis is in Jordan.

Following the ratification of the constitution of Iraq on October 15, 2005, a general election was set for December 15th in order to elect a permanent 275-member Iraqi National Assembly.

During the January election of the transitional Assembly, about 20 Israelis actually voted. Those elections were facilitated by the United Nations, however. It is likely that the coming elections, being organized by the Iraqi interim government, will have in place measures to prevent the participation of Israeli Jews.

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7. Australian Intifada?
By Ezra HaLevi

First Israel, then France, Denmark and Belgium - and now Australia. Muslims rioted for a second night in Sydney and nearby suburbs Monday, attacking resident and police and smashing cars.

The latest "Intifada" began down under with a group of Lebanese immigrants beating two life guards on Sydney's Cronulla beach Sunday. The Beach is the site of a memorial for victims of the Islamic terror attacks in Bali, in which six local women were murdered. Thousands of Australian youths then flocked to the beach and began indiscriminately attacking anyone they believed to be Arab immigrants. About 300,000 Muslims live in Australia, the majority in large cities.

Soon after, Arab youth began attacking police and smashing cars around the Sydney area. Thirty-one people were injured, 28 arrested and approximately one hundred cars were smashed during the night. Hundreds of young Muslims then gathered near the Lakemba Mosque in southern Sydney, readying to travel to Maroubra Beach where up to 300 locals were reportedly waiting for an arranged fight until the police intervened.

Monday night, Arab mobs descended on Cronulla, stabbing a woman, assaulted several passers-by and smashing shops around the area. Police told Australian news agencies that there were hundreds of armed men in the Muslim crowd as well.

Meanwhile, crowds of local Muslims surrounded mosques, flashing handguns before news cameras and saying they were merely responding to information they had that local gangs intended to attack their place of worship.

There are also reports of text messages circulating within the Arab community calling for revenge attacks in Cronulla next Sunday and police are still searching for an Arab man who stabbed another man in the back Sunday night. The Australian Associated Press reported that gunshots were heard near Cronulla beach Monday, but police could not confirm the report.

The main focus - in the aftermath of Sunday's events - was on the attacks launched by local Australians, including drunken surfers and white-supremacists, on fellow citizens of Arab descent. Australian Prime Minister John Howard condemned the attacks on the Arabs at the Sydney beach. "Attacking people on the basis of their race, their appearance, their ethnicity, is totally unacceptable and should be repudiated by all Australians irrespective of their own background and their politics," Howard said.

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