Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chanukah Savings 2005

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Chanukah Sale 2005 Software, Jewelry, Menorahs, Gifts
TES Inc. Chanukah Newsletter
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The Incredible Jerusalem Compass (only $24.95)

An amazing, attractive, compass that defies nature as it spins... and stops in the direction of our prayers and dreams... Jerusalem! No computer chips, no circuitry! This non-electric, patented device, defies the laws of nature to point directly toward Jerusalem from any place in the world.

The Jerusalem Compass is fashioned from solid brass with a special tarnish-proof finish, designed to last a lifetime. The cover is engraved with an exquisite and tasteful Jewish design. A stylish chain and clasp can be used for attaching keys or attaching to a belt.

For that extra-special touch, you can have your Jerusalem Compass professionally engraved with your initials! 2 or 3 initials may be used in your choice of stylish circle-monogram or block-monogram print. There is an extra charge for personal engraving.

"I too take part in endorsing this compass, which I also saw and examined. It is a fine device—mainly, that it points directly towards Eretz Yisroel, directly towards Jerusalem, directly towards the holy site of the Beis HaMikdash, directly towards the Holy of Holies—just as is taught in the Gemora. May our prayers be answered with Heavenly compassion." Rav Moshe Halbershtam, shlit"a

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Technology Gifts from Israel

Israel is famous for its innovation and technology. We are offering a few of the latest and greatest ideas that help us in our everyday lives to do the things we need and like to do, even better.

Know the exact direction of Jerusalem, Never run out of cell-phone power again, know the exact time for sunrise, sunset and prayers, carry an electronic pocket English-Hebrew dictionary that helps you pronounce Hebrew words.

These innovations improve our lives and make great gifts!

CD's, Gelt, & Gifts for Kids

Chanukah is the ultimate holiday for kids! Eight days of family gathering around the warm Chanukah lights. Potato Latkes, Jelly Doughnuts, Dreidels, Chocolate Chanukah Gelt, and... PRESENTS!

Here you will find a fine selection of Cd-Roms, Gelt, and gifts to brighten-up your youngsters holiday experience.

Software Gifts for the Whole Family

Encyclopedia Judaica, Heritage DVD, Israel: A Nation is Born, Cycles of Jewish Life: These are just some of the Family CD's and Dvd's you will find at reduced prices in our holiday sale.

Enrich your Chanukah experience, for yourself and your family with these monumemtal and educational products that are a staple of every Jewish home.

Kosher Gifts & Baskets To USA, Israel & Canada

Apart from loved-ones, family or friends for the holiday? Is your child or relative not able to make it home for the holiday? Show them you care with fresh and beautifully presented Kosher Gifts and Baskets from

Shipping anywhere in the USA, Israel, and Canada - made fresh and shipped from country of origin, your Gift Basket and Personal Message will be warmly received, cherished, and remembered.

Unique Menorahs, Jewelry & Judaica

The Menorah and its light is the focal point of the Chanukah season. We are offerring a full collection of traditional, and unique design menorahs. Whether Silver, Porcelain, or Brass you will find the Menorah that is perfect for you.

Also see our selection of diamonds, Jewish stars, pendants, rings, earrings, watches and more in our Chanukah sale collection at

toll-free: 1-800-925-6853, Int'l: 845-362-6380

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